Word on the Track: Skids and Chicks Top Rankings; Quad City Chaos Set

NERD POWER RANKINGS (Top 10 only; Rollergirl.ca ranking in parantheses)

The 2012 Power Rankings are brought to you by Neon Skates.


1. Chicks Ahoy! (ToRD) (5)

2. Slaughter Daughters (RVRG) (1)

3. Vicious Dishes (TCRG) (7)

4. Gore-Gore Rollergirls (ToRD) (6)

5. Les Contrabanditas (MTLRD) (2)

6. Venus Fly Tramps (TCRG) (13)

7. Thames Fatales (FCDG) (19)

8. Les Filles du Roi (MTLRD) (8)

9. Death Track Dolls (ToRD) (11)

10. La Racaille (MTLRD) (4)


1. New Skids on the Block (MTLRD) (1)

2. CN Power (ToRD) (8)

3. Tri City Thunder (TCRG) (9)

4. Sexpos (MTLRD) (-)

5. Rideau Valley Vixens (RVRG) (24)

5. Forest City All Stars (FCDG) (5)

6. G-Stars (GTAR) (-)

7. Eh! Team (HCRG) (31)

8. Royal City All Stars (RCRG) (18)

9. Lumbersmacks (Muddy River Rollers) (7)

10. Hamilton Harlots (HCRG) (23)

For Full Nerd Rankings and explanation/defence check the page here.

Terminal City All Stars went undefeated at the Big O WFTDA tournament.


The 2012 WFTDA competitive season is just starting to get under way across North America with a wave of action this weekend. Along with Emerald City’s Big O tournament (in Eugene, Oregon), there were five other sanctioned bouts this past weekend. In the Eastern Region, Maine Roller Derby (ranked 10th) held off Queen City (15th) 191-104, while in an inter-region match up the North Central’s 9th ranked Ohio kept the East’s 19th ranked River City Rollergirls down with a 196-70 win.

But the focus on the weekend was on the Western Regions’ Big O tournament, and for Canadian fans specifically, the Terminal City All Star’s big-time performance. With very little WFTDA experience, Vancouver’s top roller derby team was ranked 23rd entering the weekend’s tournament; they exit the tournament having left behind a big impression. A 228-92 dominant victory over WFTDA rookies Humboldt on Friday night kicked of an unbeaten weekend for the Canadian upstarts, who went on to soundly defeat 18th ranked Pikes Peak 194-94. Terminal City’s greatest challenge actually came from another team that left a big impression, Treasure Valley. Unranked, Treasure Valley had already knocked off 21st ranked Dockyard Derby Dames 176-119, so their matchup with Terminal City was a showdown of two up-and-coming teams in WFTDA’s ultra-competitive Western Region.

It was no surprise that Team Canada representatives 8 Mean Wheeler (a hyper-intelligent pivot) and luludemon (an explosive jammer) were standouts for TCRG’s All Stars, but they certainly weren’t alone in pacing their team to victory. The strong core of the team was especially evident in the exciting Treasure Valley bout (that was even closer than the 161-155 score indicates, before Terminal City beautifully closed out the game), a bout that featured a strong jammer rotation of lulu, Amazombie, and SMASH’em Moiselle, excellent track vision with pivots 8 Mean, Miss E. Masculator and Rollergirl, and strong pack support from the likes of Mick E. Knocks, Buffy Sainte Fury and Mary Queen of Shotz. Terminal City looks like a team well on its way to a run up the Western Region Rankings.


ToRD will host the third annual Quad City Chaos from March 31-April 1.

Speaking of WFTDA tournaments, the participants for Toronto Roller Derby’s third annual Quad City Chaos have been announced. With two-time defending champion the New Skids on the Block not returning, the stage has been set for a new winner of the two-day, round robin event. First held in 2010 as a defacto Canadian championship between ToRD, Montreal, Hammer City and Vancouver’s Terminal City, the tournament has become a showcase of Eastern Canada’s top travel teams, all of whom are now playing in the WFTDA. 2010 participants the Hammer City Eh! Team returns to the QCC this year, joining ToRD’s CN Power and returning 2011 participants the Rideau Valley Vixens and Tri-City Thunder. Saturday night’s Thunder vs. CN Power showdown (the WFTDA North Central’s 16th and 17th ranked teams respectively), is heavily anticipated as the bout of the weekend. These two faced off in a tense, hard fought nail-biter at last year’s tournament (won 112-98 by CN Power); a result that wouldn’t be too surprising this year.

The Quad City Chaos tales place at ToRD’s Bunker in Downsview Park from March 31st – April 1st. Tickets and full schedule will be available soon.

Montreal unveiled a new logo along with the new website.


Seen Montreal’s snazzy new website yet? They’ve also got a fantastic new logo, and solid new team rosters. There have been many new names added to the Skids roster, including the Sexpos-developed Chasing Amy, Ninja Simone and Greta Bobo but also recent transfer Honey Badger. This, of course, means that while the Sexpos retain a core that includes Beats Per Minute, Bikini Skills and Sparkle ‘n Maim, there are a lot of fresh faces on the roster including another transfer, former Rideau Valley skater Surgical Strike. The former Vixens’ skater will also play on the revamped 2008 MTLRD champs La Racaille (joining Quebec Roller Derby transfer Pelvis Stojko). Even the defending champion Les Contrabanditas have picked up some experienced transfers in former Tri-City skater Gunmoll Mindy and another Rideau Valley transfer Killer Kozak.

The Skids (6th in the East) kick off their 2012 season on Friday against WFTDA Eastern Region opponent and old rivals the Boston Massacre (7th in the East) in what should be an exceptional bout and a sign of things to come in the Eastern Region this year.


And finally, have you caught the new banked track team of flat track all stars, Missile Mountain’s Team Bionic yet?  They are pretty awesome and have a 2-0 record to prove it. It took them a while to get going in Saturday night’s showdown in LA against banked-track mavens LA Ri-Ettes, but they eventually threw the hammer down and put the bout away 140-111. If you didn’t catch the fast-paced, hard hitting bout live don’t miss the archive. If anything, just watch it for the slick, high quality boutcast that the LA Derby Dolls transmit.


  1. La Racaille is lucky to have another Rideay Valley transfer on its roster, No Big Deal aka Slavic Slayer! She will also be playing with the Sexpos.

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