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Eight-Wheeled Freedom Launches in Toronto

8-Wheeled Full Cover

Eight-Wheeled Freedom: The Derby Nerd’s Short History of Flat Track Roller Derby made its official debut at the Burdock brew pub and music hall in Toronto on Monday, June 20.

launch willis

Nerd and Mr. Whistler on stage at the Burdock. (Photo by Alex Willis)

The event, hosted by Noelle Allen, the editor of the book and publisher of Wolsak & Wynn, featured a short reading from the book followed by an interview conducted by Mr. Whistler.

The audience featured current and retired members of Toronto Roller Derby, Hammer City Roller Girls, GTA Rollergirls and  Durham Region Roller Derby alongside members of Toronto’s literary community. In celebration of the launch, All Lit Up asked writer and skater Pain Eyre (AKA: Kate Hargreaves) to share her experiences with the sport. You can read that essay here.

Stay tuned for further information regarding a variety of appearances and readings in Guelph, Peterborough, Kitchener-Waterloo, Calgary, and Edmonton. Nerd will also be running a few seminars on the evolution of flat track strategy at RollerCon in Las Vegas (July 27-31) and then a slightly abbreviated version at Camp Roller Derby in Haliburton, Ontario (August 19-21).

The book should be slowly rolling to retail stores across the country and is available  through a variety of online sources including All Lit Up, Amazon, and Chapters/Indigo.

nerd kev wencer

Nerd and cover photographer Kevin Konnyu. (Photo by Andrew Wencer)


Navigating a Nautical Disaster: Chicks Overcome Early Penalty Problems to Win Fourth Boot

Victory 16 Neil

The moment of victory: 2016 ToRD champs Chicks Ahoy! celebrate the win moments after the final whistle. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

It should have been a disaster.

Over the opening 17 minutes or so of the 2016 Battle for the Boot, the Chicks Ahoy! looked like a team on the verge of a collapse. Over the course of those twelve jams the team had managed only four lead jammer statuses, two of which had been negated due to penalties, on top of that, the team had given up a nearly unbelievable eight power jams. One of their best blockers, Joss Wheelin, had picked up 6 penalties, and the 2016 ToRD regular season leading scorer Monster Muffin had already notched five trips to the box of her own. It should have been a disaster.

Lexi BFB16 Greg

Gores’ Lexi Con scored 26 points in the first half, almost all within the opening 17 minutes. (Photo by Greg Russell)

And yet, with a 65% lead percentage and eight power jams, the Gore-Gore Rollergirls had managed to build only an 11-point lead, so when the seas finally settled, the game was the Chicks’ for the taking. And take it they did. The Chicks eventually righted the sails and took the lead three jams later. It was a lead that they would never relinquish, eventually cruising to a 164-88 victory to become the 2016 Toronto Roller Derby champions.

The historic 10th ToRD Championship was a fascinating game, fast-paced and low scoring, providing a fitting conclusion to what has been an excellent season that saw the re-emergence of the league’s two most successful teams. The Gores, who had upset the Chicks in the page-playoff quarterfinal, got off to the kind of start that they wanted. Although Monster Muffin had given the Chicks the lead with a 12-point opening jam (to the Gores’ 4), a Beaver Mansbridge 7-point power jam stole back the lead for the skaters in leopard print. The Chicks picked up jammer penalties on the opening two jams, then four jams later Muffin took back-to-back back blocking penalties followed by cuts to Boxcar and Pink Slamminade. The procession to the penalty box ended when Monster Muffin picked up a cut and then another back block on consecutive jams.

Chicks Pack BFB16 Neil

Rosemary’s Rabies, Biggley Smallz and Wheels of Misfortune wrap up Beaver Mansbridge; the Chicks defence was the difference maker in the game. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

However, the Chicks’ pack put in a monumental effort during the deluge and seemed to be one step ahead of their Gores’ counterparts all game. Both teams were riding short benches, but the Chicks core contingent of Biggley Smallz, Sleeper Hold, Rosemary’s Rabies and Joss Wheelin’ got extra playing time in the early going and were virtually impenetrable at times, frustrating the Gores’ jammers and constantly unsettling their packs. So when the penalty parade finally ended, the Chicks were poised to take control; and they did so in commanding fashion.

With their jammers on the track, the Chicks held the Gores scoreless for five-straight jams, a stretch that saw them retake the lead with a 16-0 run. The Gores were actually only able to score 10 points over the final half of the first period while the Chicks notched 36 over that stretch. The lead was narrow on the scoreboard at the break, with the Chicks leading 76-61, but the gap on the track was clearly widening.

Jill pass greg

Viktory Lapp attempts to free Jill ‘Em All from Sleeper Hold after a Gores’ star pass. The Gores were forced into 10 star passes during the game. (Photo by Greg Russell)

The old sports cliché is that while offense might win games, defense wins championships, and that was never more evident than in this game. For example, Beaver Mansbridge was dominant this season: second in the league in scoring (197 points) and first overall in lead percentage (72%), but after going 4 for 4 out of the gate for 19 points in the championship game, she was shut down mercilessly by the Chicks’ defense; she went 1 for 7 the rest of the way and managed only 6 more points. Similarly, the team’s leading scorer in the game Lexi Con, scored 26 of her 38 points in the first half, mostly during that opening string of power jams. Indeed, the Gores were held to only 27 points in the entire second half—easily the team’s lowest-scoring half of the season—and 37 points over the game’s final forty minutes.

So sound was the Chicks’ packs that they were able to bench Monster Muffin for the entire second half (she picked up her sixth penalty as a blocker early on) relying on Boxcar (64 points on a 71% lead percentage), who didn’t even begin the season in the rotation, Pink Slamminade (44, 67%), who missed the whole regular season due to injury), and Banshee (38 points), who is playing with a poise that belies her rookie status. It was an impressive performance from the rotation, stepping up to carry the load that Muffin had propped up so formidably all season. And the team also got strong play across the bench, notably from a controlled Vag Lightning, Annguard (playing arguably her best game of the season) and Francesca Fiure, who returned from injury just in time for the Battle for the Boot.

2016 Champs

The Chicks Ahoy! hoist the Boot for a record-setting fourth time in ten years. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

In the game the Gores had three skaters on the track from the team’s last championship win back in 2010, and while Santa Muerte, Chronic and Jill Em’ All played their hearts out, Santa, who missed virtually the whole season, lacked her usual spark on the track, the lack of track time evident as she struggled in the second half, particularly as a relief jammer. The Gores, who battled through serious injuries and inconsistent rosters all season, looked much “looser” on the track than their Chicks Ahoy! counterparts, who did not face the same adversity this season and peaked at the right time, playing their best derby in the semifinals and then finals. Although it should be noted that they were without long-serving Robber Blind, who was trackside due to injury, but who collected her third Boot with the win as she was the sole remaining member of the Chicks’ 2011 championship team.

However, the Gores accomplishment cannot be overlooked. This season the Dynasty qualified for its ninth championship game in ten years, capping an unbelievable run of consistency. Yet the Boot still eludes them and instead, it’s their chief rivals (playing in their also impressive sixth champs), who sail away with the win and claim their record-setting fourth Battle for the Boot victory.

*The game was filmed by Rogers TV; stay tuned to local listings for replays. Also, make sure to check out’s trackside footage.

*The ToRD houseleague season may be over, but there’s lots more derby left to be played in 2016! Next up, on June 30, is the annual Pride Affiliate event newly renamed Roll Out. The D-VAS will be in action at the Fresh and Furious on July 9th.

Battle for the Boot X: The 2016 Toronto Roller Derby Championship

Boot 10 Banner

On September 22, 2012, at the conclusion of Toronto Roller Derby’s first full season at the Bunker, the Chicks Ahoy! knocked off the Gore-Gore Rollergirls to win their second consecutive Boot and third in six years. It was the fifth time in the then six-year history of the league that the two teams had battled for the Boot—a rivalry and a string of shared dominance so complete that it seemed as if it would last forever.

Photo by Kevin Konnyu (fifth_business on Flickr)

The Chicks and Gores last battled for the Boot in 2012, with the Chicks winning 196-56. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

Fast forward four years and ToRD’s first great rivalry is set for renewal. Although the Gores have been back to the championship game in two of those three intervening years, this will be the Chicks’ first foray into the championship game since that time. Perhaps more remarkably, after sharing the first six, neither team has won the Boot since 2012, a window that allowed first the Death Track Dolls (twice) and then the Smoke City Betties to take home the title. So it seems fitting that on this tenth anniversary of ToRD’s house league championship, its first great rivals return to do battle.

It was a fascinating year in ToRD, with the season beginning with relative parity. The Chicks and Gores managed narrow wins early in 2016 before slowly but surely distancing themselves from their leaguemates. The two teams closed out the regular season with a classic duel that resulted in a narrow, 12-point win for the Chicks. The Betties, battered and broken, limped to a last-place finish before being easily dispatched by the Dolls in the quarterfinals. The Gores, meanwhile, buoyed by the return of blockers Full Deck and Santa Muerte, garnered some revenge on a Sleeper Holdless Chicks team in their quarterfinal match to send them to a second-chance semifinal showdown with the Death Track Dolls. In that game—with the roster fully intact—the Chicks put together their most complete game of the season, absolutely dominating an overwhelmed Dolls 238-74 to set up the classic championship game.

Muffin jamming neil

Monster Muffin was a game changer in the Chicks’ 180-168 regular season win over the Gores, scoring 83 points. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

On paper, there is very little separating these teams. Offensively, the Chicks are led by 2016 regular season leading scorer Monster Muffin, who became the ninth skater in ToRD history to record a 200-point season (209 points on a 5.97 points per jams), done so on the back of a 65% lead percentage. However, the Gores respond with Beaver Mansbridge who had a breakout season finishing second in the league in scoring with 197 points and leading the league with a 72% lead percentage (tied for the eighth highest ever). Taking a look at secondary scoring doesn’t make anything clearer. Although spending a lot of time in the pack this season, Sleeper Hold continued to dominate with the star, leading the league with 6.2 points per jam and finishing with a 65% lead percentage. The Gores once again counter with the league’s fourth all-time leading scorer Lexi Con, who put together another solid year (125 points, 61%) joining the elite 500-point club along the way (she actually crested 600 by the season’s end). So it could fall to the depth jammers to be difference makers with the Gores getting strong performances from MurderCat! and WackedHer (in limited action) and the Chicks able to rely on Banshee (who recorded a 57% lead percentage in an incredible rookie season), double-threat Boxcar, and Pink Slamminade.

When all is said and done, give the slight offensive edge to the Chicks.

ToRD QFs Gunner

Led by pivot Jill ‘Em All, the Gores have four blockers remaining from the 2010 championship team. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

It’s much the same in the pack, with both teams defined by their depth. With veteran blocker Robber Blind left recovering from injury this season, Biggley Smallz, Joss Wheelin, Rosemary’s Rabies and Vag Lightning were the on-track leaders, supported by Wheels of Misfortune and Slamureye, leading the team to the lowest points against total during the regular season (giving up 138 points per game) and a league high +100 point differential.

However, the Gores were not far behind defensively (142 points per game) even if their offense lagged slightly (+62). But the Gores do sport veteran depth: Santa Muerta, Chronic, Jill ‘Em All and Gamma Rei remain from the last Gores team to win a title all the way back in 2010. And although they are without injured emerging on-track leader Moose Knuckles, track-savvy pivot Viktory Lapp has continued her steady emergence as a dominant blocker in the league. Add the reliability of blockers like Stabbey Road, Full Deck and WackedHer to the mix and the pack advantage tilts to the Gores.

It’s going to be a classic matchup featuring two classically built teams: Chicks Ahoy!’s offense versus the Gore-Gore Rollergirls’ defense. There were wild swings in momentum in the previous 2016 showdowns between these two teams (with each team earning a win) and the 2016 Battle for the Boot could come down to which team is able to impose its style of play and, eventually, its will. Can the Gores’ pack contain the Chicks’ jammers? Does the Chicks’ pack have the depth to go toe-to-toe with the Gores’? Head to the Bunker for Battle for the Boot X to find out the answers.

*Tickets for the June 11th championship game are now on sale and available online. Doors open at 4:00 PM, and the night will open with a future-stars matchup between the D-VAS and Buffalo’s Queen’s Court. Opening whistle for the championship game is 7:00 PM.

* Check out the ToRD website where, in celebration of the 10th anniversary, they’ve compiled complete capsule recaps of every Battle for the Boot including links to recaps and photo galleries. For complete 2016 regular season, playoff results, statistical leaders and standings, click here.

La Racaille Wins Second Beast in All-Montreal Throwback Final

Beast Winners 2016 Joe Mac

La Racaille, Les Filles du Roi, and the Venus Fly Tramps, the top three teams at the 2016 Beast of the East. (Photo by Joe Mac)

There was a certain sense of nostalgia surrounding this year’s Beast of the East: you could feel it in the lead up to the weekend and you could certainly feel it at the event. It was the ninth edition of the tournament—the longest running multi-team event on the Canadian flat track calendar—but coming as it did during the 10th anniversary of the sport in this country and the 10th anniversary of the host league Montreal, there was a celebratory feeling around the proceedings.

On Friday night, La Racaille coach and retired skater Bone Machine, along with a few others, put up a commemorative poster featuring three framed rosters of the original lists of skaters on all three of the league’s home teams. Former Filles du Roi and New Skid skater Smack Daddy blew the opening whistle at the now annual Toronto-Montreal showdown that night, and all weekend former Montreal skaters dotted the audience. On the track, the tournament welcomed back two of its marquee players: Trash N Smash and the formerly retired Iron Wench.

Montreal rose to the occasion: Les Contrabanditas played their hearts out but came up against their leaguemates La Racaille in the quarterfinals before that same Racaille team and Les Filles du Roi found each other the sole teams remaining in a rematch of the 2010 championship game. It was only the second time since that tournament that a Montreal team had made the final, and it seemed fitting when all was said and done that the winningest team in BOE history was the one that came away with it. It took some late-game heroics from Iron Wench to pull off Racaille’s 141-106 win in a thrilling final. Although some had picked La Racaille to do well, it was not an easy road to the title.

Double Elimination Round

Tri-City’s Venus Fly Tramps, Toronto’s Death Track Dolls, and Montreal’s Filles du Roi and La Racaille all won two in a row on Day 1 to advance directly to the quarterfinals, and while the two Montreal teams seemed to distance themselves from the pack early on, it took a little while for the Tramps to get going, pulling off narrow victories against Hamilton’s Molotov Girls and Toronto’s Smoke City Betties. On the flip side, those Molotov Girls joined Royal City’s Violet Uprising (who had a great showing in losses to FDR and a last-gasp two-pointer to defending champs Casse-Gueules), South Simcoe’s Ghoul Guides and, surprisingly, Quebec’s Rouge et Gore (last year’s finalists) as the four two-and-done teams at the Beast.

The two big first round surprises were Roller Derby Quebec’s comparatively poor showing (after dominating for two years) and the break-out performance by Capital City. Casse-Gueules did eventually make it the final four for the third year in a row, but it took two last-gasp jams in two games they probably didn’t deserve to win to do so (against Violet Uprising early and the Death Track Dolls in the quarters). Rouge et Gore bowed out after losses to the Slaughter Daughters and Capital City’s Cupquakes. Bad luck saw those Cupquakes eventually have to face leagumates the Bacon Pirates in an elimination matchup that proved to be one the best of the weekend with the Pirates eking out a 65-62 win. Capital City’s emergence shouldn’t be too surprising for fans of either their WFTDA team, the Dolly Rogers, or for those who have followed the Fresh and the Furious tournament. Capital City’s winning 2014 entry into that event was full of the stars from this weekend’s teams. Cupquakes jammer Labrosse, Bacon Pirates jammer Kaio-Kensi and blockers Edmonton and Apple Sass were vital performers for that Cannon Dolls team, not to mention that the Slaughter Daughters’ Ice Tina and the Smoke City Betties’ Caume A Kazi were also critical components of that historic Fresh and Furious winning squad.

Playoff Round

Iron Wench 2016

La Racaille’s Iron Wench lived up to her much anticipated return from retirement. (Photo by Joe Mac)

The Venus Fly Tramps got noticeably stronger as the weekend went on, bolstered on day two by the arrival of double threat JANEgerous. They dispatched the Riot Squad with relative ease before giving all they could against a destined La Racaille, falling 105-64 in the semifinal. They eventually nabbed third place with a dominant 172-52 performance against Casse-Gueules; it was only the second time a Tri-City team podiumed (after the Vicious Dishes 2012 win).

FDR eventually ended Capital City’s breakout run with a convincing 95-45 win over the Bacon Pirates in the quarters, while Casse-Gueules pulled off another late comeback to defeat the Death Track Dolls 55-48. But the best of the quarterfinal showdowns was the all-Montreal matchup between La Racaille and Les Contrabanditas that saw some thrilling, historic, one-on-one duels between the aforementioned Trash N Smash and Iron Wench. The 86-76 win was the toughest of the tournament for the eventual champs.

The final lived up to its billing. FDR led La Racaille 80-45 at half and seemed poised to relive the 2010 final that they won, but five minutes into the second half, an Iron Wench 18-pointer got La Racaille back into it and they grasped the momentum and rolled the rest of the game, eventually opening up a bit of a gap on the way to a 141-106 win to become only the second team to repeat as Beast champs.

Numbers of Note

  • La Racaille became the first team to reach 30 wins (31), and the championship was the team’s 6th podium finish in nine years (both are records).
  • This tournament saw the 4th and 5th 150+ point games in Beast history (La Racaille 156, Riot Sqaud 162)
  • La Racaille’s 156-55 win against the Slaughter Daughters was the highest scoring game in BOE history (211 points).
  • Tournament high score was the 162 by Rideau Valley’s Riot Squad. It was only the second time a team has managed 160+ points in a Beast game.

*For complete scores, visit the Beast of the East IX results page.

Beast of the East 9: A Preview of BOE 2016

BOE2016 Banner

This will be the ninth addition of the annual home-team tournament.

If you look closely enough at the podium finishes in the Beast of the East’s eight-year history, you can read in them the history of flat track roller derby in eastern Canada. From Hamilton’s early leadership (the Harlots won the inaugural tournament) through to the rise of Montreal’s dominance (for two years, 2009-10, Montreal finished 1-2-3 with relative ease); then on to the WFTDA era and the New Skids push toward Champs that saw them give over the home teams to a new generation of skaters and allowed leagues like Toronto and Rideau Valley to take control of the Beast. And eventually, Roller Derby Quebec’s competitive rise was captured in Casse-Gueules’ back-to-back finals including last year’s against their RDQ leaguemates Rouge et Gore.

Photo by Derek Lang (

HCRG’s Steel Town Tank Girls and ToRD’s Smoke City Betties kick off the inaugural Beast of the East in 2008. (Photo by Derek Lang)

But the BOE has existed long enough and been host to so many myth-making moments that the tournament’s history is rich on its own. La Racaille’s five podium finishes (one win, three runner ups, and a third pace finish) is a record, and a consistency that is reflected in their record-holding 26 tournament wins. Along with Les Filles du Roi (23) and Rideau Valley’s Slaughter Daughters (20), they are the only teams to have compiled over 20 wins in the event. It’s likely that Les Contrabanditas (19) will join them this year and an inspired run could see ToRD’s Gore-Gore Rollergirls reach that feat as well (they currently sit on 17).

The 20-win Slaughter Daughters, who’d first competed in the tournament as the Bytown Blackhearts, loaded with first generation Vixens went on one of the most incredible runs in BOE history: three straight finals framed by championships in 2011 and 2013 (they remain the only team to repeat as tournament champs and along with La Racaille, they only teams to reach three straight finals). Last year, they defied a league shakeup and provided one of the great stories of the 2015 tournament with an inspired run to the final four.

Purchase this and other photos by Derek Lang at

ToRD’s Gore-Gore Rollergirls were the first team to top 100 points; they did so against Ottawa’s Capital Carnage in 2009. (Photo by Derek Lang)

What you can also see in the history of the tournament is the evolution of the game itself. In the beginning games were fast-paced but unphysical; they were incredibly low scoring; for example, only two teams managed 60 points in 2008. In 2009 an awesome Gore-Gore Rollergirls managed the tournament’s first 100-point game. I t would happen once again the following year, then a few times in 2011 and it eventually became a regular feat. 150 points is the new 100: it’s happened only three times, with last years Daughters setting the new record with 164 points (they also set a record for biggest win, 164-2). Because of the rise in scoring, the safest record could be FDR’s 2010 tournament record for points against: 9. They won their two first-round games by a combined score of 207-13, never giving up more than 12 points in a game throughout (until the 30-minute final when they gave up 20 to La Racaille).

Despite annual blowouts (unavoidable given that the tournament features house league teams randomly selected and then randomly bracketed), the tournament has a tendency to deliver thrills as well. Last year there were two one-point games in the first round; in 2014 the quarterfinals had an average differential of only 12 points (including an overtime game) and the final was a 15-pointer (129-114) decided over two 20-minute halves; in 2011 the Slaughter Daughters won the Beast by two points after an epic last-jam comeback.

What has become standard, at least since 2010, is that the tournament is impossible to predict. Attempting to forecast the outcome is a bracket-busting exercise in futility. This year’s could be even more unpredictable than most given the five first timers (most ever) including representatives from two leagues competing for the first time: South Simcoe Rebel Roller’s Ghoul Guides and Hamilton Area Roller Derby’s Molotov Girls. The other newcomers are Royal City’s Violet Uprising (their Killer Queens participated in 2014) and Capital City’s Bacon Pirates and Cupquakes (the Beauty School Dropouts competed last year).

Purchase this and other photos by Derek Lang at

Trash N Smash (right) duels with Slaughter Daughter pivot Hannah Murphy in a 2009 BOE quarterfinal game. (Photo by Derek Lang)

Quebec’s Casse-Gueules will be looking to become the third team to advance to three straight finals and given the experience that their roster has gained playing at the WFTDA level, that could be a possibility. 2014 champs, Toronto’s Gore-Gore Rollergirls are also in the midst of a strong ToRD season and could be looking to erase memories of a disappointing 2015 tournament. Rideau Valley always sends strong squads, with the Riot Squad returning this year to join the Daughters. And of course Montreal can never be overlooked. FDR had a third-place showing last year and should be strong again, but look out for La Racaille, recent winners of Montreal’s annual round-robin tournament. Most fans are as looking forward to the return of Iron Wench as they are the tournament itself. Wench was the offensive centrepiece of La Racaille’s three-straight finals appearances from 2008-2010 and has not appeared in the tournament since. She will be joined in her return to the Beast by another fan favourite, Montreal co-founder Trash N Smash, who will try to help Les Contrabanditas get that 20th victory (they are the only Montreal team never to win the Beast).

If I had to make a prediction (and I do because I’m a sucker for punishment), I’m going with the sentimental choice and picking La Racaille to take it, knocking off Casse-Gueules, who will reach their third-straight final. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Daughters go on another spirited run (along with the Riot Squad) and for the Gore-Gore Rollergirls and Les Filles du Roi to be in the mix as well. The Venus Fly Tramps had a strong tournament least year and could return, at least, to Sunday’s quarterfinals. I expect the Rouge et Gore to round out that final eight. If you’re looking for a darkhorse, one of the Capital City squads could surprise, so might as well pick the Bacon Pirates (who had a strong 2015 season).

*Take a look back at the history of the Beast, including winners, records and every score of every game.


**Friday night will feature the now annual New Skids on the Block vs. Toronto All Stars showdown. However, the anticipation that had built over the past two seasons has dissipated somewhat as each team seems to be on the opposite trajectory. Last year these teams played in a 9-point thriller, but it should be the Skids with ease in 2016.

Beast of the East 2008-2015

To get ready for the 2016 Beast of the East, take a look back at the history of the tournament.

BOE2016 BannerBeast of the East: By the Numbers





2008 Hamilton Harlots (HCRG) La Racaille (MTLRD) Les Filles du Roi / Les Contrabanditas (MTLRD)
2009 La Racaille Les Contrabanditas Les Filles du Roi / Smoke City Betties (ToRD)
2010 Les Filles du Roi La Racaille Les Contrabanditas
2011 Slaughter Daughters (RVRG) Gore-Gore Rollergirls (ToRD) Death Track Dolls (ToRD)
2012 Vicious Dishes (TCRD) Slaughter Daughters Chicks Ahoy! (ToRD)
2013 Slaughter Daughters La Racaille Death Track Dolls
2014 Gore-Gore Rollergirls Casse-Gueules (RDQ) La Racaille
2015 Casse-Gueules Rouge et Gore (RDQ) Les Filles du Roi
Photo by Derek Lang (

Hamilton Harlots won the first Beast of the East in 2008. (Photo by Derek Lang)

NOTABLE NUMBERS (Records etc.)

Most Wins: 26 (La Racaille 2008-2015); La Racaille has the most podium finishes (1 champ, 3 runners up, 1 third place)

Most Losses: 15 (Thames Fatales 2008-2015)

Points Per Game (tournament): 110 (Death Track Dolls 2013)/ 109.5 (Slaughter Daughters 2013) / 102.5 (La Racaille 2013)

Points Against (tournament): 9 (Les Filles du Roi, 2010)

Most Points (single game–20 mins): 164 (Slaughter Daughters 2015); 159 (Rouge et Gore 2013); 154 (Les Contrabanditas 2015)

Combined Points (single game–20 mins): 184 (Rouge et Gore 159 vs. Debutantes 32 2013)/ 181 (La Racaille 117 vs. Contrabanditas 64 2013)

Biggest Differential: 162 (Slaughter Daughters 164 vs. Thames Fatales 2, 2015);

Biggest Shutout: 148-0 (Les Contrabanditas 148 vs. Chrome Mollys [GTAR] 0, 2011)

[*The Gore-Gore Rollergirls were the first team to score 100 points in a bout–a 103-11 victory over Capital Carnage in 2009; Les Filles du Roi did it vs. the Vicious Dishes in 2010; four different teams accomplished it in 2011; the Vicious Dishes did it three times themselves in 2012, while three other teams did it that year as well. Since then, it has become common. Rouge et Gore (2013) were the first team to score 150 points in a game; in 2015 both Les Contrabanditas and Slaughter Daughters did so].

[*2012 was the first time both finalists (Vicious Dishes, Slaughters Daughters) lost a game on the way to the finals]


(BOE 8: 2016 participants first)

Team League BOE Record Notes
la-racaille-logoLa Racaille MTLRD 26 – 12 Semis 12. Second in 08, 10, 13. Champs in 09. 3rd in 2014
Contrabanditas LogoLes Contrabanditas MTLRD 19 – 12 2nd place in 2009. 3rd in 2010. Quarters 2011, 12, 13.
Les Filles du Roi LogoLes Filles du Roi MTLRD 23 – 9 Semi-final 08, 09, 13. Champs in 2010. Third place 2-15. Quarters 2012
riot squad logoRiot Squad RVRG 5-8 Fifth appearance (2010, 11, 13, 14). Quarterfinals 2014
slaughter daughters logoSlaughter Daughters RVRG 20 – 10 Eighth appearance. Champs 2011, 13; 2nd place 2012. Semis 2015.
Tramps logoVenus Fly Tramps TCRD 4 – 8 Fifth appearance (2009-2011, 2015)
deathtrackdolls_logoDeath Track Dolls ToRD 12 – 13 Quarter finals in 2009, 14; 3rd place in 2011, 13.
Smoke City Betties LogoSmoke City Betties ToRD 6-12 Eighth appearance. 2008-2014. Semi final 2009. Quarter final 2012
Gore-Gore Rollergirls logoGore-Gore Rollergirls ToRD 17 – 10 Forfeit 2009 at 3-0. Runners-up 2011; Champs 2014
casse gueules logoLes Casse-Gueules RDQ 9 – 4 Fourth appearance (2013-2015). Champs 2015. Finalists 2014
rouge et gore logoLe Rouge & Gore RDQ 8 – 5 Fourth appearance (2013-2015). Quarter final 2013, 14. Finalist 2015
 BP less angryBacon Pirates  CCDD  –  First appearance
cupquakes_0Cupquakes  CCDD  –  First appearance
 molotov_0Molotov Girls HARD  –  First appearance
 logo-violet-uprisingViolet Uprising  RCRG  –  First appearance
GhoulsFINAL Ghoul Guides  SSRR  –  First appearance

Past Participants

Hamilton Harlots HCRG 8 – 6 2008-2010, 2012. Champs in 08. Became Hammer City B-team.
Death Row Dames HCRG 3 – 5 2008-2010. Quarter final in 2010. No longer operating.
Steel Town Tanks Girls HCRG 1 – 1 2008. No longer operating.
Bay Street Bruisers ToRD 1 – 3 2008, 2009. Became ToRD B-travel team. No longer operating.
D-VAS ToRD 0 – 1 2008. Now ToRD houseleague farm team.
Chicks Ahoy! ToRD 11-12 Seven appearances. 2008-2013, 2015. 4th in 2011. 3rd 2012
London Thrashers FCDG 0 – 1 2008. No longer operating.
Bytown Blackhearts ORD 0 – 1 2008. Split from ORD to become Slaughter Daughters, first team in RVRG
Capital Carnage ORD 0 – 2 2009. No longer operating.
Devil Dollies QCRG 1 – 1 1st US team (2008)
Derby Dames Grn Mtn 2 – 1 2nd US team, 1st to reach quarter finals (2010). Now a travel team.
Derby Debutantes GTAR 2-10 2009-2013. Now GTA B/Farm team.
Chrome Mollys GTAR 0 – 2 2011. No longer operating.
Vicious Dishes TCRG 10-9 2009-2013. Quarter finals 2010, 11. Champs 2012
Total Knock-Outs TCRG 3-6 2011, 13, 15. Quarterfinals 2013
Luscious Lunch Ladies FCDG 2-3 Quarterfinals in 2014
 Thames Fatales  FCDG 7-15  2008-15. Quarterfinals in 2010, 2013.
Babes of Thunder TBRD  2-2 2012. Quarter finals in 2012
Reines of Terror MRR  0-2 2012. No longer operating.
Les Duchesses RDQ 1-4 2011, 2012. Promoted to RDQ travel team
Prime Sinisters RVRG 4-3 2014, 15
 Motor City Madames  DRRD  0-4  2012, 2014. Now Durham B-travel team
 Atom Smashers  DRRD 1-4  2014, 2015. Now Durham A-travel team
Killer Queens RCRG 0-2 2014
Beauty School Dropouts CCDD 0-2 2015
Skateful Dead KDG 2-2 2015


(Generally, all games 20 minutes until final, which was 30, but by 2012 had become 2 20s)

Beast of the East 2008 PosterBeast of the East 1: 2008

First Round (Single Elimination)


Steel Town Tank Girls 40 vs Smoke City Betties 18
La Racaille 65 vs The Bytown Blackhearts 29
Death Row Dames 17 vs Devil Dollies 54
D-VAS 27 vs Les Contrabanditas 50


Gore-Gore Rollergirls 13 vs. Hamilton Harlots 52

Bay Street Brusies 45 vs Thames Fatales 38
London Thrashers 13 vs Chicks Ahoy 65
Death Track Dolls 23 vs Les Filles du Roi 37

Quarter Finals

Steel Town Tank Girls 30 vs La Racaille 32

Devil Dollies 16 vs. Les Contrabanditas 42

Chicks Ahoy 30 vs Les Filles du Roi 38
Hamilton Harlots 53 vs Bay Street Bruisers 15

Semi Finals

Hamilton Harlots 58 vs Les Filles du Roi 29

Les Contrabanditas 32 vs La Racaille 39


Hamilton Harlots 55 vs. La Racaille 18

* Read the Derby Nerd’s reflections.

Beast of the East 2009Beast of the East 2: 2009

First Round (Double Elimination)

Capital Carnage 11 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 103

Death Row Dames 23 vs. Thames Fatales 19

Les Contrabanditas 59 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 26

Slaughter Daughters 24 vs. Smoke City Betties 32

La Racaille 67 vs. Bay Street Bruisers 10

Chicks Ahoy! 48 vs. Vicisou Dishes 32

Les Filles du Roi 77 vs. Death Track Dolls 6

Derby Debutantes 6 vs. Hamilton Harlots 69

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 32 vs. Death Row Dames 5

Capital Carnage 20 (eliminated) vs. Thames Fatales 67

Les Contrabanditas 34 vs. Smoke City Betties 20

Venus Fly Tramps 14 (eliminated) vs. Slaughter Daughters 48

La Racaille 36 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 35

Bay Street Bruisers 16 (eliminated) vs. Vicious Dishes 21

Les Filles du Roi 34 vs. Hamilton Harlots 25

Death Track Dolls 61 vs. Derby Debutantes 20 (eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 35 vs. Les Contrabanditas 26

Death Row Dames 15 (eliminated) vs. Smoke City Betties 24

Thames Fatales 28 (eliminated) vs. Slaughter Daughters 68

La Racaille 35 vs. Les Filles du Roi 43

Chicks Ahoy! 21 (eliminated) vs. Hamilton Harlots 38

Vicious Dishes 27 (eliminated) vs. Death Track Dolls 32

Quarter Finals

Gore-Gore Rollergirls (forfeit) vs. Smoke City Betties

Les Contrabanditas 28 vs. Slaughter Daughters 25

Les Filles du Roi 24 vs. Hamilton Harlots 11

La Racaille 77 vs. Death Track Dolls 17

Semi Finals

Smoke City Betties 23 vs. Les Contrabanditas 33

La Racaille 38 vs Les Filles du Roi 20


Les Contrabanditas 34 vs. La Racaille 49

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* Read DNN’s bout-by-bout recap by Justice Feelgood Marshall

Beast of the East 2010 PosterBeast of the East 3: 2010

First Round (Double Elimination)
Thames Fatales 38 vs. Smoke City Betties 11
La Racaille 81 vs. Chicks Ahoy!12
Green Mountain Derby Dames 40
vs. Riot Squad 17
Death Row Dames 63 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 6
Les Contrabanditas 72 vs. Death Track Dolls 9
Gore-Gore Rollergirls 43 vs. GTA Derby Debutantes 20
Vicious Dishes 37 vs. Slaughter Daughters 20
Les Filles du Roi 92 vs. Harlots 6
La Racaille 91 vs. Thames Fatales 0
Chicks Ahoy! 89 vs. Betties 15 (eliminated)
Green Mountain Derby Dames 29 vs. Death Row Dames 15
Venus Fly Tramps 43 vs. Riot Squad 14 (eliminated)
Les Contrabanditas 63 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 17

Derby Debutantes 38 vs. Death Track Dolls 29 (eliminated)
Les Filles du Roi 115 vs. Vicious Dishes 7
Harlots 28 vs. Slaughter Daughters 24 (eliminated)
Thames Fatales 24 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 15 (eliminated)
Death Row Dames 42 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 34 (eliminated)
Gore-Gore Rollergirls 45 vs. Harlots 20 (eliminated)
Vicious Dishes 52 vs. Derby Debutantes 24 (eliminated)

Quarter Finals

La Racaille 57 vs. Vicious Dishes 4
Les Contrabanditas 64 vs. Death Row Dames 11
Gore-Gore Rollergirls 45 vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames 22
Les Filles du Roi 91 vs. Thames Fatales 12

Semi Finals

La Racaille 69 vs. Les Contrabanditas 46
Les Filles du Roi 65 vs. Gore-Gore Roller Girls 1

Third Place

Les Contrabanditas 91 vs. Gores 21


Les Filles du Roi 36 vs. La Racaille 20

*Read the Derby Nerd’s preview and recap.

*Watch the archived bouts.

Beast of the East 2011 posterBeast of the East 4: 2011

First Round (Double Elimination)

Duchesses de Quebec 4 vs. Derby Debutantes 124

La Racaille 55 vs. Riot Squad 7

Chicks Ahoy! 63 vs. Total Knockouts (TKOs) 7

Filles du Roi vs. Death Track Dolls 47

Vicious Dishes 50 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 48

Contrabanditas 148 vs. Chrome Mollys 0

Slaughter Daughters 38 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 28

Thames Fatales 75 vs. Smoke City Betties 12

Derby Debutants 8 vs. La Racaille 100

Duchesses du Quebec 4 vs. Riot Squad 97 (Duchesses eliminated)

Chicks Ahoy! 40 vs. Death Track Dolls 21

TKOs 0 vs. Filles du Roi 81 (TKOs eliminated)

Vicious Dishes 21 vs. Contrabanditas 27

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 131 vs. Chrome Mollys 10 (Mollys eliminated)

Slaughter Daughters 62 vs. Thames Fatales 12

Venus Fly Tramps 66 vs. Smoke City Betties 14 (Betties eliminated)

Derby Debutants 29 vs. Filles du Roi 62 (Debutantes eliminated)

Death Track Dolls 84 vs. Riot Squad 8 (Riot Squad elimanted)

Vicious Dishes 49 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 3 (Tramps eliminated)

Thames Fatales 36 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 49 (Thames eliminated)

Quarter Finals

La Racaille 11 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 88

Contrabanditas 49 vs. Death Track Dolls 58

Chicks Ahoy! 48 vs. Vicious Dishes 8

Slaughter Daughters 81 vs. Filles du Roi 3

Semi Finals

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 51 vs. Death Track Dolls 11

Chicks Ahoy! 19 vs. Slaughter Daughters 33

Third Place

Death Track Dolls 42 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 31


Gore-Gore Rollergirls 85 vs. Slaughter Daughters 87

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* Watch the archived bouts

Beast of the East 5 (2012)Beast of the East 5: 2012

First Round (Double Elimination)

Chicks Ahoy! 51 vs. Slaughter Daughters 41

La Racaille 46 vs. Gore-Gore Roller Girls 30

Motor City Madames 36 vs. Hammer City Harlots 57

Les Contrabanditas 54 vs. Death Track Dolls 20

Vicious Dishes 139 vs. Reines of Terror 0

Les Filles du Roi 79 vs. Babes of Thunder 8

Derby Debutantes 6 vs. Thames Fatales 112

Smoke City Betties 108 vs. Les Duchesses 13

Chicks Ahoy! 10 vs. La Racaille 39

Slaughter Daughters 72 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 52 (Gores eliminated)

Hamilton Harlots 39 vs. Les Contrabanditas 84

Motor City Madames 28 vs. Death Track Dolls 95 (Motor City eliminated)

Vicious Dishes 30 vs. Les Filles du Roi 47

Reines of Terror 34 vs. Babes of Thunder 71 (Reines eliminated)

Thames Fatales 64 vs. Smoke City Betties 69

Derby Debutantes 30 vs. Les Duchesses 120 (Debutantes eliminated)

La Racaille 59 vs. Death Track Dolls 31 (Dolls eliminated)

Hamilton Harlots 30 vs. Slaughter Daughters 131 (Harlots eliminated)

Vicious Dishes 123 vs. Les Duchesses 0 (Duchesses eliminated)

Thames Fatales 20 vs. Babes of Thunder 77 (Thames eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Chicks Ahoy! 83 vs. Babes of Thunder 22

Les Filles du Roi 67 vs. Slaughter Daughters 71

Les Contrabanditas 54 vs. Vicious Dishes 64

Smoke City Betties 59 vs. La Racaille 78

Semi Finals

Chicks Ahoy! 31 vs. Slaughter Daughters 65

Vicious Dishes 67 vs. La Racaille 48

Third Place

Chicks Ahoy! 87 vs. La Racaille 48


Vicious Dishes 118 vs. Slaughter Daughters 63

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* Watch the archived bouts

BOE 2013 PosterBeast of the East 6: 2013

First Round (Double Elimination)

Chicks Ahoy! 58 vs. Riot Squad 50

Vicious Dishes 25 vs. Les Filles du Roi 50

Death Track Dolls 129 vs. Casses Gueules 7

Thames Fatales 34 vs. Les Contrabanditas 76

TKOs 133 vs. Debutantes 8

Rouge et Gore 12 vs. La Racaille 116

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 29 vs. Slaughter Daughters 105

Luscious Lunch Ladies 37 vs. Smoke City Betties 47

Les Filles du Roi 91 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 13

Vicious Dishes 33 vs. Riot Squad 44 (Dishes eliminated)

Contrabanditas 30 vs. Death Track Dolls 96

Thames Fatales 29 vs. Casses Gueules 18 (Gueules eliminated)

La Racaille 103 vs. TKOs 32

Rouge at Gore 159 vs. Debutantes 32 (Debutantes eliminated)

Smoke City Betties 2 vs. Slaughter Daughters 117

Luscious Lunch Ladies 50 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 94 (Ladies eliminated)

Thames Fatales 53 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 46 (Chicks eliminated)

Riot Squad 57 vs. Contrabanditas 86 (Riot Squad eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 42 vs. TKOs 85 (Gores eliminated)

Smoke City Betties 56 vs. Rouge et Gore 58 (Betties eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Les Filles du Roi 76 vs. Rouge et Gore 26

Contrabanditas 64 vs. La Racaille 117

TKOs 35 vs. Death Track Dolls 79

Thames Fatales 31 vs. Slaughter Daughters 113

Semi Finals

Filles du Roi 60 vs. La Racaille 85

Death Track Dolls 40 vs. Slaughter Daughters 68

Third Place

Death Track Dolls 136 vs. Filles du Roi 29


La Racaille 74 vs. Slaughter Daughters 103

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VIDEO: Watch Double Elimination Archives Part 1 here.  Watch Part 2 here. Watch quarter finals here. Watch the third place and championship games here.

BEAST 2014 posterBeast of the East 7: 2014

First Round (Double Elimination)

Smoke City Betties 49 vs. Casse Gueules 54

La Racaille 117 vs. Riot Squad 32

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 125 vs. Motor City Madames 22

Les Filles du Roi 78 vs. Atom Smashers 50

Slaughter Daughters 40 vs. Lunch Ladies 80

Les Contrabanditas 122 vs. Thames Fatales 23

Killer Queens 30 vs. Death Track Dolls 91

Rouge et Gore 61 vs. Prime Sinisters 79

Casses Gueules 106 vs. La Racaille 69

Smoke City Betties 36 vs. Riot Squad 66 (Betties eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 53 vs. Les Filles du Roi 47

Motor City Madames 57 vs. Atom Smashers 122 (Madames eliminated)

Luscious Lunch Ladies 60 vs. Les Contrabanditas 39

Slaughter Daughters 60 vs. Thames Fatales 45 (Thames eliminated)

Death Track Dolls 55 vs. Prime Sinisters 26

Killer Queens 29 vs. Rouge et Gore 135 (Queens eliminated)

La Racaille 101 vs. Atom Smashers 33 (Smashers eliminated)

Les Filles du Roi 47 vs. Riot Squad 89 (FDR eliminated)

Les Contrabanditas 35 vs. Rouge et Gore 40 (Ditas eliminated)

Prime Sinisters 57 vs. Slaughter Daughters 21 (Daughters eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Casses-Gueules 50 vs. Prime Sinisters 46

Luscious Lunch Ladies 62 vs. Riot Squad 71 (Overtime)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 64 vs. Rouge et Gore 61

Death Track Dolls 61 vs. La Racaille 86

Semi Finals

Casses-Gueules 75 vs. Riot Squad 68

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 68 vs. La Racaille 67

Third Place

La Racaille 148 vs. Riot Squad 131


Casses Gueules 114 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 129

*Read the Derby Nerd’s preview and recap.

*Video: Watch Day 1 here (begins without commentary); Watch Day 2 here.

boe-15-poster.jpgBeast of the East 8: 2015

First Round (Double Elimination)

Total Knock-Outs 93 vs. Beauty School Dropouts 45

Les Filles du Roi 90 vs. Casse-Gueules 70

Slaughter Daughters 164 vs. Thames Fatales 2

Les Contrabanditas 61 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 74

Prime Sinisters 89 vs. Atom Smashers 56

La Racaille 117 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 40

Venus Fly Tramps 73 vs. Death Track Dolls 39

Rouge et Gore 130 vs. Skateful Dead 25

Total Knock-Outs 61 vs. Les Filles du Roi 78

Beauty School Dropouts 49 vs. Casse-Gueules 80 (Beauties eliminated)

Slaughter Daughters 71 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 70

Thames Fatales 25 vs. Les Contrabanditas 154 (Fatales eliminated)

Prime Sinisters 81 vs. La Racaille 50

Atoms Smashers 62 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 63 (Smashers eliminated)

Venus Fly Tramps 68 vs. Rouge et Gore 91

Death Track Dolls 48 vs. Skateful Dead 80 (Dolls eliminated)

Total Knock-Outs 40 vs. Les Contrabanditas 92 (TKOs eliminated)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 25 vs. Casse-Gueules 58 (Gores eliminated)

La Racaille 59 vs. Skateful Dead 77 (Racaille eliminated)

Venus Fly Tramps 128 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 24 (Chicks eliminated)

Quarter Finals

Les Filles du Roi 70 vs. Venus Fly Tramps 49

Prime Sinisters 34 vs. Casse-Gueules 145

Slaughter Daughters 88 vs. Skateful Dead 78

Rouge et Gore 55 vs. Les Contrabanditas 31

Semi Finals

Les Filles du Roi 29 vs. Casse-Gueules 83

Slaughter Daughters 10 vs. Rouge et Gore 84

Third Place

Les Filles du Roi 116 vs. Slaughter Daughters 110


Casse-Gueules 161 vs. Rouge et Gore 142

* Read the Derby Nerd’s preview and recap.



Chicks Dispatch Dolls With Ease in ToRD Semifinal

Dolls Chicks Russell

This was the fourth semi-final meeting between the Chicks and the Dolls, but the first since 2011. The Chicks have won all four games. (Photo by Greg Russell)

After a regular season matchup that saw these two teams separated by only 25 points, expectations were high for Toronto Roller Derby’s semi-final showdown between three-time ToRD champs Chicks Ahoy! and two-time champs the Death Track Dolls; they were only heightened when the Chicks—tops in the league during the regular season—lost their page playoff quarterfinal to the Gore-Gore Rollergirls, while the Dolls easily toppled the Smoke City Betties in theirs. However, when the final whistle blew, it concluded the most complete 60-minute game that the Chicks have put together this season, one that resulted in a statement making 238-74 win, a victory that set up a historic, and perhaps fitting, showdown against the Gores, their long-time rivals, in the Battle for the Boot X.

Rocket Sleeper Neil

Dolls jammer Holly Rocket attempts to evade a hit from Chicks pivot Sleeper Hold. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Breakout rookie jammer Holly Rocket got the Dolls off to a quick start with lead jammer status and 4 quick points on the opening jam, but it would be a misleading start as the Chicks would roar back with five straight lead jammers to take a 32-7 lead and prompt the Dolls to take their first time out (one of two in the half). Early on, the game was fast paced and wide open, leading to relatively spread out packs; it was a style of play far removed from the slow, defense-heavy style that had given the Dolls some success this season, but the Chicks seemed to thrive, winning one-on-one battles in the pack and transitioning nicely between offense and defense.

While the Dolls’ time out was followed by back-to-back leads (the only time they’d pull this off in the half), it didn’t lead to anything sustainable and was followed by remarkable stretch of seven straight lead jammers for the Chicks, a dominant run that saw them outscore the Dolls 51-0—concluded by a 28-point power jam skated by Boxcar—and all but put the game away. Boxcar was actually one of the big storylines in this playoff game. The first-year transfer had no luck in the regular season game against the Dolls managing only 1.8 points per jam and a 27% lead percentage; however, in the first half alone, the veteran scored 63 points (10.5 PPJ) on the strength of a perfect 100% lead percentage (leading to full game totals of 101 and 92%). She was not alone in having success either, as of the fours Chicks jammers only rookie Banshee was held to less than double-digit totals in the opening period: Monster Muffin had 51 points and Pink Slamminade notched 28.

Ro Bomber Boxcar Greg

Betty Bomber and Robotomy attempt to contain Boxcar who torched the Dolls for 101 points. (Photo by Greg Russell)

While the Chicks began to tighten up the packs late in the first half, seemingly playing into the Dolls’ hands, the Chicks also played a relatively cleaner first half overall and the pack advantages lead to clear defensive advantages as well. Despite continuing to play well as a duo with Commander Will Wrecker, veteran Doll Dawson had an uncharacteristic five penalties in the opening half, and Stringer Belle eventually fouled out with an unusual eight penalties, an indicator of how out of sorts the Dolls were. Of the 21 first half penalties the team accumulated, four of them were to jammers, and the Chicks took advantage of those power jam opportunities to extend their considerable lead to 148-34 at the break.

If the result was not already a foregone conclusion at half, the Chicks made sure to dispel any notions of a Dolls’ comeback with a thoroughly crushing opening 10 minutes of the second period: over the opening nine jams of the frame, the Chicks nabbed all lead jammer statuses and put the game definitively out of reach with a 39-1 run; a run that increased their lead to 187-35.

Rabies Biggley Gunner

Chicks pivot Rosemary’s Rabies and Biggley Smallz hold back Scorpion Mouse (AKA Devochka). (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Biggley Smallz continues to be the linchpin of the Chicks’ pack providing reliable one-on-one last-line of defense blocking at the front of the pack; heavy hitter Vag Lightning also played one of her best all-around games of the season, continuing to deliver devastating hits (including one late shoulder-to-sternum blow to relief jammer Ellen Rage that left the Doll slow to get up on the inside of the track), Vag also delivered timely offense and played a—comparatively—clean game. But there truly were strong performances and stand out moments through the Chicks’ lineup and their pack was bolstered by the return of pivot/jammer Sleeper Hold, who was excellent with the stripe; the 2015 ToRD leading scorer was never needed in the jammer rotation on this night.

Vag Neil

Chicks blocker Vag Lightning had a strong game, providing big hits and timely offense. (Photo by Neil Gunner)

Midway through the second, with the game out of reach, the Dolls did go on their most spirited run of the bout. Nabbing five leads in a row (and six of seven) culminating in a 26-4 run that inspired the bench, but didn’t put too much of a dent in the deficit. While the ToRD season is a wrap for the Dolls now, the future does look potentially bright. Dasilva continues to develop into a on-track defensive force and Wheatabitch has steadily improved all season, both benefiting from playing with vet Betty Bomber this season (who, in addition to linemate Robotomy, announced that she will be moving at the conclusion of the season); the most optimistic aspect of the team is the jammer rotation where Bat Ma’am (29 points, 33%) and Holly Rocket (28, 43%) have shown that they can lead an offense and Ellen Rage is developing into a viable double threat.

However, that mid-period run was short-lived and the Chicks recovered to close out strong, wrapping up the 164-point playoff victory with relative ease and extending their season.

The Dolls are not done for the year, however, as they will travel to Montreal for the Beast of the East in a few weeks with the Betties and the Gores, while the Chicks now have nearly two months to prepare for their sixth Battle for Boot against long-time foes the Gores on June 11. The two teams have each won three previous championships.

*ToRD’s farm team, the D-VAS, also kicked off its 2016 season on Saturday, falling to Hamilton’s Hammer City Rollergirls 218-109. Both games will be archived on Also, Rogers TV broadcast the games; keep an eye out for intermittent replays in the coming weeks.

DVAS Hammer greg.jpg

The D-VAS and Hammer City gave fans a glimpse of the future of the respective leagues. (Photo by Greg Russell)