ToRD Stats and Standings Update


Teams Wins Losses Pts. For Pts. Agst.
Chicks Ahoy! 2 0 319
Gore-Gore Rollergirls 1 1 255 228
Death Track Dolls 1 1 206 231
Smoke City Betties 0 2 169 297

After an extraordinarily tight start to the 2012 Toronto Roller Derby season, the defending champion Chicks Ahoy! are beginning to distance themselves from the pack. Nonetheless, prior to the Chicks’ lopsided victory over the Betties (113 point difference), the average margin of victory hovered around 20–an impressive level of parity for the league. The Gore-Gore Rollergirls ended their first ever ToRD losing streak with a win over the Dolls, yet their roster has been unstable and shifting and they could be vulnerable heading into their matchup against a steadily improving Betties team. The Dolls haven’t been able to quite find a groove in 2012, but loaded with rookie talent, the future looks bright.

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Second year skater Bala Reina is pulling ahead in the JQ Ratings. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

1. Bala Reina (CA!) 45
2. Bambi (GGR) 36
3. Dust Bunny (GGR) 31
4. Panty Hoser (DTD) 28
5. Dyna Hurtcha (CA!) 27
6. Betty Bomber (DTD) 26
7. Bellefast (DTD) 24
8. Kookie Doe (CA!) 22
9. titmouse (SCB) 16
10. Rebel Rock-It (CA!) 11


For the first time since 2007 and only the second time in ToRD’s history, Bambi will not score the highest JQ rating this season. Leading for most of the year, she was recently surpassed by Chicks Ahoy!’s Bala Reina (who is having a breakout season), and after suffering a broken wrist in a recent CN Power game, Bambi will miss the final regular season game and will not get a chance to catch her. More than any other season, the 2012 JQ ratings have been affected by injuries. Perennial JQ contender Candy Crossbones has yet to play a game in ToRD’s regular season and will not be a factor in this year’s race. Last year’s runner-up Dyna Hurtcha is also out for the season finale with a broken wrist (after already missing a game and dropping to fifth in the standings).

Dolls co-captain Panty Hoser has emerged as a triple threat in 2012. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

This almost certainly means a clear path for Bala Reina to clean up as the league’s top rated jammer. Bala Reina’s rise has been an extraordinary story this season in only her second in the league (she jammed only four times in all of 2011). Her rating of 45 is also pushing into record territory, nearing Bambi’s massive rating of 45 in 2010 (the highest possible rating is 50). Bala’s high rating comes from leading the league in points (144), points per jam (5.5), and plus/minus (+98).  The other league leaders are the Gores’ Dusty Bunny with a 39% jam percentage (and with the injury to Bambi, this number will certainly go up; realistically, the 2007 JQ leader is the only skater with a chance to catch Bala Reina) and the Dolls’ Betty Bomber with a very impressive 67% lead percentage.

The other big story emerging in 2012 is Panty Hoser. With two strong games with the star now, she has crept into 4th place in the ratings on the strength of a 56% lead percentage and 3.8 points per jam average. An accomplished pivot and blocker, Hoser is following in the footsteps of her teammate Betty Bomber in becoming an impressive triple threat. At 7th place, another Doll, Bellefast, is the top rated rookie (she also sports an impressive 56% lead percentage and has scored 65 points in her first two games).

Visit here for the complete jammer stats. And here for an explanation of the JQ rating.



CA! Nasher the Smasher: 62% Doris Doomsday: +130 Nasher/Marmighty: 7
GGR Foxy Sinatra: 51% Lady Gagya: +121 Foxy Sinatra: 7
DTD Panty Hoser/Jubilee: 58% Lucid Lou: +50 Jubilee: 7
SCB Mia Culprit: 61% Sin D Drop-Her: -4 Mia Culprit: 8

Chicks Ahoy!’s Nasher the Smasher leads the league in track time, appearing in 61% of her team’s jams. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)




CA! Bala Reina: 144 Bala Reina: 5.5 Bala Reina: +98 Kookie Doe: 33% Dyna Hurtcha: 63%
GGR Bambi:  120 Bambi: 3.8 Bambi/Dusty: +47 Dust Bunny: 39% Bambi: 31%
DTD Panty Hoser: 69 Panty Hoser: 3.8 Betty Bomber: +23 Bellefast: 28% Betty Bomber: 67%
SCB titmouse: 57 Rug Burn: 2.5 titmouse: -4 titmouse: 28% titmouse: 48%

Betties’ co-captain titmouse is putting together the most complete and consistent season of her career. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

***ToRD’s regular season comes to a close this Saturday at the Bunker with a rare hometeam double header. Tickets are on sale now. Keep an eye out for a full weekend preview on Thursday.

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