Canadian Power Rankings

Captain Lou El Bammo, Dick Dafone, and Derby Nerd periodically rank Canada’s top A-level travel teams. This is the final ranking of 2016. Read the the mid-season 2016 (June) Power Rankings here.

1. New Skids on the Block (Montreal Roller Derby)Montreal Roller Derby: New Skids on the Block  – After stumbling against Philly at ECDX, mid-season roster changes shook up the team chemistry, and after it had time to settle, the Skids knocked off Bay Area to become the first Canadian team to advance to WFTDA Champs where they put a scare into Angel City in the quarterfinals, which was enough to secure top spot. (1 / 19)
2. Terminal City All Stars (Terminal City Roller Girls)Terminal City All Stars
 – Despite the fifth place finish in their D1 playoff, it could be argued that Terminal City had a better playoff tournament than Montreal. They lost narrowly (164-162) against Philly before cruising through the consolation bracket. Their spot in the top 2, well ahead of the competition, remains secure. (2 / 18)
3.Calgary All Stars (Calgary Roller Derby Association)Calgary All Stars Logo  Although a 5th seed, Calgary tore through its D2 playoff tournament, including knocking off top seed Charm City along the way to finish in the top spot in the playoff. Finishing third overall in WFTDA’s Division 2 is more than enough to hold on to third spot. (4 / 45)
4. Misfit Militia (Orangeville Roller Girls) Misfit Militia Logo  +1 Went 6-1 in 2016 including a 147-144 unsanctioned win against D1’s Queen City. The teams only loss on the season came against an ever-improving Toronto Men’s Roller Derby team (200-159). However, their obvious talent and lack of WFTDA ranking continue to make top-level competition hard to come by. (3 /-)
5. Rideau Valley Vixens (Rideau Valley Roller Girls)Vixens Logo +1 A 4-7 regular season saw the Vixens tumble out of the D2 playoffs. However, the bright side is that many of those seven losses came against top-flight competition including the likes of Montreal, Jacksonville, and Philly. It was an incredibly challenging schedule that may have them currently under-ranked and that could pay track-experience dividends in 2017. (10/93)
6. E-Ville Dead (E-Ville Roller Derby)


unranked They’ve risen from the dead once again! E-Ville has been in and out of the Top 10 over the years, and now reenters once again, surging into the middle of the pack for the first time since last year’s end-of-season rankings. E-Ville had an incredible year with a record of 8-1 including victories over Top-10 Winnipeg (207-132) and Watch-Listers Mainland Misfits (279-89). The team’s only loss on the season was to provincial rivals and D2 bronze medalists Calgary (241-114).  (5 / 91)
7. All Stars (Winnipeg Roller Derby League) winnipeg logo  +1 Winnipeg inches forward a spot but gets stopped in its tracks by surging E-Ville (who defeated them 207-132 to earn the spot). The All Stars do hold their spot ahead of Muddy River based on strength of schedule. They went 8-5 on the season, helping them move to their highest WFTDA ranking yet. (9 / 84)
8. Lumbersmacks (Muddy River Rollers)Lumbersmacks Logo +1 The little league that just keeps going. Muddy River’s consistency over the past few season has been incredible given their size and location. This year they travelled far and wide once again compiling a 6-4 record along the way, including early season wins over Capital City and Quebec. A big late-season loss to Orangeville’s Misfit Militia was unsanctioned and didn’t effect their 16-spot jump in the WFTDA rankings.  (11 / 85)
9. Dolly Rogers (Capital City Derby Dolls)
Capital City Derby Dolls Logo
+1 The Dolly Rogers capped off their 5-4 season with a massive sanctioned win against Central NY that helped their 8-spot jump in the WFTDA rankings. Narrow wins against teams just outside of the Top 10 allow them to secure their spot and nudge forward, finally moving out of the long-held 10 spot. (8 / 106)
10.Tri-City Thunder (Tri-City Rller Derby)Tri-City Thunder Logo  -6 Tri-City had an up-and-down year in 2016, eventually finishing with a 5-10 record. After a promising two and one start (including a rare win over Toronto), Thunder lost seven of eight regular season games the rest of the way. A decent playoff run saw them improve their 9th place seeding to 6th in their D2 tournament. However, yet another off season shake-up to the jammer rotation means that Tri-City’s rebuild will be continuing into 2017. (6 / 57)

The Watch List

Anarchy Angels (Mainland Misfits Roller Derby) (12th)

Les Duchesses (Roller Derby Quebec) (13th)

Brute-Leggers (Royal City Roller Girls) (14th)

Northstars (Rated PG Rollergirls) (15th)
ToRD All Stars (Toronto Roller Derby) (16th)
The A Team (Eves of Destruction) (18th)
Read the full End-of-Season Power Rankings post here.

Nerd Glasses

*These rankings were compiled by the Derby Nerd, Captain Lou El Bammo, Dick Dafone

*These are the final Power Rankings of the year. Read the mid-season Power Rankings here.

-Respectful disagreement and debate is encouraged!-


  1. Expect E-ville to fall out of the top ten again. Even though both travel teams are coached by Coach Lime, E-ville is mortgaging its future for it current success. Poor player development, poor coaching and terrible, terrible decision making during house team games are killing this program. Nepotism and favouritism are rampant in this program.

    Upset house team players, play for other leagues.

    1. Sounds like someone who couldn’t make the cut or didn’t make the effort to just develop themselves as a better player. Also, I read your “blog” condemning both OCDG and E-ville. Sad that you won’t help out and would rather just tear down what others are doing. Please grow up.

  2. As predicted E-Ville falls out of the top ten.

    Poor coaching at the house level, poor player development, nepotism and favouritism.

    Derby Fan, making the cut or developing myself as a better player, is not the point or the focus of this.

    You obviously are a member of E-Ville ,and are defensive of your program which is admirable although misplaced. Your program is flawed, this is clearly evident by the number of former players playing for other organizations.

    I can go over a number of examples to prove my point, but the future is mortgaged how many Shania Pain’s will knock of E-Ville door in the next three years? If Tron or Scarstruck get injured ( Heaven forbid ) who can step in from The Living Dead?

    With such a stacked line up, and recent WFTDA membership, why does E-Ville duck and dodge higher ranked teams? CRDA Allstars are just down the road. I guess a trip to Seattle to play inferior teams was a bonding trip or an excuse to get out of Edmonton. As it did nothing for rankings.

    1. How about telling everyone who you really are instead of bad mouthing a league you know nothing about behind a fake name? E-ville doesn’t rely on one or two players to win games we win as a team…. Which you’d know if you knew anything. You should focus on your own skills which I’m guessing are lacking instead of what we are doing… Which is going up in rankings.

    2. Hey, no shout out for me? I’m pretty good, no? I think the team would be in BIG trouble if I was injured…

      1. I was disappointed you didn’t jam more Belle, but you were awesome blocking. Always thought you were a well rounded player.


  3. You have never been right in any your uneducated derby rants. All you do is hide behind a fake name. Maybe you should stop being so obsessed with us. Maybe concentrate on your derby skills instead of writing pointless rants.

  4. Betty, you sound bitter and do nothing but bash a program you don’t obviously understand.
    The Dead have a coach whom is busy. He makes it to help them when they can. Other than that the skaters coach each other. The Living Dead train with the Dead. BUT There is a reason why they are a B team and not the A team.

    Nobody steps onto the track an automatic superstar. Derby is about commitment if you want to play a higher caliber game. Better skaters make it on to the A teams, developing skaters who want to get better make it onto the B teams.

    Last nights game against Rated PG was an A team vs E-Villes B team. Even the CRDA B52 Bellas lost against the Rated PG Northstars.

    Another thing that maybe you are unaware of is the average life of a derby skater. It’s only about 2 years. Player retention is hard for ANY organization. Players come and go. Players move leagues for a multitude of reasons. E-Ville has had it’s share of people join fron other leagues and leave for others. It’s part of the game.

    I have been around the sport for some time now. I have seen massive changes in Edmonton alone, never mind the whole province. I have seen the creation and collapse of leagues. I have seen people come and go. One immutable fact is that rhetoric like yours does absolutely ZERO to help.

    All that your rants do is make you come off as an angry person. In my humble opinion a person who has an ax to grind against E-Ville. Maybe putting blame on “poor coaching and player development ” when it really sounds like you have an attitude problem or maybe are just uncoachable.

    You want to see change… HELP OUT! Volunteer, learn to coach, learn to ref, or heaven forbid learn to play with a team. Help be a constructive voice of change rather than trying to tear down something that people love.

    And just a few little facts: Eville has played Calgary. Once in October and again in April. Higher ranked teams also don’t want to play unranked teams because it hurts their rankings (from my limited knowledge on the subject of rankings). So playing another higher caliber team is not always as easy as you make it out to be.

    As for going to Wild West, E-Ville was hoping to be a full member of WFTDA by then but wasn’t by the time they got there. So no sanctioned games which was the real hope of going to Seattle, and no change in WFTDA rankings. The team paid to go and ended up only playing 2 games with the 3rd game being forfeited by the opposing team. As for playing “inferior teams” at the tournament, E-Ville wasn’t the organizer. They didn’t get to choose who they played against.
    Oh, and E-Ville won the game last night without Scarstruck who is off for an injury.

    I will ask you nicely to get your facts at least close to right before posting more diatribe like this.

  5. I owe an apology to Eville Roller Derby. A big apology. Congratulations on making D2’s, Who would have thought that a league that embraces, bullying,disrespect,discrimination, abusing players,poor attitudes,poor leadership and gossiping would ever succeed? Not only have you made D2’s you are still the most loathed league in Western Canada. Congratulations. We all know the response I will get from Tuff love ” It’s cause we are so good…….You know. “

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