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Weekend Recap: Vagine Regime Canada Slams the Clam

Vagine Regime Canada 108 vs. Clam Diggers 65

It was a beautiful Friday evening to kick off Pride weekend, and with the early evening sun streaming through the packed Hangar’s massive windows, Toronto’s second annual all-queer roller derby got under way to a raucous cheer from the appreciative audience. With members of ToRD split between the two squads this year, no team had the clear backing of the crowd. Which was fitting in a way, because this bout was more than just another derby bout: It was a celebration of a sport and a community and the importance each is for the other. Despite the quality and the competitive nature of the athletes involved, this celebratory sentiment pervaded the bout and transcended the outcome, a victory by the Vagine Regime over the Clam Diggers.

Mirambo got things off to a physical start with an early jammer take out on Sista Fista

There was a classic matchup at the jam line to kick things off: Former Death Track Dolls teammates Land Shark and Sista Fista (now of Victoria) squared off against each other in the opening jam. From that very opening jam, the Regime’s physical advantage was evident as Mirambo landed a huge jammer take out on Sista to set the tone. The Vagine Regime’s early physical dominance, and some strong jamming led by the Land Shark, saw the team fly out to a 17-0 lead. Not to be intimidated, the Diggers battled back. Despite being outsized by a considerable margin, San Fransisco’s feisty Mexican Jumping Mean showed no fear in engaging Montreal’s Nameless Whorror in the pack. Lady Cuntessa (Victoria) and Perky Set (Hammer City) proved that the Diggers would be willing to match the Regime hit-for hit as they each pounded Lock N Roll on what had to have been one long jam for the former ToRD player. Cuntessa was a huge physical presence all night for the Diggers, and was doing triple duty by the end of it.

Perky Set and Nasher the Smasher lead their packs.

Having chipped away at the lead, the Diggers found themselves with a power jam and a great opportunity to narrow the 24-9 disadvantage. But fantastic pack defense by a trio of ToRD blockers (Brim Stone, Bionichrome and Nasher the Smasher) held Perky Set to only two points and preserved the double-digit lead. Each time the Diggers seemed to make up some ground, the Regime would respond. And despite the fight shown by the girls in red (Bareleigh Legal was matching the Regime’s physicality all half), the physical dominance of players like Bruise Berry Pie and Nameless Whorror proved to be the difference as the Diggers found themselves down 54-22 at the half.

Nameless Whorror and Mexican Jumping Mean battling in the pack

Mexican Jumping Mean continued to play well above her weight in the second half, and produced some great pivot battles with Forest City’s Mirambo, with both skaters scoring early jammer take outs. Having begun to pull away, the Regime took the opportunity to play some unorthodox jammers. All pivots with their hometeams, Rebel Rock-It, Nasher the Smasher and Bionichrome all saw time at the jam line and did well. Despite playing behind the whole the bout, the Diggers refused to concede defeat and deep into the second produced what might have been the jam of the bout. With the Regime jammer in the box, Tri-City’s Anita Martini pivoted a brilliant power jam allowing Getcha Kicks to produce her most effective jam of the night, a double grand slam (and then some) to give the Diggers some late hope. But the Regime would not give up the advantage that easily.

Windy City's Jackie Daniels was a triple threat in the bout (jamming here against Memphis Kitty)

With the Diggers constantly fighting to narrow the gap, Windy City’s fantastic triple-threat, Jackie Daniels, seemed to take over the bout at various stages of the second half. Whether pivoting, jamming or mixing it up in the pack, she was all over the track and was a key component of the victory. It was her extraordinary 13 point jam (pivoted wonderfully by Bruise Berry Pie who was a menace to her Derby Debutantes’ teammate Getcha Kicks on the play) that blew the bout wide open (91-50) and essentially sealed the deal for the Regime. Rebel Rock-It closed out the bout by taking yet another lead jam, but it was Nasher and Nameless’ physical dominance (and one last jammer take out on Memphis Kitty) in that final jam which truly told the tale of this 108-65 Vagine Regime victory.

A Dramatic Story Continues to Unfold in Montreal

In what is shaping up to be the greatest regular season in Montreal’s history, 2008 MTLRD champions La Racaille denied this year’s breakout team, Les Contrabanditas, a second consecutive victory as the girls in green held on for a 106-104 victory. MTLRD was turned on its head with the Ditas upset 104-103 win over defending champs FDR a few weeks back, and it looks as though nothing has been settled yet. Displaying unprecedented league parity, this season will undoubtedly go down to the wire. Come August, and the Montreal championship, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be playing in the bout.

Weekend Preview: Pride + ToRD = Clam Slam!


Clam Slam II, a PrideToRD collaboration, takes place this Friday night at The Hangar and it once again features some of the finest skaters Toronto, Canada and even the United States has to offer. The Clam Slam will feature two teams of all stars: The Vagine Regime, managed by The Death Track Dolls‘  bench boss Big Chees, and The Clam Diggers who will be managed by Tri-City’s Boss Applesauce. It’s anyone’s guess as to the outcome of the bout will be, as both rosters are stacked with talent.


Jackie Daniels of the Windy City Roller Girls

In a lineup full of big hitters, ToRD’s Land Shark and Sail-Her Poon, along with Hammer City’s Lock N Roll, will be relied upon to carry a good part of the jam load for the Vagine Regime, but they could be gamely aided by Windy City‘s triple threat Jackie Daniels, a well known and respected skater who helped start the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls and now plays for the #1 ranked team in WFTDA‘s North Central Division (and also appeared in last fall’s Whip It). But given the celebratory nature of the event, expect to see some players more known for their blocking than jamming don the star, and there are definitely options. Aside from outstanding ToRD blockers like Mega Bouche, Nasher the Smasher, and Lucid Lou, and great pivots like Rebel Rock-It, Brim Stone and Bionichrome (AKA the Dolls’ Monichrome), the Vagine Regime also boasts big-hitting visitors Mirambo (Forest City Roller Girls), Grouchy LadyThug (Assault City Roller Derby), BruiseBerry Pie (GTA Rollergirls’ Derby Debutantes), Sofanda Beatin (Tri-City) and Nameless Whorror  (Montreal). Primarily a team of veterans, P Doddy joins her Betties teammate Poon as the only rookies on the lineup.

Mexican Jumping Mean from San Fransisco's Bay Area Derby Girls


Despite that intimidating roster, the Clam Diggers have nothing to fear.  While they might not boast as much of a powerful pack, the may be able to lay claim to more natural jammers. Familiar face Sista Fista (who played two season with ToRD’s Dolls before returning to Victoria’s Eves of Destruction) will lead Getcha Kicks (GTAR’s Derby Debutantes), Kari-Mia Beere (ToRD’s Chicks Ahoy!), and ToRD veteran Memphis Kitty (Smoke City Betties) at the jam line.  There’s also a good chance that Dyna Vagina (AKA the Chicks’ Dyna Hurtcha),  Firweed (Chicks) and Mexican Jumping Mean (From the Bay Area Derby Girls) will be thrown the star as well. What the Diggers’ pack lacks in pure power, it may make up positionally. The three Tri-City skaters on the roster (Anita Martini, sine-e-star and Bareleigh Legal) play together on both the Tri-City Thunder and the Vicious Dishes and are all key components of the recent successes of that league and its teams, and the great development of their pack control and pace strategies. Waxey McBush is a rookie with Montreal’s defending champion Les Filles Du Roi and has looked strong positionally early on in her first season. Two ToRD rookies will be joining her for their first Clam Slams as well (The Gores’ Shiver-Me-Timbers [AKA Aston Martini] and Hot Boxx [AKA Chronic]); a few veterans, Victoria’s Lady Cuntessa, Hammer City’s Perky Set and ToRD’s Hot Roller and Hoff will be relied up to hold things together in the pack.

However you look at it, both teams balance out in the end which is a bonus for fans. While you can expect all the big hits and strategic packs as you would in any roller derby bout, there will be a more playful element to the proceedings: If last year’s Clam Slam is any indication this will be an exciting celebration of roller derby and a can’t miss Pride event.

* I was recently interviewed by Bryan Mcwilliam from Gear Up for Sports. He has been doing a great job following ToRD this season introducing it to a new audience and giving roller derby the sports-page treatment that it deserves. The interview was part of his Clam Slam preview. You can read it here.


Clam Diggers

Anita Martini 9 (Tri City Roller Girls, Kitchener)
Bareleigh Legal 18 (TCRG, Kitchener)
Dyna Vagina 21 (ToRD)
Fireweed -40  (ToRD)
Getcha Kicks 76 (GTA Rollergirls, Toronto)
Hoff 65+ (ToRD)
Hot Boxx 60gritt (ToRD)
Hot Roller 48 (ToRD)
Kari Mia Beer 6 (ToRD)
Lady Cuntessa 702w (Eves of Distruction, Victoria)
Memphis Kitty 56 (ToRD)
Mexican Jumping Mean 7 (B.A.D Girls, San Francisco)
Perky Set 3 (HCRG, Hamilton)
Scissor-Me-Timbers 510 (ToRD)
sin-e-star 306 (TCRG, Kitchener)
Sista Fista 54u (Eves, Victoria)
Waxey McBush 200$/hr (MTLRD, Montreal)

Manager: Boss Applesauce (TCRG)

Vagine Regime

Bionichrome 35 (ToRD)
Brim Stone 2:18 (ToRD)
BruiseBerry Pie 31 (GTA Rollergirls, Toronto)
Fubar Bundy 765 (ToRD)
The Grouchy LadyThug 12:00 (Assault City Roller Derby, Syracruse NY)
Jackie Daniels No7 (Windy City Roller Girls, Chicago Ill)
Land Shark 33 (ToRD)
Lock N Roll 00 (HCRG, Hamilton)
Lucid Lou 12:34 (ToRD)
Mega Mouth 26 (ToRD)
Mirambo (Forest City Roller Girls, London)
Nameless Whorror 202  (MTLRD, Montreal)
Nasher the Smasher 2×4 (ToRD)
P Doddy 32 (ToRD)
Rebel Rock It  7 (ToRD)
Sail Her Poon 090w (ToRD)
Sofanda Beatin 420 (TCRG, Kitchener)

Manager: Big Chees (ToRD)