Rankings Crew Bio: Captain Lou El Bammo

Captain Lou El BammoMike Greaves watched old school derby as a kid and was delighted to find modern derby in 2008. He progressed from fan to superfan to sponsor until he was asked to coach the Venus Fly Tramps, a home team for the Tri-City Roller Girls operating in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge. He was then asked to coach the Tri-City Travel Team, Thunder, during their inaugural season as full WFTDA members in 2011.

He has since moved on to the Royal City Roller Girls, out of Guelph, Ontario, where he now helps with league training and organizing, coaching their travel team, The Brute-Leggers, and working on his announcing and boutcasting skills. He was first selected to announce for the WFTDA 2012 North Central Regional Tournament (where he announced the championship game) and has continued to announce at that level since, including online for WFTDA.TV.

He’s a master of stats, analysis, strategy and team management and likes to think he brings a new level of understanding to the grand but youthful sport of roller derby. Despite all that, he’s a pretty modest guy and spends way too much of his time thinking about roller derby.

* Read the preview of the Canadian Roller Derby Ranking here.

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