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2012 Team Preview: Chicks Ahoy!

Chicks Ahoy! 2012

Wins Losses +/- Notes
2011 Regular Season 2 1 +219 Second place for second straight year
2011 Playoffs 2 0 +156 Second championship (first since 2008)


Things started slowly for the Chicks Ahoy! in 2011. After a big preseason shake-up that saw the retirement of seven of the Chicks’ early stars, the team was slow out of the gate. While they did kick off the season with a 100 point victory over the Smoke City Betties, it was a far cry from the 224 point victory they’d scored over the Betties to close out the 2010 season. Even an impressive fourth place showing—the team’s best yet—at the Beast of the East was marred by the Chick’s first ever loss to leaguemates Death Track Dolls in the third-place bout.

Chicks Ahoy! won the team's second ToRD Championship in 2011. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)

But the Chicks had retained a solid core, and it was only a matter of time before the seven rookies began to integrate, and with a new bench manager, Flyin’ Bryan Killman, adding consistency and stability on the bench, the team began to gel. A mid-season tilt against the Gore-Gore Rollergirls showed this improvement as they went toe-to-toe with the champs for much of the bout before fading late in the game. But the flashes of brilliance were merely the beginning of powerful things to come. After two years of nail-biting showdowns with the Dolls, the Chicks finally overcame their rivals in a dominant, 159 point victory to close out the 2011 regular season. They continued that streak in the playoffs, winning their second straight game against the Dolls in the semifinals before putting together a bout of beauty in their relentless, overwhelming victory over the defending champs in the Battle for the Boot 5.


Roadside BombShel was a stand-out with the D-VAS in 2011. (Photo by Sean Murphy)

For the second straight year, retirement has hit the Chicks at the core. Three more key members of the 2008 championship team skated their final bouts in 2011, and the loss of founding-member Cheri Nova, the frightening Dolly Destructo, and the extremely popular G-Force (who remains active in ToRD) will certainly be felt by the team (it should be noted that third-year skater Hum Dinger will be on maternity leave this season as well). But captains Candy Crossbones and Tara Part selected well in the entry draft, plucking Roadside BombShel, Biggley Smallz and Central New York transfer Doris Doomsday from the D-VAS. With less new skaters to integrate into the team in 2012, they transition should be much more painless for the Chicks, and with little expectations, their rookies should have ample time and opportunity to mesh with the team.

The Chicks have an incredibly deep pack led by the likes of Tara Part and Nasher the Smasher. (Photo by Neil Gunner)


Flyin’ Bryan Killman is back for his second season as the Chicks’ bench manager, and will attempt to maintain the same positive bench attitude that carried them through 2011. He’s a got a deep, experienced roster to work with.

Pivot:  Nasher the Smasher, Mega Bouche, Rebel Rock-It and Tara Part have been wearing the strip for years for the Chicks, and not much will change in 2012. With so few rookies, don’t expect the Chicks to feel the need to rush anyone else into this all-important role, but look to see some veterans like Robber Blind or Furious Georgia, or second-year skaters like Red Light Roxy and Snapp’n Cooter get a chance with the stripe.

Blocker: The success of the Chicks Ahoy! has always revolved around the strength of their blockers, and this year’s team is no different. Along with the more-than-capable roster of potential pivots, the Chicks are blessed with extraordinary pack depth. In 2011 Marmighty emerged as one of the most effective and devastating blockers in the league and was a key player in the championship game victory. Veteran skater Hoff and sophomore Tess D’Urb-Evil round out the roster along with rookies Doris Doomsday and Biggley Smallz.

Kookie Doe was rookie of the year in 2011. (photo by Neil Gunner)

Jammer: Last year the Chicks solidified their jammer rotation and it delivered. Candy Crossbones and Dyna Hurtcha both had career seasons with the star in 2011 finishing tied for second with a 40 JQ rating, which allowed rookie of the year Kookie Doe to develop without too much pressure (or as little pressure as a rookie can feel while being a regular jammer on a championship team). This season look for the Chicks to cultivate some depth at this position, and they do have optains. Both Bala Reina and Roadside BombShel have a diverse skill set that could see them playing in the pack, but they’ve also got the ability and tenacity to jam.

Chicks and Gores kick off ToRD's 2012 season. (Photo by Kevin Konnyu)


Expectations are as high they can get for the Chicks. After a steady and consistent rebuild, the Chicks have created one of the deepest hometeam rosters in Canadian roller derby (they currently sport twelve ToRD travel-team skaters consisting of four Bay Street Bruisers and eight members the WFTDA ranked CN Power). With so little turnover in the roster, the 2011 ToRD champions have got to be considered heavy favourites to repeat in 2012.  The season opener against their opponents in the past two ToRD Championships, the Gores, should say a lot about how this season will unfold.


  • Despite finishing second in the regular season, they led the league in team scoring with 408 points.
  • Dyna Hurtcha led the team in total +/- with a +160; she also led among jammers with a +99.
  • The Chicks had four skaters register more than 50 blocks: Mega Bouche (67—led the league), Nasher the Smasher (55), Marmighty (54), and Rebel Rock-It (53). Tara Part led the team with 30 assists.
  • Dyna Hurtcha and Candy Crossbones each registered a 40 JQ rating. Candy Crossbones led the team in scoring with 141 points (Dyna Hurtcha with 136 and Kookie Doe with 102 also registered over 100 points), while Dyna led the league with a remarkable 74% lead percentage.
  • Rebel Rock-It (57%) followed closely by Marmighty and Nasher the Smasher (54%) were on the track for the majority of their team’s jams. With 5 penalty minutes (on 4 majors), Marmighty led the Chicks in penalty minutes served.

***The Chicks and Gores meet in the 2012 season opener at The Bunker in Downsview Park. Tickets are on sale now! The Bout will also feature a showdown between this year’s D-VAS in a D-VAS Black vs. D-Vas Red bout. Doors for this double header open at 5:00 PM.

Team Preview: Death Track Dolls


  Wins Losses +/ – Notes
2010 Regular Season 1 2 +69 Team-record victory (160 pts over Betties)
2010 Playoffs 0 1 -36 2nd semifinal loss to Chicks in 3 years.


In 2010, the Death Track Dolls picked up their first regular season win since 2008.


Things got off to a shaky start for the Death Track Dolls when they surprisingly went two and done at the 2010 Beast of the East, but an encouraging exhibition win over Tri-City’s Venus Fly Tramps set the Dolls up for a solid 2010 in which they improved as the season progressed. Glimpses of brilliance (in another regular season nail-biter with the Chicks; in the first half of the bout against the Gores) seemed to indicate that the “rebuilding process” that had been going on since a devastating 2008 playoff loss was finally coming to an end. With a solid core, strong leadership, and a team identity beginning to form, the Dolls seem set for 2011.


Speedee Ramone (seen here in 2009) returns after a single-season retirement.

The key for the 2011 Dolls is consistency. With 16 skaters returning from last year’s squad there is a familiarity among the team members that should be a huge advantage on the track. Plus, after last year’s successful reintegration of Jubilee, another former Doll is coming out of retirement for another shot at the Boot. Speedee Ramone returns after watching 2010 from the sidelines and her experience makes her an easy fit with this increasingly veteran team. When asked about draft decisions, co-captain Betty Bomber said that the Dolls have shifted focus: “Our goal last year was to fill in positional gaps. But this year the team understands that you need to know each position before you’re dominant in one. So our strategy going into draft selections were attitude, progress, and sportsmanship.” That strategy brought the Dolls three skaters whose development will be aided by not having the pressure to perform immediately. Despite not drafting for positions, Bomber also acknowledged that the skaters are quickly settling into potential roles on the track. She referred to Santilly In Yo Face as a “naturally aggressive athlete,” suggesting a skill set potentially suited to jamming, and pointed out that Nyght Ryder already looks comfortable in a pack. A “determined” Kat Atak rounds out the rookie threesome for the Dolls this season.

The major loss the Dolls are facing is to injury. Injured since the end of the last year’s regular season, triple threat Audrey Hellborn remains sidelined after surgery. Audrey was on the track for 52% of the Dolls’ regular season jams last year and averaged 3.2 points per jam as a jammer. This game changer’s absence was noticeable in the Dolls’ semifinal loss to the Chicks Ahoy!, and it will undoubtedly be felt this season as well.


Betty Bomber will be key for the Dolls at every position.


With only three rookies, look for returning bench bosses the Big Chees and Sonic Doom to try to fill holes from within. With the loss of Audrey, Betty Bomber will begin the season as the team’s sole triple threat, a role she thrived in last season.


Pivots: Last year’s leading pivots Panty Hoser and Monichrome return. Dolly Parts’em looks to bounce back after an injury plagued 2010 that saw her miss the first two bouts of the season. She came back as a blocker for the final bout of the regular season but has the chops to lead the pack. Betty Bomber notes that second-year skater Sinead O’Clobber’s confidence has really grown and that in the preseason is “taking initiative in becoming a strong pivot.”

Blockers: Even with the loss of heavy hitter Audrey Hellborn,  the Dolls still pack a punch. Once she got her skate legs back, Jubilee had a monster season in the pack taking on an increasingly big role as 2010 progressed. ToRD vet Seka Destroy and original Doll Bonky Kong are also solid blockers with sharp striking ability. Veterans Lucid Lou and Sue Saint Marie, along with third-year blocker Downright Dirty Dawson, lead an increasingly solid core of positional blockers that will be bolstered by quickly improving sophomore skater Speedin Hawking. “Speedin’s pretty ambitious,” Bomber said, “and has been working hard coming up to these last days before our game. I foresee a dazzling future for Hawking this season.”


Jammers: Once again the offense will be lead by Land Shark, who has grown into one of the most reliable jammers in the league. When she’s on her game there aren’t many who can keep up and will be key to the Dolls realizing their high ambitions for the season. As with last season, look for her offensive backup to be provided by committee. Demolition Dawn took on a lot of the load in key bouts against the Chicks and Gores last season; and of all three positions, Betty Bomber improved the most as a reliable jammer (joining Land Shark in the 100 point/50% lead percentage club and picking up a lot of JQ points along the way). In her rookie year, SlamWow donned the star at least once in all the bouts, and could potentially continue her apprenticeship. And although she’s become important to the pack, Jubilee has a history with the star as well, including finishing with a Top 10 JQ rating in 2007 and could make for an aggressive jammer.



From the Archives: Bambi and Land Shark will continue a jammer battle that began in 2008.

Expectations are high for 2011. “The Dolls are filled with smart, hardworking skaters and I’d like to see us make an imprint this year as the team to beat,” Bomber says with confidence, as she should. This season could represent a narrow opening in a small window. With such a veteran lineup, much of which has been together for two full season now, the time is now for the Death Track Dolls. With the goal to be a strategic team that relies on smarts rather than brawn and speed, much relies on the ability of the team to stay focused on the track and how much they are able to impose their play on an opponent. But at the same time, they have to be able to adjust when things aren’t going well. Last year after two strong bouts to open the season, the Dolls seemed on the verge of a major upset when they had the Gore-Gore Rollergirls on the ropes in the first half only to see the Gores go the dressing room, make some serious half-time adjustments, and then dominate the second half. It was a lesson learned for the Dolls and one that could actually help them this season. When asked about that challenging bout with the Dolls, Gores captain Brim Stone acknowledged that if the Dolls remain focused, the league could be in trouble. “There is so much potential on that team, and they have some of the best jammers in the league,” she pointed out, naming Land Shark and Betty Bomber in particular. “Their drive to win seemed to build over the year, and if they can maintain that drive they will be serious contenders for the Boot!”

In some circles 2010 was Year of the Doll, but if things go the way co-captains Betty Bomber and Dolly Parts’em envision them, 2011 could be ToRD’s Year of the Doll.


Click the poster to see a video preview of the season opener


– As a team, managed a +69 because of a big victory over the Betties. Bomber (107) and Sharky (100) each scored over 100 points. Sharky lead the league in Jam%, wearing the star for 33% of the Dolls’ regular season jams.

– Bomber finished with top overall +/- (+132) on the team. Her +80 was also tops among the jammers.

– Monichrome led the team in assists (24); Bomber, in blocks (15); and Audrey led in knockdowns (11).

– Audrey picked up the most minor penalties (28) and served a team-high 10 minutes, while Hoser had 6 majors, more than any other Doll.

ToRD Playoff Preview: Betties vs. Gores

#4 Smoke City Betties (0-3) vs. #1 Gore-Gore Rollergirls (3-0)

On Saturday, October 2nd, ToRD’s 2010 playoffs get under way with a rematch of last year’s championship final between the defending champion Gore-Gore Rollergirls and last year’s runner-up Smoke City Betties. But this matchup has had a much different build up than last year’s hotly contested final. Since that Saturday night last November, these teams have gone in much different directions. The defending champion Gores completed their second consecutive unbeaten season and seem confident about defending their championship. The Betties, on the other hand, have had a much different 2010, and stagger into the playoffs after going winless so far this year.

The Betties veterans have been key all season.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Smoke City Betties

In 2009, three years of hard work toward developing the sport in this city culminated in a spot in the championship bout for the Betties. It was a high point for a team who’d had to watch the Gores and Chicks Ahoy! dominate the early days of ToRD’s history. Coming up short in the final, the Betties began a process of rebuilding with hopes of a potential championship somewhere down the road. Led by a core of veterans including Memphis Kitty, Hot Roller and Pretty Peeved, it was a very inexperienced Betties lineup that went 0-2 at the Beast of the East, including a lopsided loss to the Chicks. Clearly, this group of rookies only recently drafted to the team would have to endure its share of growing pains before it could pull itself back into contention.

The Betties rookies have been forced into key roles

The 2010 season became a season of rebuilding for this Betties squad, who under the bench guidance of Mia Culprit and Quickdraw charged into every bout prepared and ready to play their hearts out. A series of big losses over the summer never dimmed the spirit of the team, and late in the season, it became evident that this team was learning: the progress could be seen in almost every jam. A few veterans stepped up into key roles in 2010: Lacy Brawler proved a dependable work horse on the track, and Lady Scorcher led by example, stepping into whatever role needed filling (particularly evident in the final game of the season against the Chicks). The rookie squad also saw leaders emerge. In a forward-thinking move, Sail Her Poon was named co-captain and proved that the decision was justified with her play on the track from jamming against the Gores or working the pack against the Chicks. But others too have stepped up into pivotal roles, Genuine Risk in the pack, Mouth of the South with her jammer assists and Tropic Thunder with the star have provided depth for the Betties lineup, while others have shown tremendous improvement from their first bouts to their most recent. 

Despite the struggles this season, the Betties have all the potential to once again rise to the top. If this new generation of Betties can pull through these growing pains, they’ve got all the pieces in place for a bright future.


(Current Rollergirl.ca ranking: 20th among hometeams, 32nd overall)

Smoke City Betties 11 vs. Thames Fatales (FCRG) 38 (@ Montreal/Beast of the East)

Smoke City Betties 15 vs.  Chicks Ahoy 89 (@ Montreal/ Beast of the East)

Smoke City Betties 58 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 248 (ToRD regular season)

Smoke City Betties 53 vs. Death Track Dolls 213 (ToRD regular season)

Smoke City Betties 14 vs. Slaughter Daughters 248 (RVRG) (@ Rideau Valley)

Smoke City Betties 42 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 266 (ToRD regular season)

2010 ToRD Recrod: 0-3

2010 Exhibition Record: 0-3

The Gores have won two of three ToRD championships

YEAR IN REVIEW: Gore-Gore Rollergirls

The Gore-Gore Rollergirls have had a big part in writing the early history of ToRD. The Gores have reached the final in each of the league’s first three season, their only loss coming at the hands of the Chicks Ahoy in the 2008 final. Last year the momentum of a year-long unbeaten streak propelled them back to the top when they won their second ToRD championship. So far in 2010, they’ve picked up where they left off. Coming off a 4th place finish at the Beast of the East (their only losses coming to Montreal’s Les Contrabanditas and Les Fills du Roi), the Gores rolled through another unbeaten season, running their current ToRD unbeaten streak to seven games. Part of the reason for the success of this squad has to do with how unchanged the core of this team has remained. Led once again by the steadying presence of bench-boss Reverend Ramirez, the Gores remain a unified and focused group.

Molly Boom has had a great season pivoting

In the one-sided opening bout of the regular season, the Gore-Gore Rollergirls took the opportunity to mix-up the lineup from its usual formation, deploying different players in roles that they often hadn’t played. The experiment seemed to work well at the time, but as the season wore on and the challenges grew stronger, the Gores slowly reverted back to the team that had already had so much success: It’s hard to fix something that isn’t broken. Having a formidable three-jammer rotation of Bambi, Dust Bunny and Lunchbox (who finished with the 1st, 2nd and 4th highest JQ ratings) at the back essentially creates the pack strategies that you’ll employ: Get out of the way and make sure you take the other team with you. Led by the excellent pivoting of Brim Stone, Junkie Jenny, and Molly Boom the pack has managed to do just that all season. The return of veterans Foxy Sinatra and Kandy Barr (who both took a year off) filled out a lineup already deep with capable, experienced players. Not that the Gores lack for impressive rookies either. The stability of the team has allowed this year’s crop of newcomers a great opportunity to integrate and learn without pressure. Santa Muerte has provided a physical and energetic presence to the pack, while Hurlin Wall stepped in almost immediately to provide a level of positional blocking well beyond her limited experience.


(Current Rollergirl.ca ranking: 5th among home teams, 11th overall)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 43 vs. Derby Debutantes (GTAR) 20 (@Montreal/Beast of the East)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 17 vs. Les Contrabanditas (MTLRD) 63 (@Montreal/Beast of the East)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 45 vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames (Vermont) 22 (@Montreal/Beast of the East)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 1 vs. Les Filles du Roi 65 (MTLRD) (@Montreal/Beast of the East)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 21 vs. Les Contrabanditas 91(MTLRD) (@Montreal/Beast of the East)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 248 vs. Smoke City Betties 58 (ToRD Regular Season)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 124 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 80 (ToRD Regular Season)

Gore-Gore Rollergirls 133 vs. Death Track Dolls 54 (ToRD Regular Season)

2010 ToRD Record: 3-0

2010 Exhibition Record: 2-3

The Gores dominated this season's regular season bout between the two teams


With the finals more than a month away, don’t expect either of these teams to hold anything back. Expect the Gores to come out hitting hard and dominating the pace and formation of the pack to provide their jammers with the space (or pace) they need. The Betties veterans will lead the attempt to wrestle some sort of control of the pack away from the Gores. Expect to see some great pivoting battles up front as the veterans battle each other. While the Gores jammers prefer the open spaces and gaps that allow for them to deke their way through, the Betties will need to protect their jammers and give them all the aid they can in getting through the pack. The Gores are an explosive team and the Betties cannot allow for them to build up too much of an early lead. Lead jammer status will be hard to come by in this one for the inexperienced Betties, so their jammers will have to be aware of their defensive responsibilities as well.

Realistically, a victory by the 4th place Betties would represent one of the great upsets in ToRD’s history. But it is the playoffs and anything can happen. If the Gores come into the bout thinking that they’re getting a simple tune-up for the championship, they just may be surprised.

As usual, the bout is at The Hangar on Saturday night. Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are available online or at a number of Toronto retailers. Check out ToRD.TV for interviews, boutcasts and video recaps.

Weekend Recap: Chicks Ahoy! cruise into playoffs

Rebel Rock-It was a force with the stripe (here forcing titmouse out of bounds)

Chicks Ahoy! 266 (2-1) vs. Smoke City Betties 42 (0-3)

The Chicks Ahoy! may be peaking at just the right time. Looking to secure the second spot in ToRD’s regular season standing, the Chicks skated into the Hanger for their bout against the Smoke City Betties on Saturday night looking relaxed and focused. Despite a re-jigged lineup and a few absent players (including Mach Wheels who is in the midst of an excellent season), the Chicks looked cohesive and supportive in the pack. Rallying around the returning veteran Tara Part, they never looked out of control in what would turn out to be their most dominant performance of the year and maybe in their team’s history.

The difference in experience between the two teams was evident from virtually the first whistle. Led by explosive jamming from Candy Crossbones (who finished with a plus/minus of +71) and Dyna Hurtcha, (who led all scorers with 80), the Chicks were up 44 points before the Betties seemed comfortable in the game. Not that they weren’t asserting their physical dominance early on either, as a thunderous jammer take out by Marmighty on Pretty Peeved set the tone. Despite missing a full season due to a devastating injury, Tara Part did not look out of place and was quickly sharing the early pivot load with Rebel Rock It. Rebel played a strong bout once again whether killing power jams from the back of the pack or putting up 23 points in a single jam as jammer (a feat she would better by 2 points in the second half).

Candy Crossbones had another strong performance jamming; Lady Scorcher stepped up at every position for the Betties.

But as has happened all year, the Smoke City Betties just wouldn’t concede defeat and kept fighting against the odds. Lady Scorcher put in a solid all-around effort—seeming to be making up for the absent Memphis Kitty—and put in what was one of a series of gutsy performances for the Betties, which ranged from veterans (Hot Roller and Pretty Peeved) to rookies (Tropic Thunder and Platinum Bomb). The fans in The Hangar certainly appreciated the Betties tenacity and were clearly behind them to pull off the upset. But they never could seem to rattle the Chicks in the first half. With six minutes remaining the Chicks pulled ahead by 100. By the end of the period, they’d increased their lead to 130-14.

Chicks Ahoy! continued to rotate the lineup liberally in the second half, spreading out the workload almost equally among the bench. As a result, any number of players was a viable candidate for triple threat: Robber Blind played a strong bout at all positions and Mega Bouche also was her usual self on the track: delivering big hits and pulling off physical jams. Even Nasher the Smasher took a few turns at the jam line. But for the most part, the Chicks’ traditional jammers lead the way. Candy Crossbones added her name to the record books with a 25 point jam (joining Rebel at the top of the heap), and Kari Mia Beere had a bounce-back performance, looking scrappy and focused on the track.

Betties and Chicks post bout.

It’s certainly not all bad news for the Betties. While last year’s success must seem like a distant memory, and the present might seem a little grim, the future is looking brighter all the time. The continued rise of a few key players bodes well for the days ahead. The steady emergence of Tropic Thunder as a dependable jammer continued in this bout, and both titmouse (as jammer) and Grim Avenger (as pivot) looked very comfortable on the track. Young captain Sail Her Poon took on a different role in this bout, bringing her steadying presence to the pack and looked solid against her much bigger foes. With Sin D Drop Her and P Doddy taking on a good positional roles, and Mouth of the South always looking to help her jammer, they round out a core of rookies that has all the potential to do some damage in 2011 and beyond.

Despite the uneven score line, the Betties actually played their strongest bout of the season: the Chicks Ahoy! were  just that good on this night. Despite still running into some penalty trouble (far too many power jams were given up, particularly in the first half), they defended them beautifully. With Rebel Rock-It controlling pace like a drill sergeant, the Chicks pack work has come a long way. In a season that got off to an uneven start, the experienced Chicks’ squad has rounded into a fine late-season form. Their dominant performance should be taken as a message: this team is ready for the playoffs.

All photos by David Artemiw. Visit http://www.david artemiw.com

* Watch layer9’s footage of the bout and player interviews at ToRD.TV.

* Keep up to date on standings and statistics here.

* The playoffs run through October with the defending champion and top ranked Gore-Gore Rollergirls taking on the fourth place Smoke City Betties (October 2) and the second place Chicks Ahoy! playing the third ranked Death Track Dolls (October 23). Tickets for the first bout are available now. Previews coming soon*

WEEKEND PREVIEW: Chicks and Betties close out ToRD’s regular season

From the Archives: The Chicks and Betties played the inaugural bout at The Hangar on July 19, 2009 (68-61 Betties)

Smoke City Betties (0-2) vs. Chicks Ahoy! (1-1)

ToRD’s 2010 regular season comes to a close on Saturday night, as two teams look to wrap up their very different years. Coming off of a sometimes frustrating 2009, the veteran laden Chicks Ahoy! were looking to rebound in a big way in 2010. Although the season didn’t get off to a clean start (poor exhibition showings at the Beast of the East and in Tri-City), the Chicks have found their form at precisely the right time. The rookie filled Smoke City Betties on the other hand (after going through a massive off season overhaul) have spent most of 2010 simply learning. It’s been a tough curve with some big losses, but the experience that this young team has picked up is invaluable. It is rare that so many rookies are given such an opportunity and it can only bode well for the future.


Chicks Ahoy!

1. Tight packs: Traditionally known as the physical juggernaut of the league, the Chicks have shown much more control in the pack this season. Responding to the recent evolution of the sport in bouts against the Death Track Dolls and especially the Gore-Gore Rollergirls, the Chicks pivots (lead by Rebel Rock-It and Nasher the Smasher) have shown a penchant for strategic pack control that has given another dimension to this team’s defense. The veterans Hoff and Cheri Nova have seemed to thrive in this system, and the potential return of Tara Part only heightens the positional strength of the Chick’s packs. This is an experienced roster, and its ability to control and manipulate the much less experienced Betties packs could make a huge difference.

The Chicks are capable of dominating physically.

2. Physical blockers: Despite the renewed focus on pack control, the Chicks are still a team that can wreak havoc with a sustained physical attack. Led by the hard-hitting trio of Nasher, Mega Bouche and Dolly Destrucuto, the Chicks have made a habit of highlight reel jammer take outs this year. Exhausting (and frustrating) the jammers with constant physical pressure was a key in their late comeback victory over the Dolls earlier in the season. With Fireweed coming into her own as a feisty pack presence, and an in-form Fubar Bundy adding to the arsenal, this is a team that can overwhelm its opponents with strength and tenacity.

3. Balanced attack: The keys to a successful offense are balance and consistency: the Chicks seem to have found this in 2010. Traditional triple threat Mach Wheels is having a career year with the star, currently ranked in the top four of every major jammer category including an impressive 75% lead percentage. Despite missing a bout earlier in the season, Candy Crossbones has been consistent as well. While Kari Mia Beere is still finding the fine form of her rookie season, sole 2010 newcomer Marmighty has slowly joined the attack and seems to be thriving under the pressure of being the only rookie on the team. With veteran G-Force still capable of taking a jam here and there to relieve pressure, the Chicks may have developed the deepest and most balanced attack in the league.

Smoke City Betties

1. Cause chaos: The Chicks will look to control the pace and shape of the packs, and in the face of such an experienced foe, the Betties just may be able to create opportunity from chaos. The looser and more stretched the packs, the more to the advantage this may be for the Betties. Look for veterans Hot Roller, Lady Scorcher and Pretty Peeved to take on the all-important role of pivot, and key for them will be to frustrate the Chick’s pivots by breaking up their packs and countering their pack strategies. The Betties may not have the depth that their opponents have, but by tactically employing their vets to support their rookies, they just may be able to keep pace (at least for long enough to cause some damage).

Protecting the jammer is key against the Chicks.

2. Stay disciplined: Always easier said than done, staying out of the penalty box is difficult for any team, but for one as young and comparatively inexperienced as the Betties, it can be the difference between a solid performance and a complete collapse. The Chicks have shown this season that they can work a power jam as well as anyone, and Mach Wheels has been a devastatingly efficient jammer in those situations. Maintaining composure on the track, and being aware of minor penalty counts on the bench will be necessary to keep the Betties in the game.

3. Help the jammer: Aside from on-track leader and veteran jammer Memphis Kitty, the Betties have the most inexperienced attack in ToRD. Rookies Sail-Her Poon, Tropic Thunder and titmouse have emerged as the future of the Betties offense but are being counted on to do a lot in the present. The Chicks have proven that they can frustrate the most experienced jammers in this league and will be chomping at the bit to get a shot at the Betties’ rookies. If the Betties want to generate any sort of offense, jammer awareness will be key: leaving them to fend for themselves in such a harsh environment is simply not an option.


In 2009 these two teams played a gritty, defensive chess match of a bout with the Betties coming out on top 68-61, a key victory in their march to the final. I wouldn’t expect the same sort of stalemate this time out. Despite their considerable improvement throughout this season, this Betties team is still not near to the one that dominated last season, while the Chicks have emerged as a potentially better team than they were at this time last year. The Chicks are determined to return to the championship bout and regain the trophy they held in 2008. This bout will provide them with a final opportunity to prove that they are the contenders that they wish to be. For the Betties, at the very least this bout provides them with one final learning experience before the playoffs; at most, an opportunity for a major upset that would significantly shake up the playoff picture.

The bout is, of course, at The Hangar in Downsview Park. Doors at 6:30, bout at 7:30. Tickets are available online and a number of retail outlets.

Check out last year’s defensive classic on layer9. Check out game-by-game stats breakdowns and JQ standings here.

Weekend Recap: Gores Gore Chicks

Nasher the Smasher and Brim Stone leading their packs.

Chicks Ahoy! 80 (1-1  -32) vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 124 (2-0  +234)

In a highly anticipated matchup at the Hangar on Saturday night, the defending champion Gore-Gore Rollergirls took on their long-time rivals Chicks Ahoy! in a bout between ToRD’s two remaining undefeated teams. It was a hard-hitting, scrappy affair in the packed and sweaty Hangar, a bout that the Gores took control of early and aside from a few strong pushbacks, maintained control of throughout, pulling into top spot in the standings with the 124-80 victory.

Both teams seemed hesitant at first, with neither capable of taking a clear advantage. Jammers took leads only to be reeled in before completing a scoring pass, or got caught up in back walls before being forced to call. The Gores’ Bambi finally broke the deadlock, recovering from a thundering jammer take out by Nasher the Smasher to pick up 7 points and open up a 10-0 lead five minutes in. It would be short lived though as the Chicks tight pack work was quickly rewarded with a power jam. Rebel Rock-It pivoted a strong, slow pack, while Mach Wheels danced her way to 15 points and a brief 15-11 lead. In an exciting turn of events, the Gores were immediately given a power jam as well and Lunchbox took back the lead with a triple grand slam of her own.

Foxy Sinatra (blocking G-Force) made an impressive return to ToRD after a one-year hiatus.

There were some interesting positional matchups in the early going. The Gores, who have been mixing things up this season, continued to do so early on. The hard-hitting Foxy Sinatra was pivoting, allowing Brim Stone to play as blocker a little more  (although she was pivoting a surprisingly good pack of rookies as well). But it was at the jammer position where the Gores would once again shine. Although sticking with their big three, the matchups were not working in their favour early on. The Rev took note and a few adjustments later and the jammers were rolling. With all three picking up considerable points late in the half to ensure that the Gores would maintain their lead, which was 74-37 at the half.

Traditionally, the Chicks have been known as a hard hitting, defensive team, but they showed great preparation for this bout and a willingness to adjust to their opponents. Taking a much more strategic approach (pace control, isolation and trapping with the packs) to complement the big hits and jammer take outs by the likes of Fubar, Nasher and Dolly Destructo the Chicks may have put together their most consistent and unified bout of the season. Fireweed’s scrappiness straight from the whistle and Marmighty’s tenacity in the pack though, reminded the Gores that this isn’t always a fun team to play against.

Rebel Rock-It (who had a great night with the stripe) takes a rare turn as jammer.

The second half kicked off with a bit of a pushback from the Chicks’ jammers, but while Candy and Mach were consistently getting leads, they weren’t able to shake the Gores’ jammers and make clean scoring passes. But persistence pays off, and it was the more strategic Chicks packs which were finally able to wrestle control away from the Gores . Over a series of jams (including another well-executed power jam—Rebel Rock-It and Nasher were leading traps effectively all night) the Chicks were able to reel off 23 unanswered points to pull within 19 (91-72) more than halfway through the period. Not to be outdone, the Gores adjusted to their opponents as well, stepping the physical play up, and seeming to want to engage in pack break ups and hit-for-hit blocker battles. Power blocker Foxy Sinatra led the Gores attack back, and was complemented by a group of talented rookies and the veteran presence of pivots Brim Stone and Junkie Jenny. Hurlin Wall built on her excellent rookie season and continues to develop into a wall of a positional blocker. Santa Muerte made her ToRD regular season debut as well and wreaked havoc on the Chicks’ pack. With the Gores retaking control of the pack, the Chicks took some untimely penalties. Bambi was able to pick up another 15 points with Mach Wheels in the box to restore the Gores’ cushion. A few more untimely penalties that lead to Gore pack advantages allowed that Gores to defend their lead and play out their eventual 44 point victory.

Lunchbox tries to get around Robber Blind

Mach Wheels and Bambi (this season’s two JQ leaders) engaged in epic jammer battles all night, evading blocks and trading leads, and the strategies being employed (on the track and on the benches) speaks volumes to the fast evolution of the sport. But what was most impressive (as it has been for much of the season), is the quality of this year’s rookies class. From Marmighty, the lone Chicks rookie, to the coterie of impressive rookies on the Gores, the future looks bright for ToRD.

Check out layer9’s full bout plus interviews and more at ToRD.TV.

Keep an eye on my stats page for the updated stats (including the JQ).


Derby Debutantes (GTAR) 44 vs. Thames Fatales (FCRG) 174

In a wise developmental move, Sudbury’s Nickel City rollergirls hosted an exhibition bout featuring two veteran teams from the south to learn the ins and outs of hosting a bout, but also to introduce the city to the sport. The Thames and Debs seemed to play a much more defensive game in their second meeting of the year, but the outcome remained the same, another big victory for the Thames (who seem to be collecting big victories this season).

Weekend Preview: Chicks Ahoy! vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls

Chicks Ahoy! (1-0 +12) vs. The Gore-Gore Rollergirls (1-0 +190)

ToRD‘s two undefeated teams will meet this Saturday night in a battle that could decide who gets the all important top playoff ranking. The Chicks Ahoy! and the The Gore-Gore Rollergirls also represent the two most successful teams in ToRD’s early history with the Gores’ two championships in ’07 and ’09 flanking the Chicks’ victory in ’08. In Their only matchup in ’09, the Gores managed a 93-87 victory in the season opener, a narrow margin of victory that wouldn’t be a surprise to see this weekend. The core of these teams remains, and have been fairly consistent over the years; these two teams know each other as well as two teams can and have done battle in some of the most important bouts in ToRD’s history. Which, of course, all adds up to a bout that you won’t want to miss.


Chicks Ahoy!

1. Defense dominates: The Chicks have developed into the premier defensive power in ToRD. The only team to hold the Gores under a hundred points last season, the Chicks have played in more low scoring, super-close bouts than any other team in the league. If they can keep this bout low scoring against an offensive juggernaut like the Gores, they just could pull out a victory. The pivots will be key in this department and the Chicks are loaded with talent up front. Rebel Rock-It, Nasher the Smasher, and Hoff are just three of the players capable of donning the stripe.

Mach Wheels put up huge jammer numbers against the Dolls.

2. Bout gets physical: A key to the Chicks’ defense is their ability to physically dominate a bout. The ultimate hit-and-run juggernaut, the Chicks are a physical team that can throw other teams off their games with bone-crunching hits and menacing walls. With the absence of hard hitting Mega Bouche and Dyna Hurtcha, the Chicks are missing two of their most physical players, so look for Nasher and Dolly Destructo to step it up and lead the charge. Not that these skaters can’t block positionally either. Mach Wheels, to name just one, is a one-woman wall capable to sending opposing jammers into fits with her exceptional ability to slow down and even stop opponents in their tracks.

3. Penalty box stays empty: The one drawback to playing such a physical game is the potential for penalties, and the Chicks are more susceptible than most (it seems) at drawing the attention of the refs. While the Chicks seemed to have reeled it in during their last bout against the Death Track Dolls (actually, they were able to sit back and watch the Dolls struggle with detrimental penalty woes late in the bout), they will need to maintain that kind of discipline throughout. The Gores have the kind of veteran lineup that can do serious damage with pack advantages and power jams.

Gore-Gore Rollergirls

1. Control the pack: The Chicks play a fairly wide open style game, with quick and crafty jammers dancing through gaping holes in the pack cleared by their blockers. One of the keys for the Gores will be to make sure the pack stays steady and tight throughout. While Brim Stone remains one of the league’s top pivots, she has been taking on more of a jammer role as of late and more of the responsibility with the stripe has fallen to veteran Junkie Jenny and second-year blocker Molly Boom, both of whom were exceptional at the position in the season opener. Also, keep an eye on rookie Hurlin’ Wall, who dominated positionally against the Smoke City Betties. Not to say they can’t get physical when needs be (Cases in point: Lady Gagya’s shoulders and hips and the return of hard-hitting Foxy Sinatra), but holding positions and dictating pace will be key for the Gores.

Brim Stone has emerged as a triple threat in 2010

2. Dominate the jammer battle: The one clear advantage that the Gores have had over other teams is the strength and consistency of their jammers. Dust Bunny, Bambi and Lunchbox form an enviable threesome at the jam line and an inability to contain them could be detrimental. The consistency of their jammers is how the Gores have managed to run away with so many games in their recent history. In the ToRD season opener, the Gores showed that they are not only a three-jammer team by adding Brim Stone (successfully) to the fold. With Candy Crossbones returning and Mach Wheels looking in fine form early in the season, dominating could be easier said than done. Balanced, consistent jams from their jammers will be essential to wearing down the Chicks.

3. Contain Mach Wheels: While it’s hard to single out just one player on such a talented team, the performance that Mach Wheels put in against the Dolls last month makes it hard to ignore her. To put it simply, she was a monster. She put up huge numbers from the jam line including an amazing 79% lead percentage and a plus/minus of +47. While the return to form of Kari Mia-Beere and Candy Crossbones’ return to the lineup will take off some of the pressure on Mach Wheels, that just means the Gores will have to contend with her in the pack as well, where her abilities and stats are equally striking. After a so-so 2009 (relatively speaking!), the 2010 version of Mach Wheels has returned to her dominant form. She will need to be contained (or at least neutralized) for the Gores to assure a victory.

From the archives: Chicks Ahoy! vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls in 2009 (Gores 93 - Chicks 87)


Based on history and standings, this Saturday’s bout will feature the best that ToRD has to offer. The Chicks have a veteran lineup (Marmighty is their sole rookie) that has been playing together for a long time; this familiarity translates into a certain chemistry on the track that few teams can match and this could be to their advantage. While the Gores picked up more rookies in the off season, their championship core remains essentially intact. Even taking into account the rookies (look for Santa Muerte and Hurlin’ Wall to step it up on Saturday), this could actually be a more solid lineup than the one that won The Boot last season. With even more depth at jammer, a few returning vets, a strong sense of identity and a championship to defend, the 2010 Gores remain the team to beat.

For a pre-bout primer, you can watch last year’s bout at layer9.


The spread of roller derby doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon, and this weekend a couple of ambassador teams are heading up north to play a neutral-site bout hosted by one such league. Sudbury’s Nickel City Roller Derby league is just getting started, and they are hosting Forest City’s Thames Fatales and GTAR’s Derby Debutantes in an exhibition. The bout is meant to act as both a learning experience for NCRD and as a way of introducing the sport to a new audience.

South of the border, The Rideau Valley Vixens continue their summer of roller derby road trips  as they head to Massachusetts this weekend to take on Pioneer Valley‘s Western Mass Destruction . The Vixens are looking to build off of a big victory over Utica recently.

Weekend Recap: Thames tame Debs

Thames Fatales 205 vs. Derby Debutantes 64

GTAR‘s Debutantes hosted cross-province rivals Thames Fatales at Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto on Saturday night. In a scrappy, sometimes contentious bout, Fatales ended up pulling ahead for a 141 point victory over their big city opponents.

There was a tight start to the bout, with both teams jockeying for position and points. Five minutes in and the score was 9-8  for the home team. After the Debutantes pulled ahead a bit more, Thames went on a power jam in what would prove to be a pivotal moment in the first half. Down 17-9, the Thames pack took over the jam, isolating and then trapping a Debutante while Sufferjet flew around the pack, picking up a double grand slam to give the Fatales their first lead of the bout. It was a lead that they would not relinquish.

Killson and Bruise Berry Pie battled all night

Killson proved to be an uncontainable force for the Fatales in the first half, engaging in some great battles with Getcha Kicks and Canadian Psycho (who was solid in the first half for the Debs), and Piepshow stepped up to join the Fatales’ jammer rotation, but the real difference in this bout was in the pack, and the control that Thames was able to wield over it. Mirambo was excellent as pivot all bout, leading the way physically and positionally, getting some big jammer take outs and setting some devastating traps.  Bruise Berry Pie tried to respond for the Debutantes and engaged with Anya Face in some of those great pack battles. By the end of the half it was already clear that Commiekaze is a viable triple threat for the Forest City team and was instrumental in their 105-42 lead at the half.

The Debutantes came out flying to start the second half with Bruise showing a frightening intensity in the pack and going shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip with Mirambo on more than one occasion. Leather Locklear also stepped up with some big hits and capable leadership with the stripe,  Getcha Kicks kept fighting and LeeWay Wreck’em put in her time with the star; Canadian Psycho is emerging as a key player for the Debs. But the storyline played out much the same way in the second half. The Debutantes simply couldn’t contain Killson and her triple grand slam to make it 170-60 sealed the deal for the Thames Fatales.

Mirambo and Anya Face keep a close eye on Getcha Kicks

Bruise exited the defeat in style (with an ejection late in the bout), and while the Debutantes still show signs of great improvement, it was the Thames Fatales who were shining brightest on this night. Only two months on and this team barely resembles the one that went to Montreal for this year’s Beast of the East. The pack control, the strong positional play (and the continued growth of Killson as a top jammer) show that this is a team that can not be taken lightly. Both of these squads are clearly headed in the right direction and their performances speak to the continued development of the sport in Ontario.

The Neon Army: Montreal's New Skids on the Block

And elsewhere in the roller derby community…

It was somewhat of a coming-out party for Montreal‘s New Skids in the Block in Philly this weekend as they and Hammer City‘s Eh! Team headed south for the 2010 East Coast Extravaganza. Despite playing with a roster of only 11 (and missing key players including Georgia W. Tush and Trash N Smash), the Skids tore through the weekend putting up the highest single game score, getting the largest margin of victory(261) and putting in the best defensive performance of the weekend in a thorough dismantling of the Dominion Derby Girls (288-27).  They had a much stiffer test against a much more controlled and experienced Tampa Bay team on Sunday. The bout had all the makings of a low scoring battle in the early going as the Derby Darlins matched Montreal’s pack control and jammer speed. Eventually though the persistence and conditioning of the Skids was the difference and they ended up pulling away for a 197-57 victory. Hammer City didn’t fair quite as well, but undoubtedly gained valuable experience in losses to a very good Dutchland team (132-79) and Suburbia (184-95).

All the action from the ECE was boutcast live and archived here by DNN.

Weekend Recap: Chicks beat Dolls in another classic

The Death Track Dolls 109 vs. The Chicks Ahoy! 121

During the final few jams of ToRD’s second regular season bout on Saturday night, the skaters on The Death Track Dolls’ bench looked on in stunned disappointment. With a full penalty box, the Dolls could do little more than watch as The Chicks Ahoy! skated out the final few jams mistake free and took the 121- 109 victory; an anti-climactic ending to what had been another classic bout between these two evenly matched teams.

Demolition Dawn continued her progress as a jammer for the Dolls.

Despite missing top jammer Candy Crossbones, the Chicks! were able to put together the kind of sustained offensive attack that eluded them at times last year. Mach Wheels led the way, taking the first jam and not giving up many lead positions after that. Off-season acquisition Crimson Shivers made her ToRD jamming debut in the bout joining Kari-Mia Beere, Fireweed, Dolly Destructo and rookie Marmighty in a multi-faceted Chicks’ offense. The Chicks! were able to jump out to a quick lead early, but the first half was like a tug of war with each team fighting for every single inch of track space. The lead changed many times, but no team was able to run away with it. Land Shark, Demolition Dawn, Betty Bomber and rookie SlamWow responded at the jam line for the Dolls, though it would be blocker Audrey Hellborn who would pull off the most stunning jam in the first half. With Nasher the Smasher expelled for the period (after five trips to the box), and the Chicks running into penalty trouble, the Dolls pulled off a perfectly executed power jam; Hellborn used a controlled and slow-moving pack to her advantage, showing endurance and fight in a 24 point burst that allowed the Dolls to pull ahead 76-58 at the half.

Nasher the Smasher was a physical menace all night (especially for the Dolls' jammers)

The blockers took over in the second half, a much scrappier, harder fought period that saw the Dolls’ scoring slow down considerably (from 76 to only 33 points). Big defense from Mega Bouche, Hoff and Nasher the Smasher (who seemed to be either wreaking havoc on the track or sitting in the box all night) paced the pack for the Chicks while Bomber, Jubilee and Panty Hoser led the push back. In a night of big hits and thrilling jammer take outs, Betty Bomber’s thundering, second-half blow to Kari-Mia Beere may have been the shot of the night. But in the end, the Dolls (trying to push forward with banged up jammers Demolition Dawn and Land Shark) could not sustain the offensive attack that had been so effective in the first half.

Mach Wheels was dangerous whenever she was on the track.

It was the most consistent and well played bout of 2010 for the Chicks who managed to remain more disciplined in key moments and delivered a balanced attack in both halves. The Dolls continue their steady development and put together an even more well-rounded and consistent effort than they did in their two-point loss last year. Mach Wheels was sensational for the Chicks, while for the Dolls both Audrey Hellborn and Betty Bomber showed that they are triple threats who should be watched closely as 2010 progresses. It was another extraordinary bout from these two squads: Both teams left it all on the track, and the crowd in The Hanger was appreciative. One can only hope that they meet again further down the road toward the 2010 championship. Watch highlights, interviews and layer9’s boutcast at ToRD.TV.

A Busy Weekend Ahead

It’s a busy Saturday night coming up in Easter Canadian roller derby with bouts in Kitchener, Hamilton,the GTA and Montreal! Fresh from a strong offensive performance against MTLRD’s Contrabanditas, Tri-City Thunder are playing their first home bout of the season this Saturday against Roc City’s Roc Stars (Rochester, NY). In Montreal those same Ditas will be in tough against defending champs Les Filles du Roi. In Hamilton, the much improved Death Row Dames host Thames Fatales in what could be an excellent bout. And finally, in the GTA, The Rollergettes take on GTAR’s Chrome Mollys (coming off of handily winning their debut bout 190-49 last weekend against Ottawa’s Bytown Blackhearts).

Demolition Dawn continues to progress as a jammer for the Dolls.

2010 Season Preview: The Chicks Ahoy!

Chicks Ahoy! 2010

RECORD Points For (Per Game) Points Against

(Per Game)

Plus/Minus Margin of Victory Margin of Loss
2009: 1-2 240 (80) 251 (83.67) -11 2 (1) 6.5 (2)

*Lifetime: 6-3 regular season; 2-1 in playoffs (finalists in ’07, champions in ’08)

*Vs. Dolls (’09): 1-0 / Lifetime: 4-0 (including ’08 semi-finals)


The Chicks Ahoy! entered 2009 as defending champions, coming off of a dominating season in which they were able to win a thrilling shootout against the Gore-Gore Rollergirls to take The Boot. The Chicks opened 2009 with a loss in the championship bout rematch by only six points. The offensive woes would continue for the Chicks in 2009 (including a 61 point outing against the Smoke City Betties) seeing them finish fourth in total points. They even seemed lucky to escape with a victory over the Dolls to end the season after conditioning and penalty problems saw them almost blow a thirty point half-time lead. For the first time in ToRD’s short history, The Chicks did not compete for The Boot.

Mach Wheels will be relied upon in multiple roles once again.


With only one draft pick and a roster filled in by a few off season acquisitions, the Chicks line-up is a veteran lineup. Captains Humdinger and Fubar Bundy lead these seasoned sailors into 2010, and with the taste of past success still not completely spoiled by last year’s disappointment, this experienced lineup will be out for revenge. Long serving Chicks Candy Crossbones, Cherri Nova, Dolly Destructo, G-Force, Hoff, Mach Wheels, Mega Bouche and Nasher the Smasher will lead a roster full of potentially dangerous skaters, including two of last year’s rookie standouts Kari-Mia Beere and Marvel S. Maven. The most dangerous pick up may be last year’s multiple ToRD Award winner and triple threat extraordinaire Dyna Hurtcha.


Not much to say here, except that the Chicks’ sole draft pick Marmighty will definitely be given the opportunity to develop in 2010! In a preseason bout in Kitchner in May, Marmighty was thrown into every role (including jamming) and clearly improved as the bout went on. This unique situation could hasten Marmighty’s development into a strong, well-rounded skater.


Kari-Mia Beere looks to build on a solid rookie season

Pivots: It’s hard to miss ToRD veteran Rebel Rock-It when she’s at the front towering above the pack, a sight fans will undoubtedly get to see a lot of this season. Nasher the Smasher is also a force up front, triple threat Mach Wheels can (and probably will) do it all, and both Hoff and Bouche have the experience and the insight to don the stripe.

Blockers: Traditionally one of the hardest hitting teams in TO, don’t expect that to change much this year with Nasher, Bouche, Dolly D., and Blammo leading the charge through the pack and into other skater’s torsos: add Dyna Hurtcha to this already tough line up and this is a team capable of causing some serious damage. But that isn’t to say this team can’t play positionally. Mach Wheels may be the best skater in the league, while Fireweed, Crimson Shivers and Robber Blind are all capable of playing in strong positional packs. The return of Furious Georgia from injury will certainly give an energetic boost to the pack.

Jammers: Candy Crossbones is the Chicks’ undisputed leader at the jam line. The model of consistency with the star, Candy is one of only three jammers to register a top ten JQ in each of ToRD’s three seasons. Candy will not have to worry about doing it all though, as the Chicks’ have a full roster of experienced jammers. Kari-Mia Beere was the 2009 Rookie of the Year largely based on her quick development at the position. Marvel S. Maven also had a big year in jamming in ’09, and Mach Wheels has proven to be a dependable and efficient jammer throughout her career. Expect to see Fireweed and Marmighty take some of the jam load this season as well, and Dyna Hurtcha adds a uniquely physical dimension to the position when she dons the star.

The Chicks hope to reclaim The Boot they first won in 2008.


Former star blocker Tara Part brings on-track experience  to bench management this season, and will be in charge of a group that has got to have high expectations. With a veteran lineup that (on paper) lacks weaknesses, this is a team that knows what it needs to do to get it done. Generating offence, staying out of the penalty box (a problem that plagued them last year and in the 2010 preseason), and maintaining unified packs are the keys to the Chicks’ success in 2010. They’ve got a tough opener against the Death Track Dolls in a rematch of last year’s most exciting bout, but should be motivated to reposition themselves as the team-to-beat in ToRD.

See the full roster here.

For a visual preview, watch layer 9’s coverage of last year’s epic bout between the Chicks and Dolls (October 17th, 2009: Chicks 92 vs. Dolls 90).