2012 Team Preview: Death Track Dolls

Death Track Dolls 2012

Wins Losses +/- Notes
2011 Regular Season 1 2 – 170 Third place for second straight year.
2011 Playoffs 0 1 – 91 Second straight semifinal loss to Chicks.


The Death Track Dolls kicked off 2011 with high hopes. After a fairly extensive rebuild post-2008, the Dolls spent the next two years chasing down the Chicks Ahoy! and trying to leap into ToRD’s top two. While the regular season kicked off with a lacklusture, though not entirely bad performance against the Gore-Gore Rollergirls, the Dolls really came together at Montreal’s Beast of the East where they knocked off eventual MTLRD champions Les Contradanditas in the quarterfinals before taking down their rival Chicks in the third-place showdown for their best ever showing in the tournament. It would be the high point of the season for the Dolls.

The Dolls couldn't produce much offense in two showdowns with the Chicks. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

Despite scoring an expected victory over the Smoke City Betties (115-63), the Dolls would be crushed by the Chicks in the regular season rematch of their Beast showdown (the 194-35 loss was the largest ever suffered by the Dolls). While they regrouped and were a more solid team for the semi-final bout, they couldn’t muster much offense against a smothering Chicks defense and fell in the semifinals to the Chicks, 120-29, for the second straight season and the third time in four years.

Bonky Kong, an orginal Doll, hung up her skates after 2011. (Photo by Dre Vilar)


It was  a big off season for the Death Track Dolls, who seem to be entering 2012 on another mini-rebuild. Some considerable experience has been lost on the Dolls, who will hope that an impressive influx of youthful exuberance will help push them forward in 2012. Along with long-time bench manager and Dolls fixture the Big Chees retiring, the team also bid adieu to a veteran core that included original Doll Bonky Kong. Two other first-season ToRD skaters also retired in the off season: blockers Seka Destroy (who began her career as a D-VAS) and Sue Saint Marie (who began as a Bruiser) both hung up their skates after distinguished careers. The hardest spot to fill may be the loss of three-year jamming veteran Land Shark, who has powered the offense of this team since 2009 and has consistently been one of the top jammers in the league since her

Ames to Kill is also one of only two rookies on the Bay Streey Bruisers (Bellefast being the other). (Photo by Sean Murphy)

2008 debut with the D-VAS.

But with the loss comes an influx of new talent, and the Dolls dug deep in this year’s entry draft to pick a diverse group of rookies. UpHer Cut, Scarcasm, Bellefast and Ames to Kill join the roster in 2012 along with a new bench manager in Mr. Wencer. Along with this promising stable of rookies, the Dolls should be excited by the return of Audrey Hellborn who missed all of last season after knee surgery. While she will not be playing in the season opener, she should be ready for game play by mid-season.


Mr. Wencer and the Dolls’ first-year captains Sinead O’Clobber and Panty Hoser will have their hands full in the early part of the season as they try to organize this new Dolls roster. There are a number of possible positional scenarios for the Dolls this season.

Co-captain Sinead O'Clobber (87) will share the pivot load this season. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

Pivot: Co-captains Sinead O’Clobber and Panty Hoser, along with veterans Monichrome, Betty Bomber, Downright Dirty Dawson and Dolly Parts’Em could all see considerable track time with the stripe in 2012. While some of the rookies seem like they could be capable of pivoting, look for the rebuilding Dolls to keep veterans in this position especially early on in the season.

Blocker: Along with veterans who could be pivoting this year, there is also a solid core of veteran blockers who could fill out this pack. Led by veterans Jubilee andLucid Lou, along with third year skaters Speedin’ Hawking and Slam Wow, the Dolls pack has a lot of experience, but will require extra efforts from some second-year skaters to keep things tight on the track.  Rhage in a Cage (formerly Nyght Ryder) and Kat Atomic (formerly Kat Attack) are both sophomore skaters who could find themselves in larger roles as the season goes on, while veteran skater Spee Dee Ramone, who returned to the team after a brief retirement, should be closer to her old self this season. Look for rookies to play a big role here as well though: Hard-hitting Scarcasm joins potential triple threat Ames to Kill and positionally solid UpHer Cut as rookies

With an offense under construction, veterans like Jubilee could be expected to fill the gaps. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

to watch out for in 2012.

Jammer: Speaking of rookies, Bellefast could easily be counted on to fill a jammer role this season as the Dolls try to find the offense that so alluded them at times in 2011 (they only scored 193 points in last year’s regular season, a major drop from the 376 they scored in 2010). Veteran blocker Jubilee actually took on a regular jamming role in last year’s semifinal loss so could be looked upon this year as well. Triple threat Betty Bomber had a solid year last year with the star, and veteran Demolition Dawn has experience as well.  Santilly In Yo Face had an off-season injury set back that could delay her progress, so look from an experienced player like Slam Wow to step into the role as well. It looks like it could be jamming-by-committee for the Dolls in 2012.


Along with the Dolls vs. Betties showdown, CN Power will also be hosting Roc City in a WFTDA bout.

After last season’s highs and lows, the Death Track Dolls have to have modest goals for the upcoming year. Development of rookies and second-year skaters is paramount for the long-term success of the team, and while it may be too much to ask for them to be able to compete for the Boot in 2012, they could still put in some solid performances against their ToRD rivals this season, and should be able to rely on their experienced pack to carry them over the Smoke City Betties. One thing to look out for is the Dolls participation in the Beast of the East, where they have to be considered at least a contender to defend last year’s third place finish.


  • Playing in 57% of the Doll’s jams, Jubilee was on the track more than anyone else in 2011. Betty Bomber was all over the track too, in playing 53% of her team’s jams. Panty Hoser (48%) and Monichrome (47%) round out the pack core for the Dolls.
  • Panty Hoser led the team in blocks (and with 57 was among the league leaders) and was second in knockdowns to Jubilee, who also led the team in assists.
  • Land Shark led in most jamming categories, registering 80 points on a 1.9 points per jam average, and managing a 52% lead percentage (just ahead of Bomber’s 49%).
  • Given her busy schedule, Jubilee also picked up the most penalty minutes on the team with 8 minutes. Panty Hoser and Betty Bomber were the cleanest players for the Dolls in 2011, recording only 2 minutes in penalties each, despite being on the track for 62 and 68 jams respectively.

**The Dolls kick off 2012 with a showdown against the Betties at the Bunker in Downsview Park. CN Power will be hosting Roc City (Rochester, NY) in a WFTDA sanctioned bout to kick off the double header. Doors open a 5:00PM. Tickets available online and at select locations.


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