Rankings Crew Bio: Dick Dafone

Photo by Steve Recsky photographyDick Dafone started announcing in the summer of 2007 for Calgary Roller Derby Association (CRDA), and with the shortage of announcers in Alberta found himself traveling throughout the province to announce for new leagues regularly. Entering his 7th season of announcing for CRDA, he has called upwards of 150 bouts, at the league and national level and made his international announcing debut at the 2014 Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup.

Dick played his first game in February of 2010, which was a men’s invitational in Edmonton. This sparked the desire for Men’s derby in Alberta and spawned the Red Deer Dreadnaughts and the Glenmore Reservoir Dogs. Since then he has played for both teams and jumps at the chance to play coed whenever possible.

Dick continues his close affiliation with CRDA.

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