ToRD Final Regular Season Stats and Standings


Teams Wins Losses Pts. For Pts. Agst.
Chicks Ahoy! 3 0 489
264 (+225)
Smoke City Betties 1 2 361 347 (+14)
Gore-Gore Rollergirls 1 2 305 420 (-115)
Death Track Dolls 1 2 276 401 (-125)

While the defending champion Chicks Ahoy! clearly dominated the 2012 Toronto Roller Derby season, parity among the contenders made for an interesting end to the regular season, where all three teams finished 1-2. In a thrilling turn around, perennial bottom dwellers the Smoke City Betties built on a impressive season to totally dominate the Gore-Gore Rollergirls 142-50 in the season finale, coming within 10 points of knocking the three-time champs right out of the playoffs. But for the first time since 2009, it’s the Death Track Dolls on the outside peering in. The Betties will have a chance to prove that their victory was not an anomaly when they square off against the Gores in the upcoming semifinal.

Visit here for complete 2012 results.

JAMMER QUOTIENT TOP 10 (minumum 19 jams):

Bala Reina became the first skater to finish the season with a perfect JQ rating (50). (Photography by Kevin Konnyu).

1. Bala Reina (CA!) 50
2. titmouse (SCB) 35
3. Bambi (GGR) 34
4. Dust Bunny (GGR) 30
5. BruiseBerry Pie (SCB) 29
6. Slaptrick Swayze (SCB) 25
7. Kookie Doe (CA!) 23
8. Betty Bomber (DTD) 19
9. Panty Hoser (DTD) 18
10. Bellefast (DTD) 15


Lots of history has been made in this year’s final regular season JQ rating. These standings have been dominated year in and year out by virtually the same skaters, and this year, injury and the march of time has taken its toll. Due to injury, Dyna Hurtcha and Candy Crossbones were never a serious threat this season (although when they were on the track they were their usual selves, including Candy’s astonishing 82% lead percentage in her game against the Dolls), and while 2007 JQ leader Dust Bunny and four-time JQ leader Bambi both finished in the top five (despite missing significant track time), it was a new generation of skaters who made a splash this year, including two rookies who managed to crack the Top 10.

Betties’ rookie Slaptrick Swayze really picked up the pace as the season went on, finishing with the sixth highest rating.

But the real precedent setting story is Bala Reina’s perfect rating of 50, the highest rating possible. A breakout second-year skater, Bala alone led the league in points with 211 (the first time a skater has broken the 200 point barrier in ToRD’s four-team houseleague), points per jam (5), plus/minus (+141), and lead percentage (62%). The only category that she did not have the sole lead in was jam percentage, where her 32.3% tied her with her teammate Kookie Doe). Individually, it was an extraordinary season for the skater who also made her travel team debut with the Bay Street Bruisers.

titmouse also put together a breakout season. After just managing to crack the Top 10 in 2011, titmouse climbed all the way to second this season, ranking in the top five in every category, including scoring 130 points (good enough for second in the league). BruiseBerry Pie took on more responsibility with the star this season, and it led her to a fifth place finish. While another story to watch is the rise of two rookies, the Dolls’ Bellefast and the Betties’ Slaptrick Swayze (who burst up the rankings to sixth on the strength of a strong game against the Chicks and a massive bout against the Gores).

Visit here for the complete jammer stats. And here for an explanation of the JQ rating.



CA! Marmighty 58% Nasher the Smasher: +143 Marmighty: 12
GGR Foxy Sinatra/Lady Gagya: 53% Lady Gagya: +65 Foxy Sinatra: 12
DTD Jubilee: 56% Lucid Lou: +50 Jubilee: 9
SCB Mia Culprit: 60% Laya Beaton: +44 Mia Culprit: 11

Betties’ pivot Mia Culprit was on the track for 60% of the Betties’ jams this season, more than any other player.




CA! Bala Reina: 211 Bala Reina: 5 Bala Reina: +141 Bala Reina /Kookie Doe: 32% Bala Reina: 62%
GGR Bambi:  120 Bambi: 3.9 Dust Bunny: +52 Dust Bunny: 27% Dusty/Bambi: 45%
DTD Bellefast: 85 Bellefast: 3.1 Betty Bomber: +21 Bellefast: 31% Betty Bomber: 53%
SCB titmouse: 130 titmouse: 3.6 titmouse: +46 titmouse: 30% Slaptrick Swayze: 57%

Betties’ co-captain titmouse had the 2nd highest JQ rating this season. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

***ToRD’s 2012 semifinal between the Smoke City Betties and the Gore-Gore Rollergirls is this Saturday. Tickets are on sale now. Keep an eye out for a preview on Wednesday. The Death Track Dolls will also be hosting Buffalo’s Nickel City Knockouts in the first game of the double header. Doors open at 5:00 PM.


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