Power Rankings Update: April 2012

Power Ranking Updates: Beast of the East Edition

Below are highlights of the latest Nerd’s Power Rankings (for full rankings visit the Nerd’s Rankings). These rankings were based not as much on how I thought teams would fare against one another as to how I thought the 2012 Beast of the East bracket would play itself out. As for the hometeams who are not taking part in the Beast: Due to lack of action and unproven changed rosters, this one required a lot of nerdtuition and a sharp ear for the word on the track.

The Eastern Canadian Travel Team rankings remained largely unchanged, though based on their excellent performance at the 2012 Quad City Chaos the Rideau Valley Vixens flipped spots with the Sexpos (last year the Montreal B Team only narrowly defeated the Vixens). While I do think the gap between the Skids and CN Power and Thunder is narrowing, there is still a way to go to catch the Montreal travel team.

*For full rankings and “bubble” teams, check here.


The 2012 Power Rankings are brought to you by Neon Skates.

EASTERN CANADIAN HOMETEAM RANKINGS (Rollergirl.ca rankings in parentheses)

1. Chicks Ahoy! (ToRD) (5)

2. Slaughter Daughters (RVRG) (1)

3. Gore-Gore Rollergirls (ToRD) (6)

4. Death Track Dolls (ToRD) (12)

5. Vicious Dishes (TCRG) (7)

6. Les Filles du Roi (MTLRD) (8)

7. Thames Fatales (FCDG) (19)

8. Smoke City Betties (ToRD) (36)

9. La Racaille (MTLRD) (4)

10. Les Contrabanditas (MTLRD) (2)

EASTERN CANADIAN TRAVEL TEAM RANKINGS (Rollergirl.ca rankings in parentheses)

1. New Skids on the Block (MTLRD) (1)

2. CN Power (ToRD) (6)

3. Tri City Thunder (TCRG) (7)

4. Rideau Valley Vixens (RVRG) (17)

5. Sexpos (MTLRD) (-)

5. Forest City All Stars (FCDG) (4) *inactive

6. Eh! Team (HCRG) (32)

7. G-sTARs (GTAR) (-)

8. Royal City All Stars (RCRG) (16)

9. Lumbersmacks (Muddy River Rollers) (5)

10. Hamilton Harlots (HCRG) (29)


  1. Hey Derby Nerd,

    Fun and thought-provoking rankings as always. I think the Venus Fly Tramps could claw their way back onto this list in short order. It will be interesting to see what kind of Smoke City Betties emerge from the Beast of the East.

    BTW, in honour of Guelph’s seedy rum-running history, Royal City recently christened their all-star team The Brute-Leggers.

    1. Looks like the Derby Nerd didn’t take into account the round robin we just had last weekend. If you look at his full rankings, he puts the Tramps below the TKOs, even though a) We just beat them and b) we didn’t considerably better against the Vicious Dishes than them (TKOs lost 121-2 while Tramps lost 65-13) and c) we did that all with a roster of 10 while both the TKOs and Dishes had full rosters.

      1. True enough Jess; these were finished on Friday, and I had to base my change on a word on the track about some “changes” to Tramps roster (I heard there was only 10 of you!), but it looks like you are still on track! Congrats on that.

  2. No offense to our friends at Forest City, but I’m rather mystified that they are ranked higher than CN Power by Rollergirl.

  3. Technical correction: G-sTARs.
    PS Shouldn’t the Harlots outrank the RCRG Brute Leggers because they placed 4th in the 2011 CWRDA Tourney ahead of RCRG? So many possibilities!

    1. Thanks for the correction!

      As for who outranks whom, remember these are Power Rankings–not technical ones–based on whom I think could beat whom if they played right now. I’ll save wins/losses etc. for Rollergirl.ca who has the algorithms for that!

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