ToRD Standings and Stats Update


Teams Wins Losses Pts. For Pts. Agst.
Death Track Dolls 1 0 115
Chicks Ahoy! 1 0 137 124
Gore-Gore Rollergirls 0 1 124
Smoke City Betties 0 1 100 115

In the most equally matched opening to a ToRD season in years (if not ever), two tight bouts kicked off the 2012 season. The Death Track Dolls sit at the top of the standings with an ever so slight +2 team plus/minus advantage over the Chicks Ahoy!, but right now the table is pretty tight. The Gore-Gore Rollergirls lost their second straight ToRD bout (dating back to last year’s championship), which is the first time that has ever happened. The biggest news out of the season openers though, is the play of the Smoke City Betties. It seems that the two-year rebuild has finally reached its conclusion and the Betties put together their best performance in years, cracking the century mark for the first time since 2009. They also led the bout at halftime, which was the latest they’d led in a game in three years.

Visit here for complete results.


Dyna Hurtcha (getting an assist from Marmighty), leads the JQ ratings with a 44 JQ. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

1. Dyna Hurtcha (CA!) 44
2. titmouse (SCB) 38
3. Bambi (GGR) 35
4. Panty Hoser (DTD) 34
5. Bala Reina (CA!) 27
6. Dust Bunny (GGR) 22
7. Betty Bomber (DTD) 21
8. Bellefast (DTD) 17
9. Rug Burn (SCB) 15
10. Kookie Doe 11


The first JQ ratings of 2012 reveal some very interesting results. Last year’s runner-up, the Chicks Ahoy!’s Dyna Hurtcha burst out of the blocks with an amazing opening bout to the season. Leading the league in jammer plus/minus (+34) and jam percentage (at 38% Dyna wore the star for more than every third jam), Dyna sits second in total points (56) and lead percentage (63%) . Last year Dyna scored a rare JQ rating of 40(only three other skaters in ToRD’s history have accomplished a 40+

titmouse had a breakout game with the star and sits second in the JQ ratings. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

rating in a season) and seems poised to continue the strong jamming this season.

A potential surprise in second place is titmouse from the Smoke City Betties, who first (barely) cracked the Top 10 last season. titmouse has struggled through injuries for the last year and a half, but was astonishing in her return against the Death Track Dolls in the season opener. Despite not leading the league in any category, she currently sits second in jammer plus/minus (+30 in a losing cause), and third in points (47), points per jam (3.9) and lead percentage (58%); the most amazing stat may be that she sits only 6th in jam percentage (29%), meaning she accomplished a lot in comparatively fewer jams.

Perennial JQ ratings leader Bambi sits third, leading the league in total points (69) and tied for first in jam percentage (38%). Panty Hoser, who made a stunning jammer debut, leads in points per jam (5.2 PPJ) and sits third in plus/minus (+26) and total points (47) . The final league leader is another Death Track Doll,  Betty Bomber, who recorded a 67% lead percentage in the bout against the Betties. Second-year skater Bala Reina had an impressive debut for the Chicks as well, cracking the Top 5. And finally, the Dolls’ Bellefast is the lone rookie in the rankings, picking up points in every stats category to sit 8th overall.

Visit here for the complete jammer stats. And here for an explanation of the JQ rating.


Blocker Stats

Death Track Dolls Jubilee 62% Jubilee/Hoser 13 Lucid Lou 6 Jubilee 6
Chicks Ahoy! Nasher/Rebel 62% N/A N/A Nasher 4
Gore-Gore Rollergirls Hurlin Wall 52% N/A N/A Santa Muerte 4
Smoke City Betties Mia Culprit 67% Mai Culprit 27 Mia Culprit 8 BruiseBerry/Mia 4

Mia Culprit (#.22) had a huge game for the Betties, leading in most blocking statistics. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

Jammer Stats

Death Track Dolls Panty Hoser 47 Hoser 5.2 Hoser 26 Hoser/Bellefast 21% Bomber 67%
Chicks Ahoy! Dyna Hurtcha 56 Bala Reina 3.8 Dyna 34 Dyna 38% Dyna 63%
Gore-Gore Rollergirls Bambi 69 Bambi 4.3 Bambi 23 Bambi/Dusty 38% Bambi 31%
Smoke City Betties titmouse 47 titmouse 3.9 titmouse 30 Rug Burn 36% titmouse 58%

*** The Next ToRD hometeams bout is on April 14 When the Gores take on the Dolls. But don’t forget that ToRD’s CN Power will be hosting the third annual Quad City Chaos on March 31st and Apirl 1st. Tickets are now available.

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