The Jammer Quotient: A Look Back at 2007 (1)

Chicks Ahoy! vs. Gore-Gore Roller Girls (2007)

In the lead up to ToRD’s 2010 regular season, I decided to take a look back at the jammer quotients from the 2007, 2008, and 2009 seasons. The jammer quotient is a statistical comparison of jammers based on a jammer’s rating in five categories. As expected, over a full season, the JQs were quite close, and the rating rewarded the most consistent jammer. The one limitation that I had is that the data for one of the five JQ categories (plus/minus) is not available for ToRD’s first two seasons; thus the highest JQ a player could possibly achieve in either 2007 or 2008 was 40 (though I’ve added adjusted scores in parentheses based on percentage). Those first two seasons are also interesting in that ToRD was then a six-team league consisting of the 2007 champion Gore-Gore Roller Girls (GGR), 2008 champion Chicks Ahoy! (CA!), the Smoke City Betties (SCB), the Death Track Dolls (DTD), and the two defunct teams: the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DVAS) and the Bay Street Bruisers (BSB).    



Jammer Total Points Points Per Jam Plus/ Minus Jam % Lead % JQ
Dust Bunny (GGR) 10 7 N/A 4 9 30 (38)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 7 10 N/A 0 8 25 (32)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 4 4 N/A 6 10 24 (30)
Desmond Deck Her (GGR) 8 8 N/A 0 6 22 (28)
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 9 6 N/A 5 0 20 (25)
G-Force! (CA!) 6 1 N/A 7 5 19
Jubilee (DTD) 5 3 N/A 8 0 16
Ce Four (BSB) 0 0 N/A 9 5 14
Ice Pick (DVAS) 1 9 N/A 1 2 13
Miss Tress Nightmare (DTD) 3 0 N/A 10 0 13


The 2007 champion Gore-Gore Rollergirls produced two of the top five rated jammers, a tradition of depth at the position that has continued to this day. Dust Bunny didn’t exactly run away with the JQ, but the largest gap between positions was the 5 point gap between her first place JQ and Candy Crossbones’ second place one. A 3 point gap between sixth place G-Force! And seventh place Jubilee was the second largest gap. Over the course of the season, it was consistency that paid off with Dust Bunny being one of only three jammers to gain points in all four categories. (The others were G-Force! and Ice Pick.) No Jammer led in more than one category but Dust Bunny came first in total points and second in lead %. While Demolition Dawn (SCB) was statistically the biggest triple threat (with an average of at least three jams per bout as pivot, blocker, and jammer), Dolly Destructo spent the most time in the pack of the JQ rated skaters, and recorded a very high number of hits (38) and a knockdown percentage of 58%.

Below is the breakdown by category for rankings of each of the four stats used to determine the 2007 JQ.


Jammer Total Points
Dust Bunny (GGR) 173 (10)
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 167 (9)
Desmond Deck Her (GGR) 152 (8)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 143(7)
G-Force! (CA!) 142 (6)
Jubilee (DTD) 134 (5)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 128 (4)
Miss Tress Nightmare (DTD) 119(3)
Alicia Arsenic (GGR) 113 (2)
Ice Pick (DVAS) 112(1)

The Gore-Gore Roller girls and Chicks Ahoy! were the dominant teams in 2007 and it showed in the total points category as members of each team held down the top five positions.


Jammer Points Per Jam
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 5.5 (10)
Ice Pick (DVAS) 5.33 (9)
Desmond Deck Her (GGR) 5.24 (8)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 4.55 (7)
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 4.51 (6)
Japanna (DVAS) 4.32 (5)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 3.88 (4)
Jubilee (DTD) 3.83 (3)
Kandy Barr (GGR) 3.67 (2)
G-Force! (CA!) 3.55 (1)

Despite not even finishing in the top ten in jam %, Candy Crossbones finished fourth in points scored, and made the most of her limited opportunities by scoring an amazing 5.5 points per jam over the course of the season.


Jammer Jam %
Miss Tress Nightmare (DTD) 35.24 (10)
Ce Four (BSB) 33.65 (9)
Jubilee (DTD) 33.33 (8)
G-Force! (CA!) 33.06 (7)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 32.35 (6)
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 30.58 (5)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 29.01(4)
Alicia Arsenic (GGR) 26.12 (3)
JJ Bladez (DVAS) 25.00 (2)
Ice Pick (DVAS) 22.43 (1)

Miss Tress Nightmare was ToRD’s workhorse of 2007, wearing the star for an amazing 35% of the 0-3 Death Track Doll’s jams. All in all seven skaters jammed for about 1/3 of their teams jams.


Jammer Lead %
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 61 (10)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 58 (9)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 54 (8)
Alicia Arsenic (GGR) 49 (7)
Desmond Deck Her (GGR) 48 (6)
Ce Four (BSB) 43 (5)
G-Force! (CA!) 43 (5)
Japanna (DVAS) 42 (3)
Ice Pick (DVAS) 38 (2)
Kandy Barr (GGR) 37 (1)

Given the sheer number of jams each of them took part in over the course of the seasons, Jewel Kicker and Dust Bunny put up absolutely amazing percentages in this category. It will be interesting to see if the comparative parity amongst the ToRD teams in 2010 will allow for such high averages from any player.

2008 and 2009 JQs are coming soon.


  1. wow back in the day!!!!
    4 seasons ago and look how many skaters have come and gone…(and come back!) and those that are still here.
    thanks for the trip down memory lane D. NERD!
    Alicia Arsenic = Bambi (name changed in season 2)

    I can’t believe you managed to pull all those stats out of the attic! so glad they are being used!
    also i would like to point out how solid Candy Crossbones has been, i think she is a jammer that doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as she should!! and she is still solid!!!

    Gore-Gore Rollergirls

  2. Thanks Dusty! Very true about Candy: she was a star right out of the gates! I had my suspicions about Alicia Arsenic so did some research and found a MySpace account that provided photo confirmation that it was Bambi.

    Fascinating stuff, digging through these old stats.

  3. Woh…this is a memory lane trip! Thanks for all of the hard work that must have been put into this.

    I am recently back with TORD and am just learning of your blog! I will definitely keep tabs from now on!!


    jubilee #27
    Death Track Dolls

  4. Cool stats!! Thanks for this wonderful nostalgic feeling 🙂

    I miss it… and all of the great skaters listed here…

    It’s exciting to see the calibre of skating improve each year. These ladies kick ass!!


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