The Jammer Quotient: A Look Back at 2008 (1)

Mach Wheels vs. Bambi

ToRD‘s second full season saw the continued dominance of the Chicks Ahoy! (4-1) and the Gore-Gore Rollergirls (4-1). Needless to say, the jammers from these two teams enjoyed successful seasons as well, and the JQs reflect the differing offensive philosophies of the two teams. ToRD continued to be a six-team league, but by 2008 the disparity among the teams was becoming obvious.  It would be the final season for the DVAS (1-4) and the Bay Street Bruisers (0-5), although not for the skaters on the teams. In the end,  the Chicks took The Boot away from the Gores in an exciting, high scoring final(114-97). (*as with the 2007 calculation of the JQ, the plus/minus stats are unavailable, for 2008 meaning the highest possible JQ is 40, but I’ve added an adjusted score based on percentage for the top 5)


Jammer Total Points Points Per Jam Plus/ Minus Jam % Lead % JQ
Bambi (GGR) 10 8 N/A 7 9 34 (43)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 9 4 N/A 7 8 28 (35)
Sista Fista (DTD) 8 1 N/A 10 6 25 (32)
Desmond Deck Her (GGR) 5 10 N/A 0 3 18 (23)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 7 0 N/A 3 7 17 (21)
Mach Wheels (CA!) 0 7 N/A 0 10 17
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 4 5 N/A 1 5 15
Aimee Zing (CA!) 6 9 N/A 0 0 15
Ce Four (BSB) 2 0 N/A 9 0 11
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 0 6 N/A 0 2 8
Shell B Felt (DVAS) 0 0 N/A 8 0 8

Bambi (who skated as Alicia Arsenic in 2007) had an amazing year, scoring a JQ of  34. Dust Bunny built on her success from the 2007 season by putting up strong numbers once again. But it was the Chicks Ahoy, led by Mach Wheels and another impressive year by Candy Crossbones, who put four skaters in the top ten. This reflects the strategies of the two teams that remain today. The Gores had a set line up of jammers (Desmond Deck Her and the emerging Lunchbox were the other two) while the Chicks were more democratic in their use of jammers, choosing to spread the workload over more skaters (a total of six Chicks’ jammers were eligible for JQ points). But it wasn’t all Chicks all the time as all four other teams had jammers in the top ten as well, led by the Death Track Dolls’ amazing west-coast import, Sista Fista. Sista  finished the season with the 3rd highest JQ and helped lead the Dolls to an impressive 4-1 record.

Below is the breakdown by category for rankings of each of the four stats used to determine the 2008 JQ.


Jammer Total Points
Bambi (GGR) 286 (10)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 227 (9)
Sista Fista (DTD) 218 (8)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 160 (7)
Aimee Zing (CA!) 157 (6)
Desmond Deck-Her (GGR) 152 (5)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 142 (4)
Lunchbox (GGR) 128 (3)
Ce Four (BSB) 125 (2)
Miss Tress Nightmare (DTD) 124 (1)

The top five in total points featured skaters from four different teams, with Bambi and Dust Bunny leading the way for the high scoring Gores followed by Sista and the consistent Jewel Kicker of the Smoke City Betties. Aimee Zing rounds out the top five, having completed her transition from blocker to jammer during the 2008 season. This would be the only category that Bambi, the jammer with the highest JQ, would lead. No skater would lead in more than one category.

Points Per Jam

Jammer Points Per Jam
Desmond Deck-Her (GGR) 4.9 (10)
Aimee Zing (CA!) 4.24 (9)
Bambi (GGR) 3.92 (8)
Mach Wheels (CA!) 3.70 (7)
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 3.52 (6)
Candy Crossbones (DVAS) 3.16 (5)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 3.11 (4)
Lunchbox (GGR) 2.844 (3)
Mala Justed (CA!) 2.84 (2)
Sista Fista (DTD) 2.79 (1)

The points-per-jam numbers came down slightly from their stratospheric highs in 2007 with no one averaging more than 5 points per jam (three jammers averaged more than that in ’07). Desmond Deck-Her’s overall average may have dropped (from 5.24 in ’07), but her ranking jumped from third to first. She also had the biggest jam of the season (a monstrous 25 points) which undoubtedly helped her numbers. The Chicks more score-by-committee approach landed three skaters in the top five including Mach Wheels who jammed much more than usual in 2008 with very consistent results.


Jammer Jam %
Sista Fista (DTD) 38.42 (10)
Ce Four (BSB) 33.16 (9)
Shell B Felt (DVAS) 32.78 (8)
Bambi (GGR) 32.3 (7)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 32.3 (7)
Sue Saint Marie (BSB) 28.5 (5)
Land Shark (DVAS) 26.67(4)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 25.75 (3)
Miss Tress Nightmare (DTD) 25.12 (2)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 22.17 (1)

For the second straight year a Doll led this category, as Sista Fista jammed an astonishing 38.42% of her teams jams. This was the most wide open category with members of all six teams in the top ten. Land Shark, another rookie stand out with a bright future, picks up her first JQ points. The Dolls, Bruisers, Gores, and D-VAS all had multiple skaters in this category. It is interesting to note that aside from Sista’s huge percentage, the average jam % was down from 2007 as more and more skaters become comfortable jamming.

Lead %

Sista Fista gets help scoring against the DVAS


Jammer Lead %
Mach Wheels (CA!) 61 (10)
Bambi (GGR) 59 (9)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 58 (8)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 57 (7)
Sista Fista (DTD) 55 (6)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 53 (5)
Dyna Hurtcha (SCB) 52.17 (4)
Desmond Deck-Her (GGR) 51.61 (3)
Dolly Destructo (DVAS) 49 (2)
Miss Tress Nightmare (DTD) 47 (1)

Despite being better known now for her amazing assists and her nearly flawless positional blocking, in 2008 Mach Wheels was one of the most efficient jammers in ToRD ranking fourth in points per jam and first in lead %. Dyna Hurtcha, who would go on to win ToRD’s 2009 Triple Threat, was already putting up triple-threat-style numbers in 2008.  Dust Bunny continued to pad her career stats with yet another top three rank.

2008 Blocker stats are coming up tomorrow; next week a two part preview of The Beast of the East.


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