The Jammer Quotient: A Look Back at 2009

Championship Poster 2009

The 2009 season was one of change and growth in ToRD: a new home at the fan-friendly Hangar in Downsview Park; a new generation of skaters; a realigned, four-team league; a renewed focus on CN Power; and finally, a team ready to challenge the two-year dominance of The Gore-Gore Rollergirls and the 2008 champion Chicks Ahoy!. The Smoke City Betties rode the confidence of a 3rd place finish at the Beast of the East ’09 to a 2-1 regular season. Most importantly, the Betties’ second victory (a chippy, defensive 68-61 victory over the Chicks) qualified them for a shot at the boot against the 3-0 Gore-Gore Rollergirls. The Death Track Dolls’ rebuilding process began to show some progress at the end of the 2009 when they lost the most hotly contested bout of the season 92-90 to the Chick’s Ahoy!, whose 1-2 record wouldn’t allow them to defend their championship. The Gore-Gore Rollergirls would complete an unbeaten 2009 with a definitive 129-88 victory over the Betties in the final. (*The rating in parentheses is adjusted to reflect the score out of 50)


Jammer Total Points Points Per Jam Plus/ Minus Jam % Lead % JQ
Bambi (GGR) 10 6 N/A 8 8 32 (40)
Lunchbox (GGR) 9 9 N/A 6 6 30 (38)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 8 3 N/A 9 7 27 (34)
Land Shark (DTD) 7 2 N/A 10 3 22 (28)
Mach Wheels (CA!) 3 5 N/A 2 10 20 (25)
Memphis Kitty (SCB) 6 7 N/A 5 2 20 (25)
G-Force! (CA!) 4 10 N/A 0 5 19
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 1 8 N/A 0 9 18
Sista Fista (DTD) 5 0 N/A 7 1 13
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 3 0 N/A 3 4 10


One of the keys to the Gore’s dominance in 2009 was their advantage at jammer. With only three jammers playing almost 100% of their jams, the three pronged attack of Bambi, Dust Bunny and Lunchbox gained a lot of experience and became more comfortable than any with the star on their helmets. Bambi built on her record setting 2008 season with another impressive JQ of 32. Dust Bunny (who’d finished first in 2007 and second in 2008) slipped to third in 2009, nudged down a spot by her Gore teammate, Lunchbox, who broke out in a big way in this, her second season. Another second-season jammer, the Death Track Dolls’ Land Shark, also turned a lot of heads, leading the way for the quickly improving Dolls. The rest of the top ten was rounded out by seasoned veterans like Mach Wheels, Memphis Kitty and G-Force. Dust Bunny, Jewel Kicker and Candy Crossbones remain the only jammers to be ranked in the top 10 in each of ToRD’s first three seasons.

Below is the category by category breakdown of each of the four stats used to determine the 2009 JQ.


Bambi put up 11 more points than the 2nd place jammer.


Jammer Total Points
Bambi (GGR) 123 (10)
Lunchbox (GGR) 112 (9)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 110 (8)
Land Shark (DTD) 97 (7)
Memphis Kitty (SCB) 91 (6)
Sista Fista (DTD) 77 (5)
G-Force! (CA!) 58 (4)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 56 (3)
Mach Wheels (CA!) 56 (3)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 53 (1)

The top four here mirrors the top four overall JQs. Bambi leads in this category for the second year in a row, and the high scoring Gore-Gore Rollergirls’ jamming trio takes the top three spots; they were the only jammers to record over 100 points. Veteran skater Memphis Kitty had an impressive season in 2009 and was a key part of her team’s run to the final.


G-Force! is the only player in 2009 to average more than 3 points per jam.


Jammer Points Per Jam
G-Force (CA!) 3.05 (10)
Lunchbox (GGR) 2.67 (9)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 2.65 (8)
Memphis Kitty (SCB) 2.53 (7)
Bambi (GGR) 2.51 (6)
Mach Wheels (CA!) 2.43 (5)
Marvel S. Maven (SCB) 2.4 (4)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 2.2 (3)
Land Shark (DTD) 1.98 (2)
Slaughter Lauder (SCB) 1.9 (1)

G-Force had a rebound year jamming with the Chicks!, and was a dependable jammer throughout the season, as was evident in her leading the league in points per jam. Overall, the numbers in this category took quite a drop when compared with 2008. In the ’08 season, two jammers averaged over 2 points per jam, while 7 averaged at least 3. In 2009 two of the top ten didn’t even averaged over 2, showing a trend in lower scoring bouts.


Land Shark jammed more than any other jammer in '09.


Jammer Jam %
Land Shark (DTD) 36 (10)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 34.4 (9)
Bambi (GGR) 33.78 (8)
Sista Fista (DTD) 30 (7)
Lunchbox (GGR) 29 (6)
Memphis Kitty (SCB) 26 (5)
Dolly Destructo (DTD) 25 (4)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 22 (3)
Mach Wheels (CA!) 17 (2)
Kari Mia Beere (CA!) 15.44 (1)

Land Shark took over from another former Doll in this category (Sista Fista, who finished fourth this year) to combat what would have been even more Gore dominance. Land Shark came over from DVAS in the off season, and built on an impressive Beast of the East to complete what may have been the breakout season of the ToRD in 2009.


Nasher the Smasher helps Mach Wheels gain a step on Bambi and take the lead.


Jammer Lead %
Mach Wheels (CA!) 78 (10)
Candy Crossbones (CA!) 70 (9)
Bambi (GGR) 63 (8)
Dust Bunny (GGR) 60 (7)
Lunchbox (GGR) 59.52 (6)
G-Force! (CA!) 58 (5)
Jewel Kicker (SCB) 47 (4)
Land Shark (DTD) 45 (3)
Memphis Kitty (SCB) 44 (2)
Sista Fista (DTD) 41 (1)

Mach Wheels set what appears to be an unbeatable standard in this category. Anything over 60 is something to strive for (Mach lead this stat in 2008 with a 61%), but a 78% is a truly remarkable accomplishment, and a percentage that I don’t think will challenged for a ling time to come. Mach Wheels’ control and patience on the track is second to none, and her ability to lead the way 78% will probably not be topped in 2010.

* All stats are official ToRD stats and were confirmed and completed (where necessary) by video analysis from the footage taken by the always dependable layer 9.

* Complete blocker stats are unavailable for 2009.

* Next Week, in anticipation of the 2010 season opener, keep an eye out for preseason previews of the Gore-Gore Rollergirls and the Smoke City Betties.


  1. you sure about this: “The Death Track Dolls’ rebuilding process began to show some progress at the end of the 2009 when they lost the most hotly contested bout of the season 92-20 to the Chick’s Ahoy!” ?

    some nerd you are!

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