Team Preview: Gore-Gore Rollergirls

The 2011 Gore-Gore Rollergirls

Wins Losses +/ – Notes
2010 Regular Season 3 0 +313 Currently on a 9 bout (Tord) winning streak
2010 Playoffs 2 0 +164 2nd consecutive, third overall championship

In 2010 the Gores won their third Boot in four years.


Despite a comparatively large intake of rookie skaters in 2010, the Gore-Gore Rollergirls looked like a veteran team all season. A nearly seamless integration of new skaters into positions was a big part of the success of this Gores squad that rode veteran leadership and confident rookies right through an undefeated season. The only blemish in 2010 came at the Beast of the East preseason tournament in Montreal where they had to play two Montreal teams (including Les Contrabanditas twice), but still managed to finish as the top non-MTLRD team in the tournament. During  ToRD’s season though, the Gores were nearly flawless, completing their second straight undefeated season on the way to their second consecutive championship and third in ToRD’s four-year history. That amounts to a remarkable nine bout, ToRD winning streak.

The retiring Lunchbox at the 2010 championship.


This season, the Gores’ loss is also the league’s. After a remarkable three-season run (that included two championships), one third of the infamous three-pronged Gores’ attack is calling it a career. Lunchbox, who finished with a top three JQ rating in both 2009 and 2010, left her mark on ToRD’s early history with a blend of athleticism and determination and was an essential part of the offensive juggernaut at the core of the Gores’ dynasty. She will be impossible to replace, and her loss could actually influence a shift in strategic play by the team. Four skaters were picked up in the entry draft (Wheely Nasty, Mace O’Kissed, Lulu Cthulu and Emma Dilemma), and in a recent interview, when asked about integrating rookies, co-captain Brim Stone said that the Gores’ “training strategy has always been to just throw them in…our only expectation is that they try their hardest.” This lack of specific expectation and the comfort of surrounding veterans could be the key to the Gores’ success with rookies.

Molly Boom leading a front wall against the Smoke City Betties.


The good Reverand, Rev. Ramirez will be back behind the bench for the Gores, and he’s got a strong team, positionally, to work with.

Pivots: Led by two-time ToRD awared winner for pivot of the year, Brim Stone, the Gores’ have a solid front line. Molly Boom had a successful sophomore season (which she parlayed into a Most Improved Skater award at the ToRD Awards) developing into an excellent pivot. Veteran skater and league president Junkie Jenny gives them enviable depth at the position. Look for last year’s Rookie of the Year Hurlin’ Wall to potentially step up into this position as well. After a remarkable rookie season proved that she has the track presence and the positional know-how to lead  a pack.

Blockers: It was in the pack where the Gores’ rookies really stepped up in 2010. Santa Muerte,  Chronic, Gamma Rei, Aston Martini and Miss Kitty La Peur didn’t look out of place sharing the track with the Gores’ veteran blockers like Lady Gagya and Foxy Sinatra (two hard hitting, striking blockers), or Kandy Barr and Motley Cru-ela (more positional in play).

Dust Bunny scored 58 points against the Dolls last season.

Jammers: This is where the biggest question must be answered for the Gores. Dust Bunny and  Bambi (the two top-rated jammers in the league’s history) will undoubtedly take their turns with the star, but who will join them? Brim Stone said that the team didn’t take positions into account when drafting, which would lead one to believe that Lunchbox’s spot in the rotation will be replaced from within, and perhaps even by committee.  Pinky Violence spent some time jamming last season, and Santa Muerte and Chronic seem capable as well. And of course Brim Stone herself picked up a lot of experience with the star last year, and if things go well in the pack, expect to see her slip back to the jammer line ever more.


When a team hasn’t lost a bout in two years (the 2008 championship final loss to the Chicks Ahoy! remains the last blemish), expectations have to be astronomical. Despite professing a desire to take a more relaxed approach this season, Brim Stone still said that the Gores’ expectation is for another run to the championship: “Near the end of 2010 the Gores as a team really came together, and we were able to work defensive strategies like we had never done before.  That was a huge jump in our learning curve…The Gores are very close as a team, and work together very well naturally.  We take care of each other and defend each other on the track.” If anything, the 2010 Battle for the Boot should serve as a warning call to the rest of the ToRD competition: this offensive powerhouse has a few defensive secrets up its sleeves as well. A more well-rounded attack and a confidence built on continued success make the Gores a dangerous team in 2011. Last year, the only real challenge in a nearly perfect 2010 came in the first half of a late-season bout against the Death Track Dolls, that saw the Dolls dominate at times, and keep it extremely close through 30. That could have been a turning point for this team. The Gores were eventually able to adjust and in the second half laid down the lay with a smothering defence for which the Dolls had no response. In response to that dramatic turn around, Dolls’ captain Betty Bomber acknowledged that Gores’ strengths, “(they) are a strategic team who can instantly change their strategy at any given moment.” It will be that sort of complete-game awareness that will make the Gores a tough team to knock from the pedestal in 2011.

The Gores unveiled a new logo at the 2010 championship.


– As a team, lead the league in scoring (505) and points against (192). Bambi was the individual scoring leader (197 [5PPJ]—which was also tops in the league).

Bambi (45), Dust Bunny (43), and Luncbox (38) finised 1-2-3 in the regular season JQ rating.

– Brim Stone finished with top overall +/- (+246) while rookie Hurlin’ Wall finished with the top blocker +/- (222) and second overall. Dust Bunny’s +118 was tops among the jammers.

– Molly Boom led the team in assists (16), while Brim Stone led in blocks (46) and knockdowns (8).

– Brim Stone picked up the most minor penalties (16) while four skaters had 4 majors. Bambi led the team in penalty minutes served with 6.

***Some of you may have heard that the TTC service to ToRD’s Hangar has been threatened. Please consider riding the TTC to the bout on February 5th. To encourage ridership, ToRD is offering to discount the price of TTC transportation ($3) for tickets bought at the door for anyone showing a TTC transfer. Also, you can help ToRD save its bus route by signing a petition, joining the Facebook group, lodging a complaint with TTC or contacting your local counsellor (or even Mayor Ford himself!).