Weekend Recap: Chicks beat Dolls in another classic

The Death Track Dolls 109 vs. The Chicks Ahoy! 121

During the final few jams of ToRD’s second regular season bout on Saturday night, the skaters on The Death Track Dolls’ bench looked on in stunned disappointment. With a full penalty box, the Dolls could do little more than watch as The Chicks Ahoy! skated out the final few jams mistake free and took the 121- 109 victory; an anti-climactic ending to what had been another classic bout between these two evenly matched teams.

Demolition Dawn continued her progress as a jammer for the Dolls.

Despite missing top jammer Candy Crossbones, the Chicks! were able to put together the kind of sustained offensive attack that eluded them at times last year. Mach Wheels led the way, taking the first jam and not giving up many lead positions after that. Off-season acquisition Crimson Shivers made her ToRD jamming debut in the bout joining Kari-Mia Beere, Fireweed, Dolly Destructo and rookie Marmighty in a multi-faceted Chicks’ offense. The Chicks! were able to jump out to a quick lead early, but the first half was like a tug of war with each team fighting for every single inch of track space. The lead changed many times, but no team was able to run away with it. Land Shark, Demolition Dawn, Betty Bomber and rookie SlamWow responded at the jam line for the Dolls, though it would be blocker Audrey Hellborn who would pull off the most stunning jam in the first half. With Nasher the Smasher expelled for the period (after five trips to the box), and the Chicks running into penalty trouble, the Dolls pulled off a perfectly executed power jam; Hellborn used a controlled and slow-moving pack to her advantage, showing endurance and fight in a 24 point burst that allowed the Dolls to pull ahead 76-58 at the half.

Nasher the Smasher was a physical menace all night (especially for the Dolls' jammers)

The blockers took over in the second half, a much scrappier, harder fought period that saw the Dolls’ scoring slow down considerably (from 76 to only 33 points). Big defense from Mega Bouche, Hoff and Nasher the Smasher (who seemed to be either wreaking havoc on the track or sitting in the box all night) paced the pack for the Chicks while Bomber, Jubilee and Panty Hoser led the push back. In a night of big hits and thrilling jammer take outs, Betty Bomber’s thundering, second-half blow to Kari-Mia Beere may have been the shot of the night. But in the end, the Dolls (trying to push forward with banged up jammers Demolition Dawn and Land Shark) could not sustain the offensive attack that had been so effective in the first half.

Mach Wheels was dangerous whenever she was on the track.

It was the most consistent and well played bout of 2010 for the Chicks who managed to remain more disciplined in key moments and delivered a balanced attack in both halves. The Dolls continue their steady development and put together an even more well-rounded and consistent effort than they did in their two-point loss last year. Mach Wheels was sensational for the Chicks, while for the Dolls both Audrey Hellborn and Betty Bomber showed that they are triple threats who should be watched closely as 2010 progresses. It was another extraordinary bout from these two squads: Both teams left it all on the track, and the crowd in The Hanger was appreciative. One can only hope that they meet again further down the road toward the 2010 championship. Watch highlights, interviews and layer9’s boutcast at ToRD.TV.

A Busy Weekend Ahead

It’s a busy Saturday night coming up in Easter Canadian roller derby with bouts in Kitchener, Hamilton,the GTA and Montreal! Fresh from a strong offensive performance against MTLRD’s Contrabanditas, Tri-City Thunder are playing their first home bout of the season this Saturday against Roc City’s Roc Stars (Rochester, NY). In Montreal those same Ditas will be in tough against defending champs Les Filles du Roi. In Hamilton, the much improved Death Row Dames host Thames Fatales in what could be an excellent bout. And finally, in the GTA, The Rollergettes take on GTAR’s Chrome Mollys (coming off of handily winning their debut bout 190-49 last weekend against Ottawa’s Bytown Blackhearts).

Demolition Dawn continues to progress as a jammer for the Dolls.


  1. dear derby nerd,

    i figure if anyone can tell me, it’s you —
    was audrey hellborn’s 24-pt jam a ToRD record?

    great blog, love yr commentary and insight.

    (derby fan)

    1. Great question!

      Audrey’s 24 point jam is not a record for points in a single jam, but as far as I know it is the second highest total scored in a single jam. Desmond Deck-Her put up a 25 point jam in 2008 (I believe it was against the Bay Street Bruisers).

      Rounding out the top 5:

      Ice Pick (DVAS) 22 pts
      Candy Crossbones (Chicks Ahoy!)20pts
      Dust Bunny (Gore-Gore Rollergirls) 20pts

      All three of these jams occurred in 2007 (If someone could fill in opponents, I’d be grateful! Ice pick’s might have come against the Chicks). Sista Fista (Death Track Dolls) had a 19 point jam in ’08 as well (she plays for Victoria’s Eves of Destruction now).

      Recently, I witnessed an extraordinary 29 point jam by Smack Daddy from Montreal’s Les Filles du Roi in a bout against London’s Thames Fatales. It also happened to be the opening jam! You can watch it here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6439151
      The jam begins about 1:50 in.

  2. excellent, thank you – i think this one might have outdone the others (in my mind) because it pushed the dolls into the lead (and right before the half!). very impressive. i do remember dust bunny’s 2007 20pt jam though (go dusty go!) – thanks for the great info and link, derby nerd – you rock.

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