2010 Season Preview: The Chicks Ahoy!

Chicks Ahoy! 2010

RECORD Points For (Per Game) Points Against

(Per Game)

Plus/Minus Margin of Victory Margin of Loss
2009: 1-2 240 (80) 251 (83.67) -11 2 (1) 6.5 (2)

*Lifetime: 6-3 regular season; 2-1 in playoffs (finalists in ’07, champions in ’08)

*Vs. Dolls (’09): 1-0 / Lifetime: 4-0 (including ’08 semi-finals)


The Chicks Ahoy! entered 2009 as defending champions, coming off of a dominating season in which they were able to win a thrilling shootout against the Gore-Gore Rollergirls to take The Boot. The Chicks opened 2009 with a loss in the championship bout rematch by only six points. The offensive woes would continue for the Chicks in 2009 (including a 61 point outing against the Smoke City Betties) seeing them finish fourth in total points. They even seemed lucky to escape with a victory over the Dolls to end the season after conditioning and penalty problems saw them almost blow a thirty point half-time lead. For the first time in ToRD’s short history, The Chicks did not compete for The Boot.

Mach Wheels will be relied upon in multiple roles once again.


With only one draft pick and a roster filled in by a few off season acquisitions, the Chicks line-up is a veteran lineup. Captains Humdinger and Fubar Bundy lead these seasoned sailors into 2010, and with the taste of past success still not completely spoiled by last year’s disappointment, this experienced lineup will be out for revenge. Long serving Chicks Candy Crossbones, Cherri Nova, Dolly Destructo, G-Force, Hoff, Mach Wheels, Mega Bouche and Nasher the Smasher will lead a roster full of potentially dangerous skaters, including two of last year’s rookie standouts Kari-Mia Beere and Marvel S. Maven. The most dangerous pick up may be last year’s multiple ToRD Award winner and triple threat extraordinaire Dyna Hurtcha.


Not much to say here, except that the Chicks’ sole draft pick Marmighty will definitely be given the opportunity to develop in 2010! In a preseason bout in Kitchner in May, Marmighty was thrown into every role (including jamming) and clearly improved as the bout went on. This unique situation could hasten Marmighty’s development into a strong, well-rounded skater.


Kari-Mia Beere looks to build on a solid rookie season

Pivots: It’s hard to miss ToRD veteran Rebel Rock-It when she’s at the front towering above the pack, a sight fans will undoubtedly get to see a lot of this season. Nasher the Smasher is also a force up front, triple threat Mach Wheels can (and probably will) do it all, and both Hoff and Bouche have the experience and the insight to don the stripe.

Blockers: Traditionally one of the hardest hitting teams in TO, don’t expect that to change much this year with Nasher, Bouche, Dolly D., and Blammo leading the charge through the pack and into other skater’s torsos: add Dyna Hurtcha to this already tough line up and this is a team capable of causing some serious damage. But that isn’t to say this team can’t play positionally. Mach Wheels may be the best skater in the league, while Fireweed, Crimson Shivers and Robber Blind are all capable of playing in strong positional packs. The return of Furious Georgia from injury will certainly give an energetic boost to the pack.

Jammers: Candy Crossbones is the Chicks’ undisputed leader at the jam line. The model of consistency with the star, Candy is one of only three jammers to register a top ten JQ in each of ToRD’s three seasons. Candy will not have to worry about doing it all though, as the Chicks’ have a full roster of experienced jammers. Kari-Mia Beere was the 2009 Rookie of the Year largely based on her quick development at the position. Marvel S. Maven also had a big year in jamming in ’09, and Mach Wheels has proven to be a dependable and efficient jammer throughout her career. Expect to see Fireweed and Marmighty take some of the jam load this season as well, and Dyna Hurtcha adds a uniquely physical dimension to the position when she dons the star.

The Chicks hope to reclaim The Boot they first won in 2008.


Former star blocker Tara Part brings on-track experience  to bench management this season, and will be in charge of a group that has got to have high expectations. With a veteran lineup that (on paper) lacks weaknesses, this is a team that knows what it needs to do to get it done. Generating offence, staying out of the penalty box (a problem that plagued them last year and in the 2010 preseason), and maintaining unified packs are the keys to the Chicks’ success in 2010. They’ve got a tough opener against the Death Track Dolls in a rematch of last year’s most exciting bout, but should be motivated to reposition themselves as the team-to-beat in ToRD.

See the full roster here.

For a visual preview, watch layer 9’s coverage of last year’s epic bout between the Chicks and Dolls (October 17th, 2009: Chicks 92 vs. Dolls 90).


  1. I think the score on the betties game from last season is incorrect. There wasn’t a 61 point differential, i think it was between 8 and 12? It was a close game. I remember it down to the last jaw dropping, knuckle biting jam.


    1. Yer right, it was 7 points (68-61); I was referring to the amount of points scored. It was super tight! No one could score!

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