About The Derby Nerd

Author Pic Neil GunnerAfter having a love-at-first-site moment with the sport in Montreal, the Derby Nerd moved to Toronto in time for the 2008 playoffs and has been writing about the sport since.

The Derby Nerd also reports and provides play-by-play and colour commentary for layer9.ca/ToRD.TV, Rogers TV, and in 2012 made his WFTDA playoff and WFTDA.TV debut. He also announced at both the 2011 and 2014 Roller Derby World Cups, the 2016 Men’s Roller Derby World Cup, and was part of ESPN3‘s broadcast crew for the both the 2015 and 2016 WFTDA Championships.

The Nerd is a certified member of AFTDA (the Association of Flat Track Derby Announcers) and, along with traveling regularly, is a broadcast announcer for Toronto Roller Derby and venue announcer for Durham Region Roller Derby.

As D.D. Miller, the Derby Nerd published his first collection of short stories, David Foster Wallace Ruined My Suicide and Other Stories, with Wolsak and Wynn in spring 2014, and teaches in the English department at a college in Toronto.

His second book, Eight-Wheeled Freedom: The Derby Nerd’s Short History of Flat Track Roller Derby was released in June 2016.

Contact the Nerd at  <thederbynerd@gmail.com>

Find the Nerd on Facebook or on Twitter.

**The banner image is cropped from Woo-young Park’s “Kiss.”


  1. Hey D.N., do you want the Western teams to submit their home team rankings to you to compile?’

    Andi Struction #10
    Terminal City Rollergirls

    1. I think there may be some people already on it, out west. But I would LOVE to receive updates on west coast bouts!

  2. I wondered why I’d attracted some serious Northern Hemisphere Derby followers to my Twitter acct (DerbyNerd).

    Apocalypse Nerd
    Ballarat Roller Derby League,

  3. hey derby nerd, a super belated congrats on yr book!
    thanks as always for all yr great work. best&cheers, c

  4. Hey Derby Nerd!

    I have a question about rankings, but specifically December Canadian Power Rankings. What factors go into ranking teams? For example, if a team is shown of the flattrackstats top ten, but not on yours, how is this decided upon? I see some teams that aren’t in the top ten on flattrack on your top ten and am curious! Are you able to share some insight?

    1. Traditionally sports power rankings offer subjective alternatives to objective rankings (like FlatTrack stats). The four of us gather all of the most up-to-date information that we can possibly find on the teams and try to build a consensus (through debate) to list the teams in order of how we think they would fare if they played today. All four of us have an equal vote on the final list.

      A few notes: we’d rendered Misfit Militia ineligible for this year because of their inconsistent roster (and the fact that a number of their players were on other eligible teams) and we don’t include B-teams. The only other team I think is ahead of where we have them is Capital City–they caught our attention with a big win over Central NY in August, but aside from that, the level of their competition has made it hard to judge them properly (which has been a challenge with that league for a while).

      Hope that helps. Would be happy to answer any follow-up questions.

      1. Thanks for explaining. Sounds like a lot of thought goes into them!
        Keep up the hard work, all!

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