Derby Nerd Signing Out


“The Kiss” by Park Woo-young was taken in The Hangar on October 17th, 2009. The bottom quarter of this shot has been The Derby Nerd banner since day one. It’s a photo (and a kiss!) that means a lot to me. Those who know me, know why.

Eight years. 350 posts, dozens of pages and around 400,000 words.

It’s been a heck of a run, and to confirm what a few of you have speculated in recent months, as of December 31st, 2017, I am officially retiring the Derby Nerd blog. Don’t worry! The site will remain open as an archive (though the shortcut will soon expire), and I’ll maintain it as much as I can so that it remains accessible and readable.

I’d like to point out that I am not retiring from the game. Although my announcing schedule was significantly condensed this season (and will be next), I’m still announcing locally with Toronto Roller Derby and Durham Region Roller Derby (and can be counted on to be at the Beast of the East), and even joined the (extended) bench staff of ToRD’s Death Track Dolls for the 2018 season, so I’m still very much involved in the game. But full-time teaching and my current immersion in a potentially big writing project (stay tuned!) are both demanding so much of my time. And honestly, writing about something for eight years—even something you love and believe in—can take a lot out of you. It’s time to step back and listen to what everyone else has to say.

nerd-helmet1Since my first post in 2010 to my last after this year’s Toronto Roller Derby house league championship, the sport of flat track roller derby has gone from being a simple game of skating fast and turning left played primarily in North America to a heavily strategic pace-control game played in every corner of the globe. Having the opportunity to write about a sport in its infancy and through the primary moments of its evolution has been an absolute pleasure and privilege. It was also a responsibility that I did not take lightly.

I want to thank everyone in the community for their support and readership over the years: when I first started obsessing over derby stats and putting my own internal narratives to the page, I had no idea whether or not anyone else would care to follow along. I truly am grateful for the support.

I would also—as loudly as I possibly can—like to thank all of the photographers whose work has graced this site over the years. There were numerous photographers, and I am truly appreciative of them all, but I am particularly indebted to Kevin Konnyu (Fifth Business), Derek Lang (Bagel Hot), Joe Mac, Neil Gunner, and Greg Russell, whose work has been featured on this site more than any others.

I also want to give a special shout out to Justice Feelgood Marshall, Hurt Reynolds, and Gnosis. The Derby News Network showed us all how this sport could and should be covered, and its DNA is in every blog, website and streaming service that has existed since. While I’d like to think I still would have done what I did without its influence, I’ll never truly know.

Flat track roller derby is in a fascinating place right now and while the kind of hyper-local coverage that I often provided hasn’t necessarily taken off as much as I’d hoped (shout out to Muckety Muck in St. Louis  and Jammer Line in Ontario!), the broader coverage of the game is in great and capable hands with Derby Central and The Apex. I look forward to much continued reading.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all once again.

See you trackside,


Photo by Todd Burgess

Chicks Ahoy! Capture Fifth ToRD Title with Win over Dolls at Battle for the Boot 11

DOlls CHicks Neil

This was the first time that the Dolls and Chicks squared off in the Battle for the Boot. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

It was eleven years in the making: on Saturday night at The Bunker, the Death Track Dolls and Chicks Ahoy! squared off in the Battle for the Boot for the first time. The two teams have a shared history, born at the same moment when one of Toronto’s original flat track roller derby clubs (The Terrors) split into four teams to compensate for growing numbers. While it was a historic first showdown between the squads, both teams are familiar with battling for the boot. This was the third trip to the ToRD championship for the Dolls (who won in 2013 and 2014) and the seventh for the Chicks, who are defending champions and hold the record for the most Boot victories with four. The two teams have also faced each other three times this season with the Dolls taking the memorable regular season showdown before falling to the Chicks in the ToRD quarterfinals and in the third-place game at this year’s Beast of the East. At the Battle for the Boot on Saturday, the Chicks kept the winning streak alive capturing their fifth Toronto Roller Derby championship with a 190-123 win.

Rainbow Neil

Rainbow Fight got the Dolls off to a quick lead on the opening jam: it would be the team’s only lead of the game. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

This game played out like a replay of the quarterfinal showdown between the two: a gritty, hard-fought battle in which the Chicks were able to stay a stride or two ahead of the Dolls and exploited the opportunities they did have, scoring in surges to pull away. The Dolls got the first lead of the game, with Rainbow Fight giving them a quick 4-0 advantage before the Chicks picked up three straight lead jammers and put together a 17-0 run to take control early.


Although the Dolls were gifted with a power jam with the score 17-8, a smothering Chicks’ power kill slowed the Dolls’ momentum and shut down Holly Rocket on the jam. The Chicks ended up dominating Rocket, the regular season leading scorer, in the first half, holding her to four points on six jams. It was actually a similar story for the whole team in the opening half, with the Dolls scoring the vast majority of their points on star passes (35-27). Only Rainbow fight had success against the stifling Chicks’ defence, picking up lead jammer five times, but only able to convert that into 21 points.


Sleeper Hold was a force on offence and defence, and ended up as the game’s leading scorer with 76 points (and a 90% lead percentage). (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Meanwhile, for the Chicks, the offence was clicking, with the Chicks scoring in bunches. Boxcar has had little success jamming against the Dolls this season, so the team shifted her back into the pivot role: a move that proved wise as she provided some excellent and timely offence for her jammers (playing on an incredible line anchored by her, Joss Wheelin’ and Vag Lightning). The Chicks put together two dominant four-jam stretches in the first half, culminating in 20-0 and then 21-0 runs led by a nearly untouchable Banshee (who had 53 points in the first half) and an unstoppable Sleeper Hold (who had a 100% lead percentage and 29 points at the break).

And, as it happened in the quarterfinal game, the final jam of the half proved critical: a 9-point jam had brought the Dolls back within range (down 85-60), but then a scrambly, unfocused final jam (with a mismatch on the jammer line) saw the Chicks close out the half with a 14-2 pickup to snatch momentum back and increase their lead significantly, 99-62, at the half.

At that point, the damage was mostly done, and the Dolls would never be able to make up that margin. Though certainly not from a lack of trying.

Wheaty jamming Neil

The Dolls scored more than half of their first half points on star passes, including 17 from Wheatabitch. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

The second half proved to be a virtual stalemate. The Dolls made some adjustments, sending Getcha Kicks to the jam line for example, and in a series of matchups with Banshee was able to stop the first half’s leading scorer. After a dominant opening 30, Banshee was stopped at every turn by the Dolls and was held to only 10 points and no lead jammer statuses in the second. Monster Muffin, who was similarly stifled in the first period, picked up some of the slack with a 22-point second half.


The Dolls picked up more leads than the Chicks in the second (doubling them up actually, 15-7), but had a hard time converting them into points. For example, while Rainbow Fight finished the game with an impressive 85% lead percentage (over 13 jams), she was only able to put up 16 points in the second half (and 37 overall) as the Chicks’ packs were able to transition quickly from defence to offence, freeing their jammers and limiting the damage.

Rabies Robber Neil

Robber Blind and Rosemary’s Rabies wrap up Dolls’ pivot/jammer Wheatabitch. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Despite the succession of lead jammers, the Dolls just couldn’t cut into the gap. Things were virtually even in the half right up until the final two jams, when the Chicks blew the game wide open, sealing the deal with a definitive 30-9 run over the final minutes of the game to pull away for the 67-point win.

The win capped an impressive season for the Chicks, one that included a third-place finish at the Beast of the East tournament in April. The champs got a full-pack effort in the Battle for the Boot, perhaps encapsulated by the tenacious play of Rosemary’s Rabies, who has proven to be a thorn in the side of the Dolls this season. And while there are no skaters remaining from the Chicks first Boot victory in 2008, Robber Blind captured her fourth ToRD championship with the team since being part of the team’s second Boot win in 2011.

Nerd Glasses

Vipers Norfolk Greg

Photo by Greg Russell

After a season-opening loss, the Vipers kicked off the evening by picking up their third win in a row to improve to 3-1 on the season. The Vipers continue to show game-by-game and even jam-by-jam improvement this year, and put together their most complete game yet in the 223-105 win over Norfolk County Roller Derby.

Dolls Advance to ToRD Title Game With Decisive win over Bandits

Dolls Bandits Neil

With the victory, the Dolls advance to their first Battle for the Boot since 2014. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

For the first time since 2014 and the third time in the team’s history, the Death Track Dolls are returning to the Battle for the Boot where they will take on Chicks Ahoy! for the Toronto Roller Derby Championship. The Dolls accomplished the feat after a decisive wire-to-wire 230-110 win over the 2015 champs the Smoke City Bandits at the Bunker on Saturday night.

It was a close, even start for the opening few jams as the two teams got a sense of the game. They traded leads in the opening jams before Bat Ma’am (who is coming off of a strong performance at last week’s Beast of the East tournament) blew the game wide open with a 13-0 jam that helped build the Dolls a 14-6 lead after the opening five minutes.

Dolls D Neil

The Dolls’ defence was stifling at times. During one stretch, the Dolls collected 8 of 9 leads. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

While the Bandits were winning some one-on-one battles (highlighted by some excellent solo blocking by LowblowPalooza and timely offence by Jessica Rabid), the Dolls packs were—at times—dominant in the early going, transitioning nicely and working together well to block star passes as well (although given the Dolls’ advantage on leads, the Bandits still pulled off eight passes in the opening frame). By the eight-minute mark of the half, the Dolls had already built a comfortable 77-6 lead.

Both teams were making some slight roster adjustments. The Bandits, for example, were without rookie jammer Killa Hurtz, who torched the Dolls for a 67% lead percentage in the regular season matchup between the two, and the Dolls countered by bolstering their rotation, putting Rainbow Fight back into a regular spot, which paid dividends. The Dolls had a team 68% lead percentage in the opening half lead by perfect halves from Holly Rocket and Rainbow (Bat Ma’am was an also impressive 67%), and were led in scoring by a nearly unstoppable Rainbow Fight who put up 69 points in the first thirty minutes (a monstrous 11.5 points per jam).

tits greg

titmouse (seen here skirting the outside line) had a season high 63 points for the Bandits. (Photo by Greg Russell)

The Bandits were led, once again, by a seemingly tireless titmouse, who has put together an incredible season in her return to the jammer rotation. Taking to the track nine times with the star in the first half, titmouse managed 25 points on a 56% lead percentage to lead the way for the Bandits. Despite the strong individual performances, the Bandits found themselves in quite a hole at the break, down 129-47.

The Dolls picked up right where they left off to kick off the second half, picking up the first three leads and putting together a 24-0 run to extend their lead to 153-47. The game was truly put away during a stretch in the middle of the half where the Dolls picked up eight of nine leads culminating in a 31-0 run that forced a timeout call from the Bandits bench, but that ultimately put the game out of reach.

The scrappy Bandits though finished the game (and their season) strong, going on a 41-11 run over the final six jams to crest the century mark and narrow what appeared to be an ever-widening gap between the two.

Rabid rainbow greg

Jessica Rabid attempts to slow down Rainbow Fight who finished the game with 102 points. (Photo by Greg Russell)

The Dolls increased their team lead percentage to 71% in the second half; Holly Rocket finished with a perfect 100% lead percentage over twelve jams, while Rainbow Fight managed 90% and a game high 102 points. Bat Ma’am finished second on the team in scoring with 48. The Dolls widened their rotation in the second half and in total used six different jammers in the game.

titmouse led the way for the Bandits, notching a season-high 63 points over an incredible eighteen jams (and finishing with a solid 50% lead percentage). Brawnson also put together two consistent halves to finish with 29 points in the losing effort.

The Dolls won back-to-back ToRD titles in 2013 and 2014, but have never faced the defending champion Chicks in the Battle for the Boot. This matchup means that now only the Bandits and the Chicks have not squared off for the Boot in ToRD’s 11-year history. ToRD wraps up its 11th season on June 3.

Nerd Glasses

Vipers Farmers Neil.jpg

The Vipers won their second game in a row to improve to 2-1 on the season. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

*The Vipers opened up the night with their second win in a row, this time against Durham Region’s DRRD’y Farmers, 273-164. The victory over their eastern GTA rivals improves their season record to 2-1.

*Track-side filmed archives of the game are available on

La Racaille Becomes First Team to Repeat at Beast 10.

BOE 2017

There’s just something about the Beast of the East.

With the flat track roller derby community on the eve of its biggest regular season weekend of the year—where dozens of the best men’s and women’s flat track teams in the game will converge upon Eugene, Oregon, for three days of brutal WFTDA and MRDA action over three tracks—it seems remarkable that in the day and age of competitive algorithms and opponent weight, a comparatively modest house league tournament in a similarly modest neighbourhood rink in Montreal has captured the hearts of so many. And the fact that it continues to do so year after year is a testament to the importance of the grass roots movement at the heart of modern roller derby.

Celebrating its tenth year, the Beast of the East—a two-day double elimination tournament featuring home teams primarily from Quebec and Ontario—has over the years developed its own mythology. The longest continuously running tournament in Canada’s modern roller derby revival, the event has weaved its way into the very genetics of the sport in eastern Canada. And this year, for the first time since 2012, the tournament was reopened to teams from Canada’s east coast, and the Muddy River and Anchor City Rollers represented the region well.

wench beast 17 Neil

La Racaille was in the mix yet again with Iron Wench leading the way. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

In the mythology of the Beast, the team that has muscled its way into the centre of the narrative is Montreal Roller Derby’s La Racaille; and the skater who is the undeniable hero in this mythology is the Iron Wench. Arguably our nation’s best and, at one point in time, most well-known jammer, Wench stepped away from the spotlight (and briefly the sport) after a heartbreaking 2013 WFTDA Division 1 playoff tournament. Back on the track with La Racaille since 2016, the public outside of Montreal must wait until April of every year to see her skate. And in the past two years, that legend at the centre of the Beast mythos has continued to grow.

La Racaille entered Beast 10 as the defending champs and the tournament’s most successful squad. The only team to have won over 30 games in the tournament’s history, they were two-time champions (2009, 16), five-time finalists (2008, 10, 13), and had managed a third-place finish in 2014 as well. The one thing that La Racaille (nor any other team) had ever done was to successfully defend the Beast. And in an all-Montreal final for the second year in a row, they pulled it off: yet another accomplishment in the incredible history that the team has already established. And they did so in dramatic fashion: the 124-122 two-point victory over leaguemates Les Contrabanditas was the closest since the Slaughter Daughters pulled off a last-jam comeback to defeat the Gore-Gore Rollergirls 87-85 in 2011.

Double Elimination Round

The double elimination round featured an interesting mix of traditional powers dominating along with some unexpected underdogs pulling off some impressive wins. Ten-time participants Les Contrabanditas, La Racaille, and the Death Track Dolls (with a combined eleven Top 3 finishes between them) advanced directly to the quarterfinals with two-straight wins on Saturday morning (although the Dolls were tested mightily in a two-point win over Quebec’s Casse-Gueules). The fourth team to do so, however, were Halifax’s Harbour Grudges who pulled off 63-54 and 56-34 victories over Durham Region’s Atom Smashers and Toronto’s Smoke City Bandits respectively to be the surprise team of the opening round.

Grudges BOE 17 Neil

The east coast teams provided the biggest surprises of the tournament, with Anchor City’s Harbour Grudges advancing out of the first round with two straight wins. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

There were tougher roads to the quarterfinals for cohosts Les Filles du Roi and (who dominated the Bandits in the must-win game after a narrow loss to Casse-Gueules); Capital City’s Cupquakes (who won the Beasts’ second ever overtime game when they eliminated the Gore-Gore Rollergirls 69-67 after a wild, thrilling 24-22 OT jam); Moncton’s Mad Hitters (who eliminated the Smashers and Les Casse); and Toronto’s Chicks Ahoy! who, despite an early loss to the Ditas, dominated their way out of day one with a record-setting 181-39 win over tournament debutantes Les Rebelles out of Sherbrooke (a game that featured a remarkable 40-point jam from ToRD’s Monster Muffin).

Playoff Round

Chicks Neil

Despite a first round loss to the Ditas, Chicks Ahoy! advanced to the quarterfinals with a record-setting scoring performance. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

The quarterfinals did not deliver the kind of tense matchups that the elimination round saw, but was most notable for strong performances in losing causes. The Mad Hitters’ tournament came to an end at the hands of La Racaille in a more-than-respectable 53-29 loss. The last time a Muddy River team came to the Beast—the now defunct Reines of Terror in 2012—they were two and done after being outscored 210-34 in those two games (including a 139-0 shutout), a far cry from the competitive performance put forth by the Hitters. Similarly, The Harbour Grudges gave the Chicks Ahoy! all they could handle before the traditional ToRD power pulled away. A severely shorthanded Death Track Dolls also pulled away from the Cupquakes late in their quarterfinal showdown to make the final four for the first time since 2013.

The Dolls simply didn’t have the fire power to match up against an inspired Ditas in the semi finals (falling 91-54), before a thrilling, last gasp effort from Iron Wench helped La Racaille stun the Chicks 65-63 in the other.

What it all led to was a classic medal round showdown featuring two league-on-league battles. The Chicks and Dolls last met in the third-place game all the way back in 2011 with the Death Track Dolls picked up the team’s first (of two) Beast trophies; this year, the Chicks got some measure of delayed revenge picking up their own second Beast trophy with a 157-79 victory.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.01.44 AM

Watch the Beast of the East final on

You’ve got to go back even further, to 2009, to find the last time Montreal’s Contrabanditas and La Racaille squared off for the Beast title. Iron Wench is the only remaining member of that great 2009 Racaille team that took down the Ditas 49-34, and once again she led her team back to the crown again, though this time getting help from her other throw-back counterparts: Squarrior (returning to the league) and the freshly unretired Greta Bobo were part of the team’s old-school jammer rotation (and it was Bobo who was out for the critical final jam). And all three were needed to contend with a determined Ditas team who were led offensively by Wild Card (the former Dyna Hurtcha), who similarly retired from travel team play to focus on home teams, and who over the Ditas inspired run, put her own statement on this legendary tournament.

Beast by the Numbers

2: The differential in the final, tying the previous record set in 2011.

2: The number of overtime games in Beast history after the Gore-Gore Rollergirls and the Cupquakes played the Beasts’ second overtime game (the first was a 2014 quarterfinal won by the Riot Squad 71-62 over the Luscious Lunch Ladies).

36: The number of games won by La Racaille in Beast history (only two other teams have won over 20).

39: Number of points scored by Iron Wench in a single jam against Les Rebelles in the first round.

40: Number of points scored by Monster Muffin in a single jam against Les Rebelles in the first round.

181: Points scored by Chicks Ahoy! in first round. A team scoring record (the previous being 164).

220: Combined points scored by Chicks Ahoy! and Les Rebelles in their first-round game (181-39). Also a record.

Nerd Glasses

Review the full bracket here.

Select trackside footage available on

Beast of the East 2008-2016

To get ready for the 2017 Beast of the East, take a look back at the history of the tournament.

BOE 2017

Beast of the East: By the Numbers





2008 Hamilton Harlots (HCRG) La Racaille (MTLRD) Les Filles du Roi / Les Contrabanditas (MTLRD)
2009 La Racaille Les Contrabanditas Les Filles du Roi / Smoke City Betties (ToRD)
2010 Les Filles du Roi La Racaille Les Contrabanditas
2011 Slaughter Daughters (RVRG) Gore-Gore Rollergirls (ToRD) Death Track Dolls (ToRD)
2012 Vicious Dishes (TCRD) Slaughter Daughters Chicks Ahoy! (ToRD)
2013 Slaughter Daughters La Racaille Death Track Dolls
2014 Gore-Gore Rollergirls Casse-Gueules (RDQ) La Racaille
2015 Casse-Gueules Rouge et Gore (RDQ) Les Filles du Roi
2016 La Racaille Les Filles du Roi Venus Fly Tramps (TCRD)
Photo by Derek Lang (

Hamilton Harlots won the first ever Beast of the East. (Photo by Derek Lang)

NOTABLE NUMBERS (Records etc.)

Most Wins: 31 (La Racaille 2008-2016); La Racaille has the most podium finishes (2 champs, 3 runners up, 1 third place)

Most Losses: 15 (Thames Fatales 2008-2015)

Points Per Game (tournament): 110.4 (La Racaille 2016); 110 (Death Track Dolls 2013); 109.5 (Slaughter Daughters 2013); 102.5 (La Racaille 2013)

Points Against (tournament): 9 (Les Filles du Roi, 2010)

Most Points (single game–20 mins): 164 (Slaughter Daughters 2015); 162 (Riot Squad 2016); 159 (Rouge et Gore 2013); 156 (La Racaille 2016) 154 (Les Contrabanditas 2015)

Combined Points (single game–20 mins): 211 (La Racaille 156 vs. Slaughter Daughters 55  2016); 184 (Rouge et Gore 159 vs. Debutantes 32  2013); 181 (La Racaille 117 vs. Contrabanditas 64  2013)

Biggest Differential: 162 (Slaughter Daughters 164 vs. Thames Fatales 2, 2015)

Biggest Shutout: 148-0 (Les Contrabanditas 148 vs. Chrome Mollys [GTAR] 0, 2011)

[*The Gore-Gore Rollergirls were the first team to score 100 points in a bout–a 103-11 victory over Capital Carnage in 2009; Les Filles du Roi did it vs. the Vicious Dishes in 2010; four different teams accomplished it in 2011; the Vicious Dishes did it three times themselves in 2012, while three other teams did it that year as well. Since then, it has become common. Rouge et Gore (2013) were the first team to score 150 points in a game; it (150+ points) has happened four times since].

[*2012 was the first time both finalists (Vicious Dishes, Slaughters Daughters) lost a game on the way to the finals]


(BOE 10: 2017 participants first)

Team League BOE Record Notes
la-racaille-logoLa Racaille MTLRD 31 – 12 Semis 2012. Third in 2014. Runners up in 2008, 10, 13. Champs in 09, 16.
Contrabanditas LogoLes Contrabanditas MTLRD 21 – 14 Runners up in 2009. Third in 2010. Quarters 2011, 12, 13.
Les Filles du Roi LogoLes Filles du Roi MTLRD 27 – 10 Semi-final 2008, 09, 13. Champs in 2010. Runners up 2016. Third place 2015.
riot squad logoRiot Squad RVRD 7-10 Sixth appearance (2010-11, 2013-16). Quarterfinals 2014, 16.
deathtrackdolls_logoDeath Track Dolls ToRD 14-14 Third place in 2011, 13. Quarters in 2009, 14, 16.
Smoke City Betties LogoSmoke City Betties ToRD 7-14 Ninth appearance 2008-2014; 15-16. Semi final 2009. Quarter final 2012
Gore-Gore Rollergirls logoGore-Gore Rollergirls ToRD 18-12 Forfeit 2009 at 3-0. Runners-up 2011; Champs 2014
Chicks Ahoy! logoChicks Ahoy! ToRD 11-12 Eighth appearance (2008-2013, 2015). Semis in 2011. Third 2012
casse gueules logoLes Casse-Gueules RDQ 12-6 Fifth appearance (2013-2016). Champs 2015. Runners up 2014; Semis 2016
rouge et gore logoLe Rouge & Gore  RDQ 8-7 Fifth appearance (2013-2016). Quarters 2013, 14. Runners up 2015
cupquakes_0Cupquakes CCDD 1-2 Second appearance (2016)
thames-fatales-logoThames Fatales FCDG 7-15 Eighth appearance (2009-15). Quarterfinals in 2010, 2013.
 Atom Smashers logo 2013Atom Smashers DRRD 1-4  Third appearance (2014-15)
 RD SherbrookeLes Rebelles  RDS First appearance
 Madhitters logoThe Mad Hitters  MRR  – First appearance
 Anchor-City-2014-Inside-red-RGBHarbour Grudges   ACR  – First appearance

Past Participants

Hamilton Harlots HCRG 8 – 6 2008-2010, 2012. Champs in 08. Became Hammer City B-team.
Death Row Dames HCRG 3 – 5 2008-2010. Quarter final in 2010. No longer operating.
Steel Town Tanks Girls HCRG 1 – 1 2008. No longer operating.
Bay Street Bruisers ToRD 1 – 3 2008, 2009. Became ToRD B-travel team. No longer operating.
D-VAS ToRD 0 – 1 2008. Now ToRD houseleague farm team; name shortened to Vipers.
 Venus Fly Tramps  TCRD  8 – 9  Five appearances (2009-11, 15-16). Third place 2016
London Thrashers FCDG 0 – 1 2008. No longer operating.
Bytown Blackhearts ORD 0 – 1 2008. Split from ORD to become Slaughter Daughters, first team in RVRG
Capital Carnage ORD 0 – 2 2009. No longer operating.
Devil Dollies QCRG 1 – 1 1st US team (2008)
Derby Dames Grn Mtn 2 – 1 2nd US team, 1st to reach quarter finals (2010). Now a travel team.
Derby Debutantes GTAR 2-10 2009-2013. Now GTA B/Farm team.
Chrome Mollys GTAR 0 – 2 2011. No longer operating.
Vicious Dishes TCRG 10-9 2009-2013. Quarter finals 2010, 11. Champs 2012
Total Knock-Outs TCRG 3-6 2011, 13, 15. Quarterfinals 2013
Luscious Lunch Ladies FCDG 2-3 Quarterfinals in 2014
 Slaughter Daughters  RVRD 21-12  2009-16. Champs in 2011, 13. Runners up in 12.
Babes of Thunder TBRD  2-2 2012. Quarter finals in 2012
Reines of Terror MRR  0-2 2012. No longer operating.
Les Duchesses RDQ 1-4 2011, 2012. Promoted to RDQ travel team
Prime Sinisters RVRD 4-3 2014, 15
 Motor City Madames  DRRD  0-4  2012, 2014. Now Durham B-travel team
 Violet Uprising  RCRG  0-2  2016
Killer Queens RCRG 0-2 2014
Beauty School Dropouts CCDD 0-2 2015
Bacon Pirates CCDD 2-2 2016. Quarterfinals 2016.
Molotov Girls HARD 0-2 2016
Ghoul Guides SSRR 0-2 2016
Skateful Dead KDG 2-2 2015. Quarterfinals 2015


(Generally, all games 20 minutes until final, which was 30, but by 2012 had become 2 20s)

Beast of the East 2008 PosterBeast of the East 1: 2008

First Round (Single Elimination)


Steel Town Tank Girls 40 vs Smoke City Betties 18

La Racaille 65 vs The Bytown Blackhearts 29

Death Row Dames 17 vs Devil Dollies 54

D-VAS 27 vs Les Contrabanditas 50


Gore-Gore Rollergirls 13 vs. Hamilton Harlots 52

Bay Street Brusies 45 vs Thames Fatales 38

London Thrashers 13 vs Chicks Ahoy 65

Death Track Dolls 23 vs Les Filles du Roi 37

Quarter Finals

Steel Town Tank Girls 30 vs La Racaille 32

Devil Dollies 16 vs. Les Contrabanditas 42

Chicks Ahoy 30 vs Les Filles du Roi 38

Hamilton Harlots 53 vs Bay Street Bruisers 15

Semi Finals

Hamilton Harlots 58 vs Les Filles du Roi 29

Les Contrabanditas 32 vs La Racaille 39


Hamilton Harlots 55 vs. La Racaille 18

* Read the Derby Nerd’s reflections.

Beast of the East 2009Beast of the East 2: 2009

First Round (Double Elimination)

Capital Carnage 11 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 103

Death Row Dames 23 vs. Thames Fatales 19

Les Contrabanditas 59 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 26

Slaughter Daughters 24 vs. Smoke City Betties 32

La Racaille 67 vs. Bay Street Bruisers 10

Chicks Ahoy! 48 vs. Vicisou Dishes 32

Les Filles du Roi 77 vs. Death Track Dolls 6

Derby Debutantes 6 vs. Hamilton Harlots 69

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 32 vs. Death Row Dames 5

Capital Carnage 20 (eliminated) vs. Thames Fatales 67

Les Contrabanditas 34 vs. Smoke City Betties 20

Venus Fly Tramps 14 (eliminated) vs. Slaughter Daughters 48

La Racaille 36 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 35

Bay Street Bruisers 16 (eliminated) vs. Vicious Dishes 21

Les Filles du Roi 34 vs. Hamilton Harlots 25

Death Track Dolls 61 vs. Derby Debutantes 20 (eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 35 vs. Les Contrabanditas 26

Death Row Dames 15 (eliminated) vs. Smoke City Betties 24

Thames Fatales 28 (eliminated) vs. Slaughter Daughters 68

La Racaille 35 vs. Les Filles du Roi 43

Chicks Ahoy! 21 (eliminated) vs. Hamilton Harlots 38

Vicious Dishes 27 (eliminated) vs. Death Track Dolls 32

Quarter Finals

Gore-Gore Rollergirls (forfeit) vs. Smoke City Betties

Les Contrabanditas 28 vs. Slaughter Daughters 25

Les Filles du Roi 24 vs. Hamilton Harlots 11

La Racaille 77 vs. Death Track Dolls 17

Semi Finals

Smoke City Betties 23 vs. Les Contrabanditas 33

La Racaille 38 vs Les Filles du Roi 20


Les Contrabanditas 34 vs. La Racaille 49

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Beast of the East 2010 PosterBeast of the East 3: 2010

First Round (Double Elimination)

Thames Fatales 38 vs. Smoke City Betties 11

La Racaille 81 vs. Chicks Ahoy!12

Green Mountain Derby Dames 40 vs. Riot Squad 17

Death Row Dames 63 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 6

Les Contrabanditas 72 vs. Death Track Dolls 9

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 43 vs. GTA Derby Debutantes 20

Vicious Dishes 37 vs. Slaughter Daughters 20

Les Filles du Roi 92 vs. Harlots 6

La Racaille 91 vs. Thames Fatales 0

Chicks Ahoy! 89 vs. Betties 15 (eliminated)

Green Mountain Derby Dames 29 vs. Death Row Dames 15

Venus Fly Tramps 43 vs. Riot Squad 14 (eliminated)

Les Contrabanditas 63 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 17

Derby Debutantes 38 vs. Death Track Dolls 29 (eliminated)

Les Filles du Roi 115 vs. Vicious Dishes 7

Harlots 28 vs. Slaughter Daughters 24 (eliminated)

Thames Fatales 24 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 15 (eliminated)

Death Row Dames 42 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 34 (eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 45 vs. Harlots 20 (eliminated)

Vicious Dishes 52 vs. Derby Debutantes 24 (eliminated)

Quarter Finals

La Racaille 57 vs. Vicious Dishes 4

Les Contrabanditas 64 vs. Death Row Dames 11

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 45 vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames 22

Les Filles du Roi 91 vs. Thames Fatales 12

Semi Finals

La Racaille 69 vs. Les Contrabanditas 46

Les Filles du Roi 65 vs. Gore-Gore Roller Girls 1

Third Place

Les Contrabanditas 91 vs. Gores 21


Les Filles du Roi 36 vs. La Racaille 20

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Beast of the East 2011 posterBeast of the East 4: 2011

First Round (Double Elimination)

Duchesses de Quebec 4 vs. Derby Debutantes 124

La Racaille 55 vs. Riot Squad 7

Chicks Ahoy! 63 vs. Total Knockouts (TKOs) 7

Filles du Roi vs. Death Track Dolls 47

Vicious Dishes 50 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 48

Contrabanditas 148 vs. Chrome Mollys 0

Slaughter Daughters 38 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 28

Thames Fatales 75 vs. Smoke City Betties 12

Derby Debutants 8 vs. La Racaille 100

Duchesses du Quebec 4 vs. Riot Squad 97 (Duchesses eliminated)

Chicks Ahoy! 40 vs. Death Track Dolls 21

TKOs 0 vs. Filles du Roi 81 (TKOs eliminated)

Vicious Dishes 21 vs. Contrabanditas 27

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 131 vs. Chrome Mollys 10 (Mollys eliminated)

Slaughter Daughters 62 vs. Thames Fatales 12

Venus Fly Tramps 66 vs. Smoke City Betties 14 (Betties eliminated)

Derby Debutants 29 vs. Filles du Roi 62 (Debutantes eliminated)

Death Track Dolls 84 vs. Riot Squad 8 (Riot Squad elimanted)

Vicious Dishes 49 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 3 (Tramps eliminated)

Thames Fatales 36 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 49 (Thames eliminated)

Quarter Finals

La Racaille 11 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 88

Contrabanditas 49 vs. Death Track Dolls 58

Chicks Ahoy! 48 vs. Vicious Dishes 8

Slaughter Daughters 81 vs. Filles du Roi 3

Semi Finals

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 51 vs. Death Track Dolls 11

Chicks Ahoy! 19 vs. Slaughter Daughters 33

Third Place

Death Track Dolls 42 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 31


Gore-Gore Rollergirls 85 vs. Slaughter Daughters 87

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Beast of the East 5 (2012)Beast of the East 5: 2012

First Round (Double Elimination)

Chicks Ahoy! 51 vs. Slaughter Daughters 41

La Racaille 46 vs. Gore-Gore Roller Girls 30

Motor City Madames 36 vs. Hammer City Harlots 57

Les Contrabanditas 54 vs. Death Track Dolls 20

Vicious Dishes 139 vs. Reines of Terror 0

Les Filles du Roi 79 vs. Babes of Thunder 8

Derby Debutantes 6 vs. Thames Fatales 112

Smoke City Betties 108 vs. Les Duchesses 13

Chicks Ahoy! 10 vs. La Racaille 39

Slaughter Daughters 72 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 52 (Gores eliminated)

Hamilton Harlots 39 vs. Les Contrabanditas 84

Motor City Madames 28 vs. Death Track Dolls 95 (Motor City eliminated)

Vicious Dishes 30 vs. Les Filles du Roi 47

Reines of Terror 34 vs. Babes of Thunder 71 (Reines eliminated)

Thames Fatales 64 vs. Smoke City Betties 69

Derby Debutantes 30 vs. Les Duchesses 120 (Debutantes eliminated)

La Racaille 59 vs. Death Track Dolls 31 (Dolls eliminated)

Hamilton Harlots 30 vs. Slaughter Daughters 131 (Harlots eliminated)

Vicious Dishes 123 vs. Les Duchesses 0 (Duchesses eliminated)

Thames Fatales 20 vs. Babes of Thunder 77 (Thames eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Chicks Ahoy! 83 vs. Babes of Thunder 22

Les Filles du Roi 67 vs. Slaughter Daughters 71

Les Contrabanditas 54 vs. Vicious Dishes 64

Smoke City Betties 59 vs. La Racaille 78

Semi Finals

Chicks Ahoy! 31 vs. Slaughter Daughters 65

Vicious Dishes 67 vs. La Racaille 48

Third Place

Chicks Ahoy! 87 vs. La Racaille 48


Vicious Dishes 118 vs. Slaughter Daughters 63

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BOE 2013 PosterBeast of the East 6: 2013

First Round (Double Elimination)

Chicks Ahoy! 58 vs. Riot Squad 50

Vicious Dishes 25 vs. Les Filles du Roi 50

Death Track Dolls 129 vs. Casses Gueules 7

Thames Fatales 34 vs. Les Contrabanditas 76

TKOs 133 vs. Debutantes 8

Rouge et Gore 12 vs. La Racaille 116

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 29 vs. Slaughter Daughters 105

Luscious Lunch Ladies 37 vs. Smoke City Betties 47

Les Filles du Roi 91 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 13

Vicious Dishes 33 vs. Riot Squad 44 (Dishes eliminated)

Contrabanditas 30 vs. Death Track Dolls 96

Thames Fatales 29 vs. Casses Gueules 18 (Gueules eliminated)

La Racaille 103 vs. TKOs 32

Rouge at Gore 159 vs. Debutantes 32 (Debutantes eliminated)

Smoke City Betties 2 vs. Slaughter Daughters 117

Luscious Lunch Ladies 50 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 94 (Ladies eliminated)

Thames Fatales 53 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 46 (Chicks eliminated)

Riot Squad 57 vs. Contrabanditas 86 (Riot Squad eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 42 vs. TKOs 85 (Gores eliminated)

Smoke City Betties 56 vs. Rouge et Gore 58 (Betties eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Les Filles du Roi 76 vs. Rouge et Gore 26

Contrabanditas 64 vs. La Racaille 117

TKOs 35 vs. Death Track Dolls 79

Thames Fatales 31 vs. Slaughter Daughters 113

Semi Finals

Filles du Roi 60 vs. La Racaille 85

Death Track Dolls 40 vs. Slaughter Daughters 68

Third Place

Death Track Dolls 136 vs. Filles du Roi 29


La Racaille 74 vs. Slaughter Daughters 103

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VIDEO: Watch Double Elimination Archives Part 1 here.  Watch Part 2 here. Watch quarter finals here. Watch the third place and championship games here.

BEAST 2014 posterBeast of the East 7: 2014

First Round (Double Elimination)

Smoke City Betties 49 vs. Casse Gueules 54

La Racaille 117 vs. Riot Squad 32

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 125 vs. Motor City Madames 22

Les Filles du Roi 78 vs. Atom Smashers 50

Slaughter Daughters 40 vs. Lunch Ladies 80

Les Contrabanditas 122 vs. Thames Fatales 23

Killer Queens 30 vs. Death Track Dolls 91

Rouge et Gore 61 vs. Prime Sinisters 79

Casses Gueules 106 vs. La Racaille 69

Smoke City Betties 36 vs. Riot Squad 66 (Betties eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 53 vs. Les Filles du Roi 47

Motor City Madames 57 vs. Atom Smashers 122 (Madames eliminated)

Luscious Lunch Ladies 60 vs. Les Contrabanditas 39

Slaughter Daughters 60 vs. Thames Fatales 45 (Thames eliminated)

Death Track Dolls 55 vs. Prime Sinisters 26

Killer Queens 29 vs. Rouge et Gore 135 (Queens eliminated)

La Racaille 101 vs. Atom Smashers 33 (Smashers eliminated)

Les Filles du Roi 47 vs. Riot Squad 89 (FDR eliminated)

Les Contrabanditas 35 vs. Rouge et Gore 40 (Ditas eliminated)

Prime Sinisters 57 vs. Slaughter Daughters 21 (Daughters eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Casses-Gueules 50 vs. Prime Sinisters 46

Luscious Lunch Ladies 62 vs. Riot Squad 71 (Overtime)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 64 vs. Rouge et Gore 61

Death Track Dolls 61 vs. La Racaille 86

Semi Finals

Casses-Gueules 75 vs. Riot Squad 68

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 68 vs. La Racaille 67

Third Place

La Racaille 148 vs. Riot Squad 131


Casses Gueules 114 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 129

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*Video: Watch Day 1 here (begins without commentary); Watch Day 2 here.

boe-15-poster.jpgBeast of the East 8: 2015

First Round (Double Elimination)

Total Knock-Outs 93 vs. Beauty School Dropouts 45

Les Filles du Roi 90 vs. Casse-Gueules 70

Slaughter Daughters 164 vs. Thames Fatales 2

Les Contrabanditas 61 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 74

Prime Sinisters 89 vs. Atom Smashers 56

La Racaille 117 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 40

Venus Fly Tramps 73 vs. Death Track Dolls 39

Rouge et Gore 130 vs. Skateful Dead 25

Total Knock-Outs 61 vs. Les Filles du Roi 78

Beauty School Dropouts 49 vs. Casse-Gueules 80 (Beauties eliminated)

Slaughter Daughters 71 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 70

Thames Fatales 25 vs. Les Contrabanditas 154 (Fatales eliminated)

Prime Sinisters 81 vs. La Racaille 50

Atoms Smashers 62 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 63 (Smashers eliminated)

Venus Fly Tramps 68 vs. Rouge et Gore 91

Death Track Dolls 48 vs. Skateful Dead 80 (Dolls eliminated)

Total Knock-Outs 40 vs. Les Contrabanditas 92 (TKOs eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 25 vs. Casse-Gueules 58 (Gores eliminated)

La Racaille 59 vs. Skateful Dead 77 (Racaille eliminated)

Venus Fly Tramps 128 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 24 (Chicks eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Les Filles du Roi 70 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 49

Prime Sinisters 34 vs. Casse-Gueules 145

Slaughter Daughters 88 vs. Skateful Dead 78

Rouge et Gore 55 vs. Les Contrabanditas 31

Semi Finals

Les Filles du Roi 29 vs. Casse-Gueules 83

Slaughter Daughters 10 vs. Rouge et Gore 84

Third Place

Les Filles du Roi 116 vs. Slaughter Daughters 110


Casse-Gueules 161 vs. Rouge et Gore 142

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BOE 2016Beast of the East 9: 2016

First Round (Double Elimination)

Venus Fly Tramps 56 vs. Molotov Girls 39

Contrabanditas 58 vs. Smoke City Betties 62

Casse-Gueules 66 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 69

Les Filles du Roi 81 vs. Violet Uprising 31

Cupquakes 84 vs. Rouge et Gore 80

La Racaille 156 vs. Slaughter Daughters 56

Ghoul Guides 15 vs. Riot Squad 162

Bacon Pirates 74 vs. Death Track Dolls 77

Venus Fly Tramps 38 vs. Smoke City Betties 24

Molotov Girls 15 vs. Contrabanditas 104 (M.Girls eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 35 vs. Les Filles du Roi 70

Casse-Gueules 74 vs. Violet Uprising 72 (Uprising eliminated)

Cupquakes 43 vs. La Racaille 64

Rouge et Gore 65 vs. Slaughter Daughters 74 (R. et Gore eliminated)

Riot Squad 24 vs. Death Track Dolls 71

Ghoul Guides 23 vs. Bacon Pirates 94 (Guides eliminated)

Smoke City Betties 51 vs. Casse-Gueules 70 (Betties eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 22 vs. Contrabanditas 65 (Gores eliminated)

Cupquakes 62 vs. Bacon Pirates 65 (Quakes eliminated)

Riot Squad 91 vs Slaughter Daughters 48 (Daughters eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Venus Fly Tramps 75 vs. Riot Squad 41

La Racaille 86 vs Les Contrabanditas 76

Les Filles du Roi 94 vs. Bacon Pirates 45

Death Track Dolls 48 vs Casse-Gueules 55

Semi Finals

Venus Fly Tramps 64 vs. La Racaille 105

Les Filles du Roi 90 vs. Casse-Gueules 29

Third Place

Venus Fly Tramps 172 vs. Casse-Gueules 52


La Racaille 141 vs. Les Filles du Roi 106

Toronto Improves to 2-0 with Tight Victory over Capital City

All Stars Cap City Neil

The tightly played, highly disciplined game between Toronto and Capital City lived up to expectations (Photo by Neil Gunner).

It was a highly anticipated matchup at the Bunker on Saturday night as two WFTDA Division 2 teams on the rise squared off in a critical matchup. Coming in ranked 81st, the visitors, Ottawa’s Capital City Dolly Rogers, sported a 3-0 record in 2017 that included sanctioned wins over Muddy River (101st) and Quebec (82nd) and that saw them leap an incredible 34 spots in the WFTDA rankings. Toronto was also off to a blazing start with a 380 -138 stomping of Roc City helping to propel them 10 spots up the rankings to 89th. The first-ever meeting between these two teams lived up to the high expectations: it was a tight, disciplined, very well played game of flat track roller derby that saw Toronto clamber back from a slow start (and a slim half-time deficit) to pick up the 144-129 win.


titmouse neil

Toronto jammer titmouse scored her team’s first 17 points. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Capital City came out flying with the first three lead jammer statuses (including the game’s first power jam) and an 8-1 lead, before All Stars vet titmouse nabbed the first lead for the hosts and proceeded to rack up 17 points on three natural grand slams as a Boxcar- and Jessica Rabid-led pack shut down the Capital City jammer. However, a successful Capital City official review saw titmouse boxed for a skating out of bounds penalty and the second early-game power jam saw the Dolly Rogers maintain control, picking up 6. A second consecutive power jam (and third of the game) saw them retake control. With the offense being led by RebelLion and Buffy Slay’her, Dolly Rogers’ eventual leading scorer Tank laid down 15 points to help bring Ottawa’s lead to 40-18 ten minutes into the opening half.

Toronto responded with four of the next five leads to put together a 24-13 run to inch back into it, and they closed out the first half with their most dominant stretch of the game picking up six of the last seven leads that saw them briefly take a 4-point lead before Tank once again picked up crucial points in the final jam to give Capital City a narrow 83-82 lead at the break.

Rebel Watcher Neil

Capital City’s RebelLion (left) and Watcher Ash (616) led a smothering first half defence that helped the Dolly Rogers take the lead at the break. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Tank was actually the team’s leading scoring jammer at the half with 35 points, though Kaio-kensi was not far behind with 21. titmouse led the way for Toronto with 40 first-half points (on the strength of a game-high 17 pointer); Banshee was right behind with 26 points. The first half (and indeed the whole game) was played very cleanly with Capital City picking up fifteen penalties to Toronto’s twelve (Toronto would end up with twenty-three to Capital City’s twenty-seven).

After a surging close-out to the first half, Toronto picked up right where they left off to open the second: a five-point pick up in the opening jam saw Toronto retake the lead, and it would be one that they would not relent the rest of the way. Defense would be the name of the game in the tightly played and low-scoring second half and Toronto’s balanced packs led the way. For example, The All Stars shut out jammer Kaio-kensi in the second half over six jams, with half of the defensive packs led by one line that included Gore-Gore Rollergirls teammates Santa Muerte, Will Wrecker and Viktory Lapp (balanced out by the hard-hitting Morton) and the other led by the Chicks Ahoy! dominated line of Boxcar, Meg Fenway and Annguard, though led on this night by their Smoke City Bandit linemate Jessica Rabid.

Rabid Neil

Jessica Rabid had a breakout game for Toronto–the recipient of key star passes and putting in a few jams with the star in the second half. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Jessica Rabid was actually all over the track for Toronto; originally a skater with Ottawa’s Rideau Valley Roller Derby, Rabid seemed especially fired up for this matchup against her former cross-city rivals and was dominant on defense, took a critical star pass in the first half and even took to the start line with the star on a few occasions in the second half (picking up two leads and 9 points).


Toronto picked up six of the first nine leads of the second half to extend their lead to fifteen (112-97) ten minutes in, but Capital City refused to go down quietly.

Looking to spark their offense, the Dolly Rogers expanded their jammer rotation in the second half, giving the powerful RebelLion the star at times, and at one point Tank acting as pivot led a lock down pack on titmouse that allowed Alhurta Beef to pick up 12 points for Capital City to narrow the gap to 128-115 with ten minutes to go (the damage was limited by a titmouse star pass to Boxcar and a crucial drag back from Meg Fenway that stemmed the points flow and forced the call off).

All Stars celebrate neil

Toronto improves to 2-0 on the season with the win. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

That was, however, as close as Capital City would get.

With the Dolly Rogers held to only 46 points in the second half, it was a strong defensive performance from a Toronto team that looked a little loose defensively in their season-opening win against Roc City and, similarly, it was a very strong performance from an excellent Capital City team in the loss. The core of this team includes members of the 2014 Fresh and Furious winning team (blocker Edmonton and the aforementioned Kaio-kensi were stars of that team and are crucial components of the Dolly Rogers now) and that continuity is evident. Tank led the way in scoring for the visitors with 52 points on a 55% lead percentage, while Watcher Ash had a huge game in the pack.

Toronto was led offensively by titmouse’s 59 points (on a 54% lead percentage), while Banshee used an impressive 64% lead percentage to pick up 49 points; Wolverina rounded out the primary scoring for Toronto with 23.

Nerd Glasses


Skate Greg.jpg

The Vipers’ Skate of Emergency looks to sneak through on the inside past a trio of Cannon Dolls. (Photo by Greg Russell)


*The Toronto Vipers also hosted Capital City on Saturday night and picked up their first win of the season against the Cannon Dolls. The 217-148 victory balances out their record after a season-opening loss to Belleville.


Chicks Advance To Play for Boot; Bandits on to Semis

Chicks Dolls QF Neil

The Dolls finished first in the regular season, but the Chicks took the quarterfinal rematch to become the first team to qualify for the Battle for the Boot. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

The 2017 Toronto Roller Derby playoffs kicked off on Saturday night at the Bunker with all four teams competing in the page playoff quarterfinals. In the 1-2 quarterfinal, the current and four-time defending champion Chicks Ahoy! advanced directly to the Battle for the Boot with a 205-128 victory over the regular season leaders Death Track Dolls, while the Smoke City Bandits eliminated the Gore-Gore Rollergirls in the other. The Bandit’s 170-116 win secured them a spot in the semifinals against the Dolls.

Gore-Gore Rollergirls (4th) 116 vs. Smoke City Bandits (3rd) 170

Coming off of their first winless season ever, the Gores were looking for revenge over the Bandits, a team that had beaten them 148-99 in February. Bolstered by the return of jammer Beaver Mansbridge (in her first action since January), she and team leading scorer Mina Von Tease got the Gores off to an explosive start, scoring 10 and 12 points respectively in an opening ten-jam run that saw the Gores jump out to a 26-14 lead ten minutes in.

Beav QF17 Neil

Beaver Mansbridge made her return to the Gores’ lineup and led the team with 38 points and a 73% lead percentage. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

The Bandits, however, responded, and over the next ten minutes, the teams went blow for blow. Anchored by a 9-point jam from Genuine Risk and then a 10 pointer from Brawnson, the Bandits stayed within reach, down 50-41 with five minutes to go in the half.

Driven by the return to the track of long-time veteran Mia Culprit and the ferocious jammer killing of LowBlowPalooza, the Bandits seized control of the game late in the first half. While Genuine Risk had one of her most consistent games with the star of the season (finishing with 36 points and a 45% lead percentage over eleven jams), it was a Risk star pass to pivot Jessica Rabid that proved to be a game changer. Rabid’s subsequent 15-point pick up was part of a dominant 34-3 Bandits’ run to close out the half with a 74-53 lead.

JJ LB Neil

The Bandits’ Juggernaut J and LowBlowPalooa work to contain Beaver Mansbridge. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

The Bandits have been slow starters all year, and all season they’ve saved their best derby for the second half, so with a 20-point deficit coming out of the break, the Gores were scrambling to catch up. Added to the adversity was the loss of Mina Von Tease (who led the team with 24 first-half points), leaving Beaver Mansbridge to shoulder much of the offensive load, which she did exceptionally well: 24 points and a 75% lead percentage over eight jams in the second half was enough to the keep the Gores close (within 14 with twelve minutes to go), but the Bandits sealed the win with a late 24-5 jam on another well-timed star pass (this time, Brawnson to Jammher’head Shark). The jam gave the Bandits the biggest lead either team had in the game, securing the 170-116 win and ending the Gores’ season.

Beaver Mansbridge was exceptional in her return to the track finishing with a team leading 38 points on a 73% lead percentage. Brawnson led the way for the Bandits finishing with 40 points , while titmouse had another excellent game, consistent over both periods on the way to 37 points and a team leading 62% lead percentage. Genuine Risk’s 36 points rounded out the well-balanced offence and helped to make up for the lack of offence from regular season leading scorer Killa Hurtz who was frustrated by the Gores’ pack work and ended up with only 16 points (on a 17% lead percentage)—this after Hurtz scorched the Gores for 61 points in the regular season showdown.

Chicks Ahoy! (2nd) 205 vs. Death Track Dolls (1st) 128

After a thrilling one-point showdown in the regular season, expectations were high for this quarterfinal between the league’s top two teams, and for most of the first half, the high expectations were met. The game started as a slow grind with the Chicks taking a narrow 13-0 lead five minutes in to the game. It was 16-0 before a Dolls’ steal of 1 on a 3-1 jam saw the first crack in the devastating Chicks’ defence. Finally, some excellent pack work from Kate Silver, Brickhouse Bardot and Getcha Kicks freed up some space on the track, giving the Dolls their first 4-0 jam of the game.

Sleep v Dolls

The Dolls struggled to contain Sleeper Hold, part of a deep Chicks’ jammer rotation. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Sleeper Hold, who was (relatively) kept in check during the regular season meeting between the teams, was dominant early on, powering through the Dolls defence, and a power jam helped propel the Chicks to their biggest lead of the half, 33-5 ten minutes in. With the game still so tight, an 8-0 Dolls run over two jams was enough to force the Chicks to use their first time out of the game to settle the ship.

The Dolls, however, stayed close, giving up only 4 points on a power jam midway through the half allowing them to pull within 15 (40-25) before some excellent offence from Sammy Destruction helped Monster Muffin pick up 8 points to bring the lead back to 21. An 18-4 jam from Boxcar gave the Chicks a 70-36 lead, the biggest of the game, with only seven minutes to go prompting a Dolls time out. The Dolls came out of the timeout inspired, and a 23-1 power jam skated by the league’s leading scorer Holly Rocket, brought the Dolls back within 8 points. Shut-down packwork from the trio of Joss Wheelin’, Vag Lightning and Francesca Fiure slowed down the Dolls’ momentum, leading to a final-jam-of-the-half showdown that proved to be the turning point of the game.

Holly v Dolls neil

Rosemary’s Rabies and Sherblock hold back Dolls jammer Holy Rocket. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

With the Dolls playing their best stretch of derby on the night and threatening to take the lead for the first time, Monster Muffin was gifted a power jam to close out the period. With 14 points already on the jam, Muffin was struggling to get one more pass when some hard defence from Kate Silver led to a clash of heads and a bloodied Muffin. After much discussion the hit was considered egregious and Silver was expelled from the game delivering a huge blow to the Dolls who were already making line adjustments to compensate for missing skaters.

The Chicks took an 89-63 lead into the second half and came out to start the second inspired. With the Dolls scrambling to shore up their pack, the Chicks went on a 25-4 run that all but put the game away. The Dolls’ bench shifted Rainbow Fight into the jammer rotation and at one point even went on-off with her and Holly Rocket (both of whom managed to have the most success against the Chicks in terms of leads). While the tightening of the bench led to a consistent run of leads, the Dolls’ packs could not contain the Chicks’ explosive jammer rotation (which added Sammy Destruction in the second half—joining Banshee, Muffin and Sleeper) leading to a lot of 4-0 Dolls’ jams that would not allow them to put a dent in the Chicks’ lead.

A Chicks’ power jam midway through the half helped propel them to a 162-88 lead. While the Dolls would continue to chip away, they could not seem to make up any ground and a messy 14-12 jam to close out the game gave the Chicks a 205-128 win and secured them a spot in the Battle for the Boot for the second consecutive year.

The Dolls, however, are still alive and will play in a second-chance semifinal against the Bandits on May 13.

Nerd Glasses

** All four ToRD teams will be heading to Montreal to play in the annual Beast of the East tournament on April 29-30. The ToRD All Stars and the Vipers will be in action at The Bunker on the 22nd, as Toronto welcomes Ottawa’s Capital City to Toronto.