Blocker Stats: A Look Back at 2008 (2)

ToRD's 2008 Championship Poster

While ToRD’s second season saw the Gore-Gore Rollergirls and Chicks Ahoy! put up impressive regular seasons and return to the championship bout once again, they by no means ran roughshod over the competition. Members of the Bay Street Bruisers, Death Track Dolls, and the Smoke City Betties all figured prominently in the 2008 blocker stats. While some of the DVAS had great seasons (including Mia Culprit, Seka Destroy and Betty Bomber, whose triple-threat potential became apparent in 2008), the responsibility was passed around much more; the numbers more evenly distributed. After dominating 2007, Lock N Roll  (now with the Dolls) followed up with another strong campaign, but it was her former Gores teammate Foxy Sinatra who put up the most consistent numbers,  leading the league in hits and knockdowns, while finishing tied for first in assists and fourth in knockdown %. The Chicks’ Dolly Destructo appears in all categories as well, while also picking up 8 JQ points as well. But after scoring a very high JQ in 2007, In 2008 Dolly Destructo would move clearly into the role of fearsome pack terrorizer that she maintains today.


Blocker/Pivot Assists
Monichrome (BSB) 24
Foxy Sinatra (GGR) 24
Lock N Roll (DTD) 18
Nasher the Smasher (CA!) 16
Spee Dee Ramone (DTD) 15
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 14
Kandy Barr (GGR) 13
Trashzilla (GGR) 13
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 12
BullNuts (GGR) 11

While the Gores and Chicks would rank seven skaters in the top ten in assists (which undoubtedly had a lot to do with the impressive jammer numbers by their teammates), it was the Bruisers’ Monichrome (now of the Dolls) who would lead in this category, putting up big totals pushing and giving arm whips. Candy Crossbones finishes sixth in this category while also putting up consistent jammer numbers for the second straight season.


Blocker/Pivot Hits
Foxy Sinatra (GGR) 94
Dyna Hurtcha (SCB) 83
Lock N Roll (DTD) 75
Audrey Hellborn (DTD) 72
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 64
Mega Bouche (CA!) 62
BullNuts (GGR) 59
Miss Behaviour (SCB) 59
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 58
Golide Lock N Load (SCB) 57

Foxy Sinatra dominated this category, but the top skaters in this category tell a tale that is still being told today. In 2008 Dyna Hurtcha took the first steps toward becoming the force who would eventually help lead the Betties to a berth in  the finals in 2009; Audrey Hellborn emerged as one of the most feared hitters in the game; and the versatile Jewel Kicker showed that she was much more than just a (fantastic) jammer.


Blocker/Pivot KD
Foxy Sinatra (GGR) 38
Lock N Roll (DTD) 23
Audrey Hellborn (DTD) 21
Rebel Rock-It (BSB) 20
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 18
Dyna Hurtcha (SCB) 18
Coupe de Kill (GGR) 16
Monichrome (BSB) 16
Pretty Peeved (BSB) 16
Nasher the Smasher (CA!) 14

Foxy Sinatra ran away with this one too, registering a remarkable 15 more knockdowns than second place Lock N Roll. Lock and Audrey Hellborn proved to be a frightening duo for the Dolls in 2008, while the star pivot Rebel Rock-It, who now wears the stripe for the Chicks, led three of her Bruisers into the top ten.

KNOCKDOWN % (minimum 60 jams)

DVAS vs. Bruisers (August 9, 2008)

Blocker/Pivot KD %
Kandy Barr (GGR) 72
Pretty Peeved (BSB) 50
Sue Deuce (SCB) 48
Foxy Sinatra (GGR) 40
Rebel Rock-It (BSB) 37
Dolly Destructo (CA!) 31.03
Monichrome (BSB) 30.77
Lock N Roll (DTD) 30.67
Wyld Wench (BSB) 30.56
Audrey Hellborn (DTD) 29

Kandy Barr may not have thrown as many hits as some of her counterparts in 2008, but when she did, her opponents certainly felt it being knocked down a remarkable 72% of the times that she hit them. But this is not to diminish the impressive numbers of Sue Deuce and especially of Pretty Peeved (now of the Betties) who finished with an impressive 50% despite throwing almost twice as many hits as Kandy Barr. Members of five of the six ToRD teams were ranked in the top ten in this category, rounding out a well balanced season in terms of hitting and blocking.

We’re only one week away from The Beast of the East! A full preview of the tournament will begin on Tuesday.

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